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  1. Nicki Robinette

    Buying Looking for tables cloths, banners, apparel

    im looking for anything PC logo for trade shows and parties.
  2. Jasmine

    I am looking for Pampered Chef shirts

    I think I probably need a size med. unless its form fitting them maybe a size lg
  3. C

    Retired Consultant with Lots to sell

    I was in Pampered Chef for over 11 years and retired from it a couple of years ago. I still have lot of logo wear and bags I would like to sell. The list is below. Please contact me for further details or pictures. 5 aprons - various styles - $5 each or all for $20 1 pair black yoga pants...
  4. L

    Anyone selling any PC shirts??

    Hi all, Is anyone looking to clean out their closet and sell any PC shirts?? Thanks!!
  5. L

    Sales Anyone selling PC shirts??

    Hi all - Is anyone out there selling any PC shirts or know where we can look other than on AIM and Ebay??? :confused: