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What is wear: Definition and 112 Discussions

  1. kcnancy

    Shop Affordable Logo Wear: Silver Stud Long Sleeve, Pink Cardigan, & More!

    Long sleeve Silver Stud logo size 2X - this top looks a little washed out in the pictures it is a nice solid black. $7.00 + shipping from 66214. Pink Cardigan, Size XL $10 + shipping from 66214. Black with pink stud logo size L. The color in the close up pic is a more accurate reflection of...
  2. T

    Fixing the Wear Ever Cookie Gun: Troubleshooting Tips

    i have the wear ever cookie gun why dose the bottom keep falling off
  3. kcnancy

    Fs Size Xl Logo Wear Light Blue/White Top

    Light Blue/White Logo wear top. Size XLSize XL Logo Wear Light Blue/white top by kcnancy posted Jul 6, 2015 at 11:44 AM$10 plus shipping from 66214
  4. A

    Looking for Plus Size Iso Logo Wear - Any Suggestions?

    I hate ordering from merril. It takes for ever and the shipping is insane. Lol. Does anyone have shirts (long sleeve or short) or a jacket for sale. If it is merril or it runs small then it would need to be 4x. If it is stretchy then 2 or 3x is good. Ty. Email pics if that is easier...
  5. etteluap70PC

    Price Reduced! New + Size Logo Wear Navy Windbreaker

    Price reduced! New + Size Logo Wear Navy Windbreaker size 3X pullover windbreaker NEVER WORN! Purchased at National Conference for $45. List Date: 9/11/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Price reduced! New + Size Logo Wear Navy Windbreaker...
  6. etteluap70PC

    Price Reduced... New + Size Hwc Logo Wear, Zip up Flece

    Price reduced... NEW + size HWC Logo Wear, Zip up Flece Size 2X zip fleece Jacket with Help Whip Cancer Logo. NEVER WORN! Purchased at National Conference for $45. I am a former consultant. If you need references there are many here who still know me Via Facebook and from meeting at National...
  7. mspibb

    Where Can I Find Plus Size Logo Wear for Sale?

    Plus size Logo wear for sale Lost weight, too baggy. All have been worn but clean and in excellent shape. New Merrill stuff seems to run smaller than the old logo wear, thus the 4X on the black!Red shirt CJ Banks shirt I had monogrammed. 3X $12 Blue SS button down type 3X $17 Light blue 3/4...
  8. ritabenson

    Size Large and Extra Large Logo Wear

    I am looking for logo wear L or xl.... Please send me photos and prices shipping would be to 16350 please. :)
  9. P

    Pampered Chef Logo Wear - Hanging up My Apron!

    For sale: black logo shirt size L - crossbody style - this was my favorite to wear to shows - dress it up or dress it down for errands $10 plus shipping light green quilted lightweight logo jacket size Med- perfect for spring and fall - $10 plus shipping black vest w/logo and chef's...
  10. K

    Iso: Men's Pampered Chef Apron or Logo Wear

    I am new to the PC (beginning of May) and a male. Does anybody have any PC Aprons or Logo Wear for men for sale? Thank you!
  11. deanna_g

    Logo Wear - Xl Sweatshirts and Fleece

    Pink HWC XL $15 .Purplish (even though the pic looks blue) pullover. L, but first like an XL. $15 .Brown with pink lettering (and logo on the hood, too). XL. $15 .If you want all 3, I'll do $35 .
  12. C

    What kind of logowear is available from FS Pampered Chef?

    I have a bunch of logowear available... some PC logos and some are a special kitchen logo (tool turn about and food chopper) that my cluster designed years ago and we made a bunch of shirts from... sizes are indicated in picture and all but one is embroidered, the other one is silk screened...
  13. babywings76

    Wear and Tear on Microwave Concern From Host

    My friend hosted a show for me last month. She made a comment right at the end of our conversation the other day when we were closing her show. I was really tight on time and so I wasn't thinking clearly on what to say, so I'm wondering if I should address her concern now or not. What she...
  14. J

    Iso Logo Wear - Women's Size M or L

    New consultant in need of shirts, sweatshirts, etc with up-to-date PC logo. Prefer "girl-fit" (rather than boxy unisex items) and light or bright colors...I look like death in black! Usually wear a medium, but a slim-fitting large may work! Gently used is okay, as long is they are not...
  15. mscharf

    Shop Logo Wear and Totes - Get Your HWC Pink and Black Backpack for Only $10!

    2 Tool Turn About Totes $11 each for both for $20 + $5 shipping HWC Pink and Black backpack $10 + $5 shipping I am heading to the post office at 4pm today!! If you pay via paypal before then I will ship today!!! First person to PM me with an email address that I can send a paypal invoice...
  16. hmolah

    Shop Fs Logo Wear: Women's XL 3/4 Coral/Melon Shirt - Only $25!

    I have a XL - 3/4 length coral/melon colored logo shirt (women's) for sale. This is a piece that was earned from the logo wear promo last year after 2010 Conference. It just does not fit me correctly, and I know someone could use it. It is a melon/coral color 3/4 shirt with 3 buttons on...
  17. suzipooh

    Shop Logo Wear in Great Condition - Jackets, T-shirts, and More!

    Everything has been sold :)*Chocolate brown, suede-like, long sleeved jacket. Zip front with side pockets ~size large* Short sleeved, white T-shirts with "Dots" pattern ~ size large* Hot pink, 3/4 length sleeve w/ silver buttons on cuffs, scoop neck ~size med.* Black, 3/4 lengthsleeve w/...
  18. gailz2

    Anyone Wear Reading Glasses on Top of Contacts??

    I've done this for many, many years. However, today I got my first pair of a bifocal type of gas permeable contact lenses--I want to tell everyone that does as I did (with my readers on top of my head when not in use) to go to your eye doctors and try these out--I am so totally amazed to not...
  19. winklermom

    For Sale: Unworn Apron & Logo Wear

    I have the apron that was offered for November (I think) to consultants that I have never worn. I opened the package and looked at it, but it's just not me. I'll take $25 which includes priority shipping. If interested you can email me @ [email protected] or text 601.218.3455. Also, I...
  20. A

    Creating Custom Logo Wear with Iron Ons

    Does anyone know if it is against any policy to use Iron Ons to make my own Logo Wear? I suffer from an unusual body shape (lol) and all of the Merrill products I have tried don't fit properly, so I was thinking that if we can print the images for business cards and such maybe I could make...
  21. Hunter Mom

    What's the Best Outfit for Attending Shows?

    Someone on another thread commented about not wearing jeans for shows. I wondered, what DO people wear to shows? I wear all sorts of things, depending on weather, time of day, time of year. - Sweater (plain crewneck or vneck) or polo - Jeans or khakis - pants in the winter, capris or...
  22. Barry Carlton

    Shop Gently Used Men's Logo Wear in Large to X-Large Sizes - Available Now!

    I would like to find gently used mens' logo wear in Large to X large. And If anyone wins the chefs jacket and does not plan to use it, I will buy it from you if you have no name or my name embroidered on it. TIA
  23. finley1991

    Director Logo Wear for Team Role-Modeling: Your Experiences & Results

    This past weekend caused me to do A LOT of thinking about my business. Scary, I know! One of the things that was mentioned was role-modeling for our teams. One lady talked about logo wear. I don't have anything that says PC on it except for my rolling tote, which I rarely take anywhere...
  24. J

    Shop Women's Logo Wear - V-Necks, T-Shirts, Cardigans and More!

    I have the following logo wear items for sale. Women's 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck (Maize Size: XL) $10 (White embroidered logo) Women's 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck (Turquoise Size: XL) $10 (White embroidered logo) Unisex T-Shirt (Violet Size: XL) $5 Women's Clubhouse Cardigan...
  25. suzipooh

    Shop Stylish Aprons and Logo Wear - New Silver & Gold Designs Available!

    I have the new silver & gold apron brand new in the package (just not my style) $25 plus $5 for shipping. I also have 2 short sleeved T-shirts, one is lavender with PC logo in white across the center of the chest the other is black with PC logo in white across the center of the chest. Both...
  26. wadesgirl

    Get Your Perfect Fit: My Experience with Free Logo Wear

    Two days ago someone called me to verify the size I wanted for the pull 1/4 zip sweatshirt. I knew from here that it ran small so I ordered a small in this and a small in the purple polo. The blue 1/4 zip sweatshirt is still slightly big! Although it will be nice and comfy this winter. The...
  27. heather223

    Logo Wear for Sale - Excellent Condition, Prices + Paypal/Check

    I have a few logowear items for sale. These are in excellent used condition. Prices do not include shipping. I am able to take Paypal or personal check. The Red Shirt with the logo on the Left is a size L $8.00 The Red Shirt with TPC in Foil is a size XL $10.00 Black Shirt with Pink...
  28. suzipooh

    Logo Wear for Sale: Affordable Shirts, Sweatshirts, and More | Sizes 2XL & XL

    I have some logo wear for sale :) All shirts have been worn and there are a few little spots here and there, nothing huge. No rips or major stains, still have lots of wear left in them :)Prices listed DO NOT include shippingTurquoise ,3/4 sleeve, V-neck, logo on left-upper chest ,size 2XL $10...
  29. wadesgirl

    Order Your Logo Wear Shirts Now - Deadline Approaching!

    I'm at work and cannot always get on CC. What is the deadline to order my shirts by?
  30. wadesgirl

    Logo Wear Incentive Dilemma: Choosing Between 100 and 200 Level Options"

    Why is it so hard to make a choice on what to get? I earned 200 points :D so I'm excited but the one I really wanted is on the 300 level! I don't need any more black logo wear and I won't wear white even though the fleece vest is cute. I'm stuck between the Blue 1/4 zip hoodie and the purple...