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  1. Jessica Miller

    ISO Table Runners / Table Cloths / Displays for Craft Shows

    I am in search of Table Cloth's and or Table Runners and/or Displays PC branded with the newer logo please. I have several team members that set up at local craft events and we need more items. We currently have two of the teal table cloths and would love at least 3 more if at all possible! Any...
  2. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Tablecloths & Totes

    I really need a black or dark colored tablecloth for 6 or 8 ft table. If you have any available I am willing to look. Also looking for a larger tote bag and 1-2 catalog totes/purses. Thank you, restarting our business after a long break
  3. S

    Buying Tablecloth or Runner

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a Pampered Chef tablecloth or runner. Please let me know if you have one that I can buy. Thanks! Suzy
  4. K

    PC Logo Tablecloth wanted

    Looking to buy a PC logo tablecloth or runner.
  5. Nicki Robinette

    Looking for tables cloths, banners, apparel

    im looking for anything PC logo for trade shows and parties.
  6. M

    Tablecloth or runner with logo

    I'm in search of either tablecloth or runner with the PC logo for vendor events. Thank you!
  7. T

    ISO TableCloths

    I'm a new consultant and I am looking to buy two tablecloths (one vinyl and one cloth) as well as one of the plastic catalog (not the mini catalog) display totes.
  8. W

    ISO BLUE Can Opener and tablecloth-Old Logo

    ISO BLUE Can Opener and tablecloth-Old Logo, preferably in Wisconsin, but will pay for shipping from any US location.
  9. Michelle Hebert-Voudren

    ISO tablecloth, banner, runner, etc

    I am new to TPC and am looking to start vendor events. Does anyone have items for sale to create a great looking table?
  10. K

    ISO Tablecloths, Banners, etc

    I am looking for items to help my booth. Anyone who has stopped being a consultant or just doesn't need them? I would LOVE to have them...will pay :)
  11. jenniferlynne

    Tablecloth Question

    Can any one tell me what the tablecloth looks like that is available on our supply list? Does it look like the one from Town and Country that says "The Pampered Chef" across the front?
  12. D

    ISO Patriotic Tablecloth

    I hope I am doing this correctly. I am looking for a Pampered Chef Patriotic Tablecloth that was the June hostess special. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have one. Thanks! Diane
  13. PampMomof3

    Who earned the Patriotic Tablecloth?

    I was just curious who earned the tablecloth! I can't believe i earned it though! I had a kitchen show the first week in May and I happened to collect $150 in additional orders to turn in as a show! I got lucky, who else got it? :D Kristi
  14. DebPC

    Keep your tablecloth clean

    Buy some thin clear plastic to lay under your cutting board if you are using a fabric tablecloth. I cut mine about 2 1/2 feet by 2 feet. This can easily be wiped off after the show while your tablecloth stays clean. I think I bought mine at WalMart.