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What is totes: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. T

    Leaving Business Sale! Stock, Bags, Luggage, Totes, Recipes, Etc.

    Hello! I stopped selling PC several years ago but am only just getting around to selling some of my supplies. Everything is 2012 or older. Prices do not include shipping. Zip code 98837. I accept Paypal.Black and White Paisley Luggage Set (all gently used – buy all 4 and I’ll ship them for...
  2. Suzanne Johnson

    Retired Products, Aprons, Totes, Logo Tops, Etc.

    I have a lot of items still available (nothing that came after about 2006 and no tablecloths). I have photos of everything on the Facebook group ISO/Buy/Sell Pampered Chef Products-Not an official site (https://www.facebook.com/groups/404648589876813/) and because I have so much I created 10...
  3. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Find Affordable Tablecloths and Totes for Your Business Relaunch

    I really need a black or dark colored tablecloth for 6 or 8 ft table. If you have any available I am willing to look. Also looking for a larger tote bag and 1-2 catalog totes/purses. Thank you, restarting our business after a long break
  4. B

    Looking for Older Catalog Totes in the 28638, NC Area?

    Hello, ISO older catalog toes, anyone have any for sale in the 28638,NC AREA
  5. B

    What items can I find in the PC Consultant Clearance Group on Facebook?

    I have started a group on Facebook called PC Consultant Items Clearance and have posted lots of items - shirts, jackets, totes, purses, other items - and have more to add. If you would like to see what I have please search for the group, friend me (Beth Schlitz Brigham) and ask to be added or...
  6. T

    Shopping for New Consulting Supplies: Tablecloths & Catalog Totes

    I'm a new consultant and I am looking to buy two tablecloths (one vinyl and one cloth) as well as one of the plastic catalog (not the mini catalog) display totes.
  7. P

    Consultant Totes and Aprons for Sale

    (1) Travel Satchel(1) Black Tablecloth(2) Black Aprons“Live Your Dreams” – Notebook & Pen(2) Briefcases(2) Totes(1) Stoneware Tote(2) Show to Go Totes Some items are new and others are gently used. Please contact me with the items you are interested in and I can give you more information...
  8. C

    New Bags for Sale - Quilted, Sling, & Knife Totes - Prices & Shipping Info

    I have the following new bags for sale: BIG quilted black w/white stripe accents bag with pockets inside and out - $12 Black/tan sling-type logo bag - $8 Knife tote - $10 Prices do not include shipping.
  9. B

    Bags Bags Bags All for Sale! All $10 Each + Shipping.

    I've got the following items for sale - all are NIP or slightly used: Paisley Market Tote (NIP) Black Quilted Tote (2 of them - one is slightly used the other is new) Red, White & Blue Cool N Serve Star Tote (NIP) Catalog Tote (new) Knife Bag (NIP) Pampered Chef Tie & Scarf set (NIP) Mini Black...
  10. kcnancy

    What Consultant Bags and Totes Do You Have For Sale?

    I have posted pictures of several consultant bags and totes, here is a list of what I have pictured. Prices do not include shipping, I will be shipping the most economical way from 66214.Black with Red PC logo backpack - I have 2 of these to sell. $10. each Black/Beige messenger bag with Chef...
  11. C

    Sister Consultant's Final Sale: $10 Totes + Shipping

    Totes for sale. Selling for sister consultant that is going out of business. $10 plus shipping. Please email her at: [email protected]
  12. stephaniekocala

    Interested in Consultant Items for Sale?

    I run my PC business exclusively via social media, so I don't need many of the consultant items...I'm really uncertain how to price these items; if I'm off on my pricing, please advise - not trying to make $$ just thinking someone can use these items (interested buyers can post or email...
  13. O

    Need Lunch Totes? 2 NIB with Use and Care Available!

    I am looking to purchase 2 nib w/use and care lunch totes. Anyone? :)
  14. byrd1956

    Paisley Black/White Totes & Apron - $18-$28

    Paisley Black/White market tote – $18, includes shipping Paisley Black/White Apron – $28, includes shipping Paisley Black/White Lunch tote – $16, includes shipping I don't usually wear an apron & when I do it is the light blue one. Already have a 31 lunch tote & have too many market-type...
  15. babywings76

    April Guest Specials/Mother's Day Totes on One Page?

    Kam or anyone else out there who can do these.... I love the flyer that was tweaked and posted the other day that shows the 7 ways people can use the Mother's Day Market Tote. I'm wondering if someone could put that and the other page of the Mother's Day flyer on one page? Or also in...
  16. byrd1956

    Shop for Totes & Glasses - Shipping Added at Checkout

    I had to edit this as the shipping was lots more than I anticipated for the tote I mailed today. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I will need to add shipping to each item listed. So if you want an item, please send me your mailing address, so I can find out what the shipping will be...
  17. H

    Looking for promotional items? Check out my FS:logo gear, totes, and more!

    I have a few items that I just need to get out of my office as I do not think I will use them and others can use them to promote their business. All items are not including shipping I accept checks and will mail out your item as soon as I get your check. 1. I have the National Conference Tote...
  18. B

    New Totes at National Conference: Can't Wait!

    Did anyone see the new totes to be given away at Conference??? They look pretty cool! I can't wait! This is my first national conference!
  19. christinaspc

    Business Supplies, Aprons, Totes, & Tablecloths for Sale

    I am cleaning out my stuff I am stepping back and I don't need to have all of these items around which I might not use and just sit around and collect dust I am leaving for vacation on sunday so I will need all paypal so I can get them all shipped by saturday. I am putting what the shipping...
  20. frozenchef

    Fs: Totes, Logowear and Products

    These prices do not include S&H - I always try to fit items in the smallest box/envelope possible and use Flat Rate boxes if items fit.Simple Additions Tote $10 Purple & Brown Insulated Cooler Tote $5 (not a PC bag, but great for transporting ingredients and sauces to shows or meetings) Black...
  21. M

    Are Spice Turnabout Totes the Same Size as Tool Turnabout Totes?

    Since I've only briefly seen the spice one once, is the tote for spices the same size as for the tools? (are the turnabouts the same size?)
  22. T

    Fs: Several Pampered Chef Totes Updated

    ALL ITEMS HAVE SOLD! THANK YOU, EVERYONE!Totes and Bags, etc:Black Mini Jotter with notepad with credit card inserts – conference gift $2 - PENDINGBlack Shoulder Bag with Velcro front pocket - good condition (I used this to carry my lapboards and other show flyers and information. The front...
  23. T

    Fs: Several Pampered Chef Totes

    Totes and Bags, etc: Black Mini Jotter with notepad with credit card inserts – conference gift $2 Black Shoulder Bag with Velcro front pocket - good condition (I used this to carry my lapboards and other show flyers and information. The front pocket is where I put my money bag.) $5 Tan...
  24. T

    Fs: Several Pampered Chef Totes

    Totes and Bags, etc:Black Mini Jotter with notepad – conference gift $2Black Shoulder Bag with Velcro front pocket - good condition (I used this to carry my lapboards and other show flyers and information. The front pocket is where I put my money bag.) $5Tan Money Bag with PC logo - good...
  25. K

    Shop for Pampered Chef Products: Totes & More!

    Does anyone have totes for any of the pc products? like, simple additions, tool turnabout, glass tote, stoneware, rolling cart, catalog tote, etc.
  26. angmillar

    Interested in a Pampered Chef leather tote?

    1. Ribbon Tote with black/white polka dot ribbon. Great condition. $15 includes shipping. SOLD2. Catalog Tote with leather handles. This was from a past conference, but I can't remember what year. (I bought it on here, but I'm not going to use it.) Great condition. $15 includes...
  27. K

    Dirty Dishes & Rolling Totes: A Solution

    For those of you who use the rolling tote to take your products to shows, how do you deal with your dirty dishes (I don't and won't do dishes at my hosts' houses). Currently, I use the old style crate for my kit. I put a trash bag on the bottom, throw my dirties in there, and then take them...
  28. frozenchef

    Logo Wear, Totes and Discontinued Products

    I'm cleaning out my office to make room for new products and just straighten things up all around :)The first price listed is the price I bought it for or the value - the second price in bold is what I'm asking for it - usually 50% off! :) I have pictures of everything - PM or e-mail me to...
  29. K

    Tips for Carrying Your Supplies: Bags, Boxes, Totes, and More!

    What does everyone take to carry all your supplies in? I'm still new and the new consultant bag that came with my kit is killing my shoulder! I have been using a rubbermaid tote for all my dirty dishes too...any other suggestions??? I would love to hear what works!! I also carry my laptop...
  30. cathyskitchen

    forSale - Lots of Logo Wear, Business Materials, Cds, Totes, Etc!

    I am selling all of the items below. Most are new or gently used. I take Paypal and will use a Priority Flat Rate envelope for shipping when possible ($4.95 flat rate). Email me at [email protected] if you are interested. Thanks! (all items either sold or pulled - will relist more after...