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What is opener: Definition and 53 Discussions

  1. L

    Order Your Electric Wine Opener Now - Limited Time Availability

    How long is the electric wine opener going to be available for ordering? First I was told it was until the end of December then I was told to the end of February. Does anyone know for sure and where can I find this kind of information our in the consultants corner. I am new to PC and having...
  2. byrd1956

    Stuck With a Cork: Electric Wine Opener Troubleshooting

    So I am at a show. Used the electric wine opener for the first time (not a wine drinker). The cork will not come out. We followed the directions exactly and now the corkscrew is just turning and the cork is not coming off. Any suggestions?
  3. Rebecca Balde

    Can Opener and Aldi Mushroom Cans

    Hey All!! I have a guest wondering if the smooth edge can opener works on Aldi mushroom cans. Has anyone ever tried it?? Thanks!!
  4. W

    Iso Blue Can Opener and Tablecloth-Old Logo

    ISO BLUE Can Opener and tablecloth-Old Logo, preferably in Wisconsin, but will pay for shipping from any US location.
  5. C

    What is the best wine opener for a retired wine lover?

    I'm looking for a new wine opener w/foil cutter. The one I need is the first one we had that fits down over the bottle and you turn the top - not the second one with the thing you put on the top and turn/spin it to get the cork out. Hope that makes sense. Shipping will be to 81506. Thanks
  6. J

    Can Opener Not Working Under Warranty

    Hey everyone! I had someone come up to me at a fundraiser who said they bought the Pampered Chef can opener a little less than a year ago and they loved it while it was working, but just recently it has stopped working. He said it just won't open the cans, it will leave a mark but not go through...
  7. heulflodyn

    Where Can I Find a Discontinued Wine Bottle Opener in the UK?

    Hi, I'm located in the UK and bought a wine bottle opener before they were discontinued over here. My son is wanting one, SO I wondered whether anyone could help me out? It looks as if PC might be changing the design in the US next month? It was the #2157 item Thanks Natalie
  8. lmklipfel

    Sharpening a Can Opener: Is It Time for a Replacement?

    Is there any way to sharpen the can opener? A customer is asking and it might be time for a new one.
  9. D

    Using this Product: A Beginner's Guide

    Does anyone have this and is it simple to use? :)
  10. S

    Can You Sharpen a Pampered Chef Can Opener?

    Hi Ladies- I did my first show last night! I had a guest ask me about her smooth-edge can opener. She wanted to know if there was a way to sharpen the cutting blade as it is getting worn down. Do any of you know if you can do that? Thanks! Sarah
  11. H

    Need an Old Style Can Opener? I Have One for Sale!

    I have a customer who is looking for two of the old style can openers. She has tried the new style and was very unhappy. If any one happens to have one for sale. Please let me know
  12. N

    Is It Just Me, but the New Can Opener...

    I hate it! It seems so flimsy--half the time I have to go around AGAIN to get it to cut through... last week I went to open a small can of diced green chiles for the salsa and I had to go around 4 TIMES! It was embarassing.I've sent 3 back to HO and they are all flimsy. Thoughts?
  13. thehaleykitchen

    Can anyone help me find jar and easy openers in the Twin Cities?

    I am trying to find the jar and easy opener new in package anywhere around the Twin Cities! I have a guest who had been emailing with about this. Ordered them on a show Friday night so of course they are not here yet. She wanted to pick them up today! I even told her in the email that I...
  14. jbdowd0798

    Retired Smooth Edge Can Opener - Limited Stock Available | Shop Now!

    Hey All, I have a customer looking for the retired smooth edge can opener. Does anyone have a NIP one that you can ship to my customer and we'll send payment??? Thanks, Becky
  15. kcmckay

    Urgent Which Can Opener Is Better for My Housewarming Party Orders?

    So I had a housewarming party and I got 2 decent size orders from two of my Aunts' I was originally going to add them to a show I haven't closed yet. However, I then realized that I could submit those 2 orders and have enough for a show to put in my name and could attempt to collect some more...
  16. mspibb

    Can Opener: Current vs. New - A Comprehensive Comparison

    I have a show tomorrow night with a lady that sings in the church choir with me. The church organist (who is my best guy friend) said he needs a can opener but can't come tomorrow. SO my question is has anyone used the new Can opener and is it a lot better than the current version (I haven't...
  17. wadesgirl

    Is the New Smooth Edge Can Opener Really Better? A First-Time User's Review

    Just used this for the first time. I was a little disappointed when they announced they redesigned it. It's a really popular item to begin with, not like anything is wrong with it. It was - well - SMOOTH. I really liked how it attached and was easy to get going. It seemed a little harder to...
  18. C

    Wine Bottle Opener - Any Problems??

    I just got an email from a customer: "That wine bottle opener broke while we were opening a bottle. What can I do? I fear that this is a problem with this type of opener and will happen again." I don't have this, but those of you that do - have you ever had any trouble with it? I know there...
  19. P

    Can the Can Opener Be Sharpened?

    I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know the answer to this question. You'd think after 8 years, I should know, but I don't. Is there a way to sharpen the can opener? I've wondered that myself, but never bothered to find out the answer --- not I have a customer wondering. Thanks!:confused:
  20. M

    Affordable Solutions for Dull Can Openers - Find Replacement Blades and Parts

    Hey, I have a friend/customer whose can opener has become dull over time (longer than the 2 year warranty I'd imagine). She was told she would have to have the blades sharpened somewhere and this is probably going to cost her almost as much as a new can opener! Is there anything I can tell...
  21. A

    Figuring Out How to Use a Can Opener: Tips & Tricks

    I had a customer contact me telling me she can't figuire out how to use the can opener, i dont have one to try and see if I can figure it out. is there a trick to it?
  22. pamperedbecky

    Director Expert Tips for Sharpening Your Can Opener - Try This Trick!

    Is there are a little trick to sharpening the can opener? If that's even possible. I know about chopping aluminum foil with the food chopper to sharpen those blades and I thought I remembered hearing something similar with the can opener, but I tried it and I can't get it to go through. I...
  23. kaseydee

    Customer Can Opener Not Working Right

    I have a customer who said it now takes at least three turns around the can for the opener to finally get the lid off. She wants to know if there is a way to sharpen the opener.
  24. P

    Urgent Video or Graphics for Smooth Edge Can Opener?

    My host just called to say she received her Smooth Edge Can Opener, and when she tried to use it the first time all it did was dent the can. I did say that it takes practice to get it right, but she said she had an older version so figured it should be no problem learning how to use this one...
  25. A

    Warranty Info and Replacement Part for Can Opener

    Hi, I have a guest who purchased a can opener, several years ago. Does anyone know what the warranty is on this? Also, she told me that the part you turn, keeps coming off. Do we sell a replacement part for this? Thanks! Andrea
  26. nikked

    How can I use the can opener in a fun and playful 'inuendo' way?

    Hey...I can't my copy of the instructions on how to use the can opener in "inuendo" form...Could anybody direct me to a thread and/or actually post it? Thanks....
  27. lockhartkitchen

    Need Can Opener Before Christmas!!

    Does anyone have a new one on hand that I can get to a client mailed before Christmas? I can pay paypal.
  28. S

    Looking for Old Can Opener - Any Help Appreciated!

    I have a customer that is looking for the Old Can Opener. If anyone has one that is new that they would like to sell or can help in finding one that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  29. chefmeg

    Vintage Lid/Baker Wine Bottle Opener

    old style Wine Bottle Opener Rectangle Lid/Baker anyone?????
  30. babywings76

    Is My Can Opener Working Properly?

    I have been wondering for a long time now if my can opener is working properly. I always have a hard time getting the lid to come off. Most times I have to go around 2 or more times. Then when it does come off, it always shows the black/brown/or grey glue in strings as I'm pulling it off. Is...