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What is hawaiian: Definition and 15 Discussions

  1. J

    Fs - 2010 Maui Hawaiian Trip Aloha Shirts!

    2 Hawaiian Shirts from PC Maui 2010 Trip -- GREAT for Hawaiian Theme Shows -- Jimmy Buffet Parties -- Grilling Shows Have PC Logo on them.NEW Never Worn - Men's XL -- $25 + shipping Like New -- Women's M (worn once) -- Red Floral -- $25 + shipping (pics attached)Contact me via PM. PayPal accepted.
  2. M

    Delicious Recipes Tasted: Hawaiian Luau Pizza, Hot Dog Bites & More!

    I had a recipe tasting last night. Great "reviews" on the Hawaiian Luau Pizza (I was absolutely surprised this was good), Chicago style hot dog bites, lemon cherry crumble cake & crispy zucchini fries. Had I not tried these, I probably would never offered them for a show. Don't judge a book...
  3. BlueMoon

    Delicious Hawaiian Recipes for Homesick Island Transplants - Aloha and Mahalo!

    Hi, I'm transplanted many years ago to the mainland, missing my island flavors. (Fried rice with spam only goes so far.) Do any of you cheffers in Hawaii have any PC versions of local food? Maybe kalua pig in the DCB? or some kind of mango or guava thing? or? much aloha, and mahalo in...
  4. S

    Play the Hawaiian Island Game & Win a Special Prize!

    Since this year is a trip to Maui I have been playing a game at my show and the thing is it has really increased my sales at my last two shows. People are thinking about how they are helping me earn a trip to Hawaii and are placing larger orders PLUS I have got quite a few bookings. Here is...
  5. kcmckay

    Hawaiian Spin on the Ticket Game!

    So I was thinking since Maui is where everyone WANTS to go this year with there incentive trip! Maybe to put a fun spin on the ticket game. I brainstormed a little in my head but I'm going to brainstorm a little more on here so you can comment and help me fine tune. So instead of tickets what...
  6. S

    Hawaiian Theme Show: Spice Up Your Winter with PC Recipes!

    I'm thinking about doing a Hawaiian theme show for the cold months to get people looking ahead and to also use it as a step in to our great incentive trip. Any ideas on Hawaiian themed PC recipes?
  7. N

    Hawaiian Luau Recipes...wheat Gluten Free/Meal

    Hello everyone I have a Theme show on June 20th. The hostess cannot tolerate wheat gluten/meal. Can anyone help with a recipe suggestion that fits the theme and her dietary restrictions? Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  8. A

    Pampered Chef Hawaiian Meatball Recipe | Delicious and Easy to Make

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone ever heard of a Pampered Chef Hawaiian Meatball recipe? My past host, claims she had it at a show and would love the recipe. I told her I would ask... Thanks! Andrea
  9. amy07

    Dreams of a Hawaiian Vacation - Can it Really Happen?

    Ok, I'll admit that I've been obsessing about earning the trip these last few weeks. But this morning I had a dream that the new trip announced for next year was to Hawaii!! And in my dream, my DH was even on the phone trying to book shows!! ;)
  10. jasonmva

    Has Anyone Tried the Hawaiian Dip with Fruit Kebabs Recipe from All The Best?

    I saw this receipe in All The Best and am trying it next week. Has anyone done it before? How does it taste?
  11. P

    Does Anyone Have an Invite for Hawaiian Theme

    I have a host coming up who would like a Hawaiian theme party, and wants to do a special invite. Does anyone have one already made up that they could post? I appreciate the help! Donna
  12. S

    Find All Wreath/Ring Recipes: Is the Hawaiian Ring Recipe Included?

    Which cookbook has all the wreath/ring recipes in it? Is the Hawaiian ring recipe in any of the books? I just had a potential customer ask and I want to be able to answer right away. Thanks, Sarah
  13. P

    Tropical Fun: Ideas, Recipes and Games for a Hawaiian Theme

    Looking for ideas/recipes/games for a hawiian theme Thanks!
  14. D

    Hawaiian Appetizer or Main Dish

    Hi guy. I am hoping you all are more creative than me. I have a Hawaiian Luau show the end of the month and I have no idea what to do for a recipe. The lady is already doing a desert so I will need an apetizer or main dish to go with the theme. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
  15. P

    Hawaiian-Themed Cooking: Recipe Ideas for Busy Show Bookers

    Help! :eek: I have just booked 2 shows and they both want a Hawaiian theme. Does anyone have some recipe suggestions that I can try out that showcase a lot of products? Thanks!!!