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What is shirts: Definition and 81 Discussions

  1. Nicki Robinette

    Looking for Tables Cloths, Banners, Apparel

    im looking for anything PC logo for trade shows and parties.
  2. D

    Back in Business: XL Shirts for You!

    I am getting back into the business and I am looking for some Extra Large shirts. Thanks Dlattimer
  3. mspibb

    Shop My Closet: Free Shirts Just Pay Shipping!

    i have several 2 and 3x shirts I would let someone have for shipping cost. I have lost weight and they are too big but too nice to throw away!
  4. B

    What items can I find in the PC Consultant Clearance Group on Facebook?

    I have started a group on Facebook called PC Consultant Items Clearance and have posted lots of items - shirts, jackets, totes, purses, other items - and have more to add. If you would like to see what I have please search for the group, friend me (Beth Schlitz Brigham) and ask to be added or...
  5. H

    Does the Price of Pampered Chef Shirts Include Shipping?

    All prices do not include shippingGray PC Shirt - Size S - $8 Multicolor PC Shirt (only worn once) - Size M $10
  6. C

    Lots of Pampered Chef Shirts for Sale!!

    I have a lot of Pampered Chef Shirts size small to extra large. Tshirts, long sleeve t's, nice shirts, denim shirts. Prices sizes and pictures in comments to thread.
  7. Jasmine

    I Am Looking for Pampered Chef Shirts

    I think I probably need a size med. unless its form fitting them maybe a size lg
  8. C

    Retired Consultant With Lots to Sell

    I was in Pampered Chef for over 11 years and retired from it a couple of years ago. I still have lot of logo wear and bags I would like to sell. The list is below. Please contact me for further details or pictures.5 aprons - various styles - $5 each or all for $20 1 pair black yoga pants...
  9. C

    Fs Pampered Chef Logowear Polo/Golf Shirts

    all embroidered $8 each plus S&H Tina
  10. J

    Fs - 2010 Maui Hawaiian Trip Aloha Shirts!

    2 Hawaiian Shirts from PC Maui 2010 Trip -- GREAT for Hawaiian Theme Shows -- Jimmy Buffet Parties -- Grilling Shows Have PC Logo on them.NEW Never Worn - Men's XL -- $25 + shipping Like New -- Women's M (worn once) -- Red Floral -- $25 + shipping (pics attached)Contact me via PM. PayPal accepted.
  11. naekelsey

    Transform Your Wardrobe: Design and Print Custom Shirts with Fabric Transfers

    I went to Walmart yesterday and bought some shirts and some fabric transfers that you print on your printer. I am thinking of putting a little Pampered Chef on the front of the shirts then something on the back of each one. I have come up with and found these: Discover The Chef In You...
  12. P

    Are you in need of some stylish 3X shirts from Merrill?

    Blue 3x Polo from MerrillI have two 3x shirts from Merrill. One is a light blue short sleeved polo with the PC logo. I like the men's polos petter because of the length. This one just seems kind of short to me. $12 shipped. --------------PENDING-------------- The other is a long sleeved...
  13. C

    Did Anyone Exchange Their Merrill Conference Shirt?

    Did anyone purchase the grape colored shirt with the floral design on the front and pampered chef on the sleeve? I got a medium and need a small. I would be interested if anyone got a wrong size and wants to get rid of it.
  14. darlinclem

    Shirts for Sale Large Sized (Larger)

    These two shirts are sized Large but fit a bit larger. SOLDThe first shirt is a sleeveless red polo made by Tri-Mountain. It has taupe colored lettering. The second shirt is a large ribbed Tri-Mountain polo that is white with Navy lettering and detailing. Both shirts are in worn condition...
  15. darlinclem

    Looking for Shirts in XL and XXL? Check Out These Deals!

    The first items I have is a "Round-Up from the Heart" hoodie. It is Sportco Authentic brand. It is a light purple periwinkle with royal purple lettering. The back of the hood also has a pink stitched heart. It is sized XXL but fits XL. It does have some bleach marks on the pocket (2) and on...
  16. darlinclem

    Looking for XXL and XL shirts? Check out these brands and styles!

    The first shirt is Aim! brand. It is blue with white lettering. Tag says 2XL but fits a bit small.Second shirt is an Izod. It is aqua with bright aqua lettering. The ribbing is punch detailed. Tag says 2XL but fits a bit small. SOLDThe third shirt is Tri-Mountain brand. It is taupe with...
  17. crystalscookingnow

    What clothing items are available for sale?

    Shirts: Black 3/4 sleeve shirt w/Rhinesone Logo - size M - but it was a bit big. I'm a smaller large (does that make sense?) and it fit great. $10 Purple T-Shirt - size L - this was from conference 2 years ago, I think. - $5 Brown Yoga Pants with pink logo - size L - $5 Pink hoodie...
  18. T

    New Merrill Shirts: Flattering, Fun, and Finally Here!

    Let me just say THANK YOU FINALLY I ordered the new black tshirt and the new purple shirt they arrived last week I have washed and worn them several times already they are a very flattering fit and a little on the fun & funky side!! WAHOO Congrats Merrill for finally stepping up and making a...
  19. T

    Sweaters and Shirts for Sale - Medium

    I have a few shirts and sweaters for sale. A couple say they are large, but all the shirts and sweaters fit like a Medium size.Shipping will be the cheapest way possible. If you are interested, PLEASE pm me your zip code. Thanks.SOLD - 3/4 length pink shirt - $10 (excellent condition)...
  20. P

    XL Pampered Chef Shirts & Sweatshirt - $20/$25 Incl. Shipping

    For sale: XL White 3/4 sleeve shirt with Pampered Chef on the left chest. Asking $20 XL Red fleace sweatshirt with Pampered Chef on the left chest. Asking $25 Prices INCLUDE shipping. PM me with your email address and I'll email pictures.
  21. angmillar

    Fs: December Apron & Kids Shirts

    December apron $20 (includes shipping). I wore it a couple of hours at an event, and it hasn't been worn since. Two girls Pampered Chef shirts $5 each (includes shipping) Both are size S (6-8). My daughter wears a 5, and they both fit her fine. Both are the exact same. Great condition...
  22. T

    Looking Large Pampered Chef Logo Shirts

    I am a new consultant and would really love to advertise my new buisness with some PC clothing but just can not afford it at the moment I though maybe someone might have some they no longer were using they could let go for a good price thanks Tina
  23. T

    Are you looking for like-new Pampered Chef shirts in size L?

    I have three shirts for sale. They are all in excellent condition. No spots, stains or tears that I can see. These shirts are all size L and run small. I normally wear a M/L. 1 - Blue button down shirt. 3/4 length sleeves. It can be tucked in or worn out b/c of the seams. $10, plus...
  24. M

    Shop Women's 3XL Logo Shirts – Good Condition, Affordable Prices

    I have 3 shirts all size 3XL. All in GOOD condition. THESE ARE SIMILAR TO THE ONES ON MERRILL. ALL IN GOOD CONDITION! SHIPPING WILL BE APROX. 4.95 TO 10.95 FOR FLAT RATE. Women's Open Neck 3/4 Sleeve Blouse PINK 3XL $20.00 Women's Open Neck 3/4 Sleeve Blouse GREEN 3XL $20.00 Women’s...
  25. L

    Affordable Pampered Chef Shirts: Looking to Buy XL Used or New

    ok, i am wanting to buy some PC shirts. I don't have a lot of money to spend, can anyone suggest which shirts are a good value. I like the bling shirt, but can't really afford that one right now. I will buy used (need XL) if anyone is looking to sell anything fairly inexpensive. TIA Leslie
  26. DebbieJ

    Shop for Logo Shirts: Paypal Only, Shipping Not Inc.

    Email me jenningsdeb at gmail dot com if you are interested. Payment is Paypal only! Prices do not include USPS shipping. 1. Three-quarter sleeve off-white stretch v-neck with embroidered logo in black and burgundy. EUC. Size L, 100% cotton. $10 2. PENDING Bright orange t-shirt with logo...
  27. ChefRiGuy

    Male-Friendly Logo Wear: Messenger Bag & Shirts Wanted!

    Hey everyone I am looking for some male friendly logo wear/apparel/stuff that I can start using. I REALLY love the 2007 tan and black messenger bag and would love to buy it from someone. Also looking for any shirts. I am a size small or medium with most shirts. Thanks in advance for the...
  28. dannyzmom

    Interested in purchasing logo shirts? Check out our collection!

    One of my former consultants gave me all her logo wear to sell...all are size L - all logos are embroidered. There are a bunch more I'll be posting in a few minutes - this site only allows 5 attachments per post. Prices do not include shipping from 33073...you'll need to cover the shipping cost...
  29. dannyzmom

    More Logo Shirts for Sale - Size L

    One of my former consultants gave me all her logo wear to sell...all are size L - all logos are embroidered. There are a bunch more I'll be posting in a few minutes - this site only allows 5 attachments per post. Prices do not include shipping from 33073...you'll need to cover the shipping cost...
  30. dannyzmom

    forSale: Lots of Logo Shirts - Sz L

    One of my former consultants gave me all her logo wear to sell...all are size L - all logos are embroidered. There are a bunch more I'll be posting in a few minutes - this site only allows 5 attachments per post. Prices do not include shipping from 33073...you'll need to cover the shipping cost...