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What is discontinued: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. S

    What Products Are Discontinued After August 2019 and Their Price Changes?

    Anyone have the list of items that are being discontinued 8/31/2019 and the price increase information?
  2. Intrepid_Chef

    Price of 2 Discontinued Products

    Does anybody have an original price on the following discontinued items:* Barbecue Pizza Pan (the metal one) * Mega LifterThanks in advance, they were both used just once and I'm giving them away
  3. C

    Discontinued Stationary Lot: $25 + Free Shipping!

    I have some discontinued stationary products from Nancy's Artworks and Pampered Chef, asking $25 for the lot with Free Shipping.Included is:over 200 door prize slips blank door hangers (print all your info) 66 sheets- 2 hangers to a sheet checkered printer paper 16 sheets Perforated post cards-...
  4. pcthisandthat

    Looking for Discontinued Items on Sale?

    Discontinued items for sale! Price includes shipping. Photos available upon request. All items are brand new.1175 - Cook's Corer - $10 1585 - Decorator Bottle Set - $14 2823 - Outdoor Party Plates - $8 (3 sets available) 2274 - Family Size Quick Stir - $25 1512 - Rectangle Baking Pan - $20 1614...
  5. Dana Nicole

    Iso #2872 Roasting Pan (Discontinued)

    Hi, I’m in search of the roasting pan recently discontinued. Please lmk if you have one to sell and how much? Thank you.
  6. Lucille Starr

    Discontinued Cheese Knives: Find Your Match Here!

    I am looking for 5 of the Discontinued Cheese Knives. Please send a picture so I can make sure it's the one I need. Thank You.
  7. M

    Cleaning Out Pampered Chef Items, Many Are Discontinued.

    Large simple additions square bowl, demo item Herb keeper, new in box #1787 Manual food processor, new in box #2581 Torte pan set, new in box #1706 Decorator bottle set, new in box #1585
  8. chefjeanine

    Discontinued Product List Fall/Winter 2016

    https://scontent.ford1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15966298_10207630018938037_9189250203176338484_n.jpg?oh=2e963262535e1a47496a19034580a82c&oe=59160A5BA friend just posted this on Facebook -- don't know how she got her hands on it. Note that some items are discontinued and some restyled.
  9. K

    Discontinued No Longer Available New Items for Sale

    i also have current items if you'd like that list send a message. All items new unless stated Add actual shipping Pink classic scrapers $10 each x2 White large serving spatula $10.00 Forged carve knife $30.00 each x 2 Small bowl caddy black $8.00 Small bowl caddy silver $8.00 Orange classic...
  10. K

    Urgent Discontinued Items: Create a Flyer!

    anyone make a flyer with the discontinued items.
  11. A

    Differences Between Discontinued & Previous Carving Sets

    What is the difference from the carving set which is now being discontinued and the the set before? Just looks or is the old set not as nice as the other? Thanks
  12. Niki Kate

    Discontinued Items Pages - Catalog Updates and Availability Information

    I've been putting 'D's near the discontinued items in my catalogs, and decided it would probably help people if I put the page numbers here so we're not all scouring the catalog looking for the same things. I didn't do things that were just being renumbered, because they're going to be...
  13. S

    What's in pantry picnic salad seasoning mix?

    What were the ingredients in pantry picnic salad seasoning mix?
  14. Becky McCulloch

    Discontinued Paisley Tablet & Keyboard Case Search

    Looking for padded case for my tablet and keyboard, I think we just discontinued a paisley one last season?
  15. higoobs

    Which Products Were Discontinued in 2015? Find Out Here!

    Is there a list with the discontinued products out there? Last year there was a huge change!
  16. C

    Discontinued Items on Your Website

    I usually post the discontinued items in a News story on my website, but the list is so long this time, I haven't done it yet. I have several flyers with pictures and info but they don't copy and paste well into our News stories. Has anyone typed this up so it would be easier to copy and paste...
  17. DebPC

    Success With Discontinued Product Sales

    Who's sold some due to FB, phone or newsletter promos?
  18. Intrepid_Chef

    The Discontinued Items We Didn't See Coming

    I won't spoil it for those who have not watched Doris' video, but I will say that only one thing surprised me. 2 or 3 kind of surprised me. The rest of them ... I'm kind of surprised they're still there. And I'm glad they're telling us about the discontinued items before conference so those...
  19. babywings76

    Fall Catalog Discontinued Items: Limited Stock Sale!

    If you haven't already, check your inbox and watch the video from Doris. They are discontinuing 100 products for the Fall catalog. They are telling us now so we can have time to sell things. Items are all While Supplies Last!!If someone can put together a flyer with pictures that would be...
  20. kcnancy

    Selling Discontinued Pantry Items

    I have some savory and dessert sauces. I am asking $5 for each plus shipping from 66214. 1 Blackberry Balsamic Sauce 2 Thai Peanut Sauce 5 Sweet and Sour Sauce 3 Chili Pepper Sauce 3 Chocolate Raspberry Sauce 2 Coconut Lime Sauce
  21. RaggedyAunt

    Muncie Resident Looking for February Home Party for Discontinued Stoneware Pan

    Hi. I'm currently inactive and just saw that the Single Servings stoneware pan is discontinued. Checking to see if anyone in my area (Muncie or thereabouts) has an open February party they could add my pan to. I don't want to pay direct shipping, so that's why I'm looking for someone close...
  22. ivykeep

    What are the 2014 S/S discontinued item graphics for?

    I made up these graphics for discontinued items. Feel free to use.
  23. kristenlee

    Looking for a List of Discontinued Avon Products? Can Anyone Help?

    I cannot find a list of the discontinued products. Does anyone have one? I just reactivated myself so I have not received my change over kit yet. Kristen
  24. T

    Items for Sale Consultant, Discontinued and Current

    Here are the list of items I can post please pm Or e-mail for the list of current items for sale. Consultant Items Bow x2 Gray with Gold Pampered Chef $2.00 each Pillsbury Dough Boy $3.00 Top Performer Pin 2001 $1.00 each 8 Blank Luggage Tags $1.00 each Key Chain Button...
  25. T

    Discover Unique Ceramic Bowls for Your Display Needs - Limited Availability!

    Does anyone know anything about ceramic bowls that you can turn over and display on them? I have a show Friday and a guest wants to see them. I assume they are discontinued?
  26. Dina Atnip

    Discontinued Products Spring 2013

    hi all since all the great changes in cf I can't find the flyer someone made with the discontinued products please help thanks in advance
  27. T

    New Current and Discontinued Items Fs

    Many of the brand new 2013 items that I don't need and can't store. Most 50% off PM for full listActually shipping charges will be added Consultant ItemsBow x2 Gray with Gold Pampered Chef $2.00 eachPillsbury Dough Boy $3.00Top Performer Pin 2001 $1.00 each8 Blank Luggage Tags $1.00 each Key...
  28. esavvymom

    Sending Notice for Discontinued Products: Need Help!

    So I currently only use the PC Newsletter. I can't remember, but will they have a template for the soon-to-be discontinued products that we can send to our customers? If not, I'm trying to figure out how I can send out notice through my regular emails, preferably hoping to avoid having to...
  29. ChefPeg

    "Discontinued" Page From the Spring Product Guide

    Here's a page from the Spring Product Guide