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ISO Table Runners / Table Cloths / Displays for Craft Shows

Mar 29, 2021
I am in search of Table Cloth's and or Table Runners and/or Displays PC branded with the newer logo please.
I have several team members that set up at local craft events and we need more items. We currently have two of the teal table cloths and would love at least 3 more if at all possible! Any large standing signs would be awesome too!

Here's some photos of our last display. It's a work in progress but an idea of what we are looking for.

I can email you a shipping label from my stamps.com account to pay for shipping. Our next show is THIS Saturday, April 3rd. I am located in Middle Tennessee.

You can also reach me at 931-952-0207
20210320_115532.jpg 20210320_115548.jpg 20210320_115605.jpg