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What is tablecloths: Definition and 25 Discussions

  1. Jessica Miller

    Iso Table Runners / Table Cloths / Displays for Craft Shows

    I am in search of Table Cloth's and or Table Runners and/or Displays PC branded with the newer logo please. I have several team members that set up at local craft events and we need more items. We currently have two of the teal table cloths and would love at least 3 more if at all possible! Any...
  2. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Find Affordable Tablecloths and Totes for Your Business Relaunch

    I really need a black or dark colored tablecloth for 6 or 8 ft table. If you have any available I am willing to look. Also looking for a larger tote bag and 1-2 catalog totes/purses. Thank you, restarting our business after a long break
  3. Heather8345

    Various Tablecloths Banners and Bags

  4. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Desperately Seeking Table Runner or Tablecloths

    I am a consultant of many years and unfortunately in our last move some of our PC things were lost. We are thinking they were stolen from where they were stored, (family friend's house) so now we desperately need to find something to use for upcoming vendor shows. I have nothing but our...
  5. M

    Where Can I Find Tablecloths or Runners with the Pampered Chef Logo?

    I'm in search of either tablecloth or runner with the PC logo for vendor events. Thank you!
  6. pcTracey

    What Business Supplies Do You Need for The Pampered Chef?

    Hey y'all! I'm semi-new to the company and I'm looking for a few items to use at my parties/vendor events! Let me know what you have! Below is just a few examples of things I am looking to buy!Banners and Signs Recipe Cards Anything to use for giveaways Catalogs Table Cloth/Runner Pens Money Bag
  7. T

    Shopping for New Consulting Supplies: Tablecloths & Catalog Totes

    I'm a new consultant and I am looking to buy two tablecloths (one vinyl and one cloth) as well as one of the plastic catalog (not the mini catalog) display totes.
  8. L

    Need a Banner and Tablecloth for Vendor Events?

    In search of a banner and tablecloth for vendor events.
  9. K

    Looking for Booth Items? Anyone Selling Unused Iso Tablecloths, Banners, Etc?

    I am looking for items to help my booth. Anyone who has stopped being a consultant or just doesn't need them? I would LOVE to have them...will pay :)
  10. P

    Fs: Bags and Aprons and Tablecloths - Oh My!

    My AD is downsizing her collection of unused (many UNOPENED!) PC items and a ton of these are collectors items! Let me know if you want to see photos of anything... but for now, Here is the list:JEWELRY Charm Bracelet (including chefs hat charm, DCB, apple wedger, food chopper and mixing...
  11. tasoula76

    Anyone Selling Runners and Tablecloths?

    Does anyone have any runners or tablecloths? Thank you!
  12. DebPC

    Discover the Best Tablecloths and Aprons for February and March Shows

    What tablecloths and aprons is everyone using at their shows for February and March? Do you change it up or use the same all the time?
  13. C

    Vendor Show Tablecloths - New Consultant Looking for Help!

    I am a brand new consultant :) Looking for a few tablecloths for my first vendor show in a few weeks. thanks!!
  14. MissyPC

    Iso Tablecloths, Lead Boxes, Etc

    Hello ALL. I am looking for tableclothes, lead boxes, or other items you think I would need to start setting tables up at local events. New to this world. I am trying to make my new season and this year and fantastic one. I would like to have sales 1000 plus per month, start doing...
  15. F

    Where Can I Find Affordable Banners and Tablecloths for My Booth?

    I am looking for eyecatching banners, signs, tablecloths, etc. for when I set up a booth at our local events. I can't really pay the price Merrill wants for the large tablecloths and signs. Does anyone have anything they want to get rid of or know anywhere I could purchase anything that would...
  16. christinaspc

    Business Supplies, Aprons, Totes, & Tablecloths for Sale

    I am cleaning out my stuff I am stepping back and I don't need to have all of these items around which I might not use and just sit around and collect dust I am leaving for vacation on sunday so I will need all paypal so I can get them all shipped by saturday. I am putting what the shipping...
  17. christinaspc

    Dress Up Your Table with Quality Denim Tablecloths | Shop Now

    I am looking for some demin tablecloths not the celebration demin one. Just the blue demin with the white logo on all 4 sides. Does anyone have one or more that is willing to part with? Thanks
  18. ChefForrester

    Looking for Banners and Tablecloths - PM or Email Me

    If anyone has a banner they don't want or need, I am in the market. Also for a tablecloth. PM or email me - thanks...:o
  19. B

    Looking for Aprons and Tablecloths!

    I am looking for the red apron and tablecloth that matches the striped towels! Plus anyother aprons and tablecloths that may be out there! If you have any please let me know!! Thank you :)
  20. kaseydee

    Looking for Cranberry and Light Pink Aprons & Tablecloths?

    I am interested in purchasing the cranberry apron from last year & even another tablecloth. Plus I would like to get the HWC light pink apron that matches our tablecloth & would also be interested in another tablecloth. If anyone is interested in selling please pm or email me. Thanks!
  21. N

    Are 2 Tan Vinyl Tablecloths for Sale at a Great Price?

    I have 2 tan with logo vinyl tablecloths I need to get rid of. They are in fair condition. One of them does have a pen dot size hole in middle. Have a couple of small marks on them otherwise they are in good condition. Lots of wear left in them. I am willing to take 14 dollars for both of them...
  22. ChefJWarren

    Iso: Pampered Chef Tablecloths, Banner, Signs

    I am looking for anyway to advertise Pampered Chef while at vendor/craft shows.:chef: I have the cranberry tablecloth, but that's it. I need more signage! Thanks!!:)
  23. ChefDella

    Can I Use a Downloaded Pampered Chef Logo for Tablecloths and a Shirt?

    i am needing two tableclothes for my tables for the health fair i'm doing in may, so i was thinking today, maybe i could buy two white twin sheets and download the PC logo that's available, my question is as long as i use the downloadable logo can i use it for something like this and possibly to...
  24. S

    January Bookings: Get Motivated with Fabulous Tablecloths!

    How is everyone doing with their January Bookings? Anyone have Shows booked in the beginning (1-9) of January for that fabulous tablecloth? I need some motivation! :)