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What is sign: Definition and 152 Discussions

  1. S

    What are the details of the new consultant incentives?

    Does anyone have the new consultant incentives?
  2. WestCoastPC

    Are You Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Family in September?

    Hello, my name is Brenda and I reside on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. I am excited to share I will be joining the Pampered Chef family come September (with new Catalogue launch!). I have been to a number of in-home parties over the last two decades and am impressed by what the company...
  3. mbranham

    November 2018 Consultant Sign up Special

    Does anyone happen to know if there will be a special for new consultants that sign up in November, 2018? If so, what will it be?
  4. brennan1265

    May Sign up Special for New Consultants

    Would anyone happen to know what the promotion will be for new consultants who signed up in May?
  5. Michelle Hebert-Voudren

    Iso Tablecloth, Banner, Runner, Etc

    I am new to TPC and am looking to start vendor events. Does anyone have items for sale to create a great looking table?
  6. M

    How expensive is shipping for selling in Puerto Rico?

    I wanted to know about the business in PR. How expensive is the shipping? For me if I want to sell. Thanks
  7. raebates

    Sign on Your Vehicle? You Might Get Strange Calls.

    I was driving along on my way to a large city when I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. It was a man who asked, "Are you the woman driving the blue van?" I replied that I was. He asked, "Has anyone ever told you that you are absolutely beautiful?" LOL! I assured him my husband...
  8. C

    Sign Up For PWS: Include Your Consultant # | Q&A

    I didn't renew my PWS. If a recruit goes online to sign up, is there a place to put my name and consultant #? TIA!
  9. wadesgirl

    Do You Need to Have Guests Sign Credit Card Receipts?

    Do you have your guests sign their receipts for credit card payments? I only ask because right now I'm doing a book party for another company and she is requiring me to mail her all the receipts that paid by credit card with signatures to her for "verification that they agree to pay". I take...
  10. chefheidi2003

    Maximizing Success: When to Sign Up as a Consultant for Optimal Results

    I have someone who I work with who would like to sign on as a consultant. She can't do it immediately because she needs to save up the money. So she needs to wait 2 more paydays. She booked a party with me March 8. I suggested that we use that as her grand opening. I also suggested that she...
  11. Chefgirl2

    How Did I Miss the December Sign on Bonus

    Somehow I missed that New consultants that sign December 1-31 receive an extra 39 days to ean New Consultant Rewards! Holy cow! That was a great reward for the new consultants that understood the value of all they could earn! I have a fence sitter and I think this could be the push she needs...
  12. Sheila

    Ever Want to Just Say "Here's Your Sign!" ???

    I have a FB event up for a host ... And one of the guests actually posted a question: "Where's it at?" I was really tempted to answer "At YOUR house. Did you clean up the house & buy the groceries yet? I'll be there in about an hour!" just to mess with her. But I was nice. LOL This...
  13. T

    Sign Up Now for 1/2 Off Consultant Kit & Get $40 Off!

    If we get someone to sign up for the 1/2 off consultant kit, can they also use their free $dollar amount off of this? So let's say the kit is $159 and $40 off would be $119 and then they take 1/2 off of that? Can you do that?
  14. vhadley

    I Have a Lady That Is Wanting to Sign up to Sell Pampered Chef, but She Is

    I have a lady that is wanting to sign up to sell PC, but she is drawing unemployment/disability till the end of Dec., Does anyone know if this would affect her unemployment/disability? She is super excited, but said she needs the money coming in from that right now.
  15. W

    Get the August Incentive Bag - Sign Up Now!

    I would still love to buy the August incentive bag. I signed up in Sept. so I missed the August bag.
  16. P

    Looking to Sign up With Someone Close to Me

    I'm interested in signing on with PC but would like someone close to Nutley, N.J. so if there are any meetings to attend I would like to attend but not travel for hours,thanks to all for your help.
  17. N

    Join Pampered Chef in Sicily: Skype Coaching Available

    I am currently stationed in Sicily, Italy. Pampered Chef is all I here about over here and there seems to be a market for it. I am interested in joining if someone is willing to sign me up and coach me. As far as distance for coaching, Skype is my favorite tool of choice. I am interested...
  18. P

    April New Consultant Sign on Bonus...when Receive?

    Hey all, I signed on in April when the bonus was half of your kit price refunded if you got your $1250 in first 30 days...I did that and still no refund. Do you know when it should come? Is it included in your commission checks?
  19. A

    Trying to Buy for Your Business? Neon Sign Says No!

    I think that someone is trying to tell me not to shop for my business today!! I finally decided that I would bite the bullet so to speak and get the car decal. Well, the Merrill site will not let me place an order it keeps comming up with an internal server error. So I went to a site to order...
  20. V

    Urgent Want to Sign, but Getting Concerned.

    I have been thinking about signing for almost a year. I went to a show and decided for sure last Monday (Feb. 21). I booked a show with the consultant (the sister of my brother's live in girlfriend by the way) for March 17 and told her I was thinking about signing. She said she would contact me...
  21. K

    Recruits Want to Sign - No Babysitters - Looking for Solutions

    Hello everyone! I have two sisters who are both interested in signing up as consultants. They live in different cities and both have children. One is a military wife and her husband is currently overseas. The other has a husband that travels very frequently with his job. I suggested that they...
  22. J

    Director First Day to Sign and Get New Spring Catalogs

    From what I read in the January Directory, it stated that Feb 14th is the first day to be able to sign using the new Quick Start Boxes...does that mean that this is also the first day that new consultant will get the new paperwork with their kits? TIA!
  23. quiverfull7

    Director Consultants Who Sign I& Sell N 2010 but Qualify in 2011

    Can someone tell me some info on a consultant who signs in 2010 but doesn't qualify until 2011. Does that consultant have to restart sales at zero in 2011 to count as qualifying for the new trip? I didn't think they did but another director just asked me and said that she thought things had...
  24. KayPT

    Help, I May Sign My First Recruit

    I don't know where to start. I see there is a $100 of free product special, but I can't find anything else. What are the specials? Is there a kit credit rebate? How much free product value from a show can count towards the cost of the kit? I am having a hard time finding anything. Please...
  25. wadesgirl

    Now Hiring: Find the Perfect Sign for Your Booth!

    I'm looking for a Now Hiring sign to display at my upcoming booths. There are a few on here already but it's either really generic or too much info. Anyone have a good in between one?
  26. M

    Who Gets My Friends After I Sign On?

    Okay, my neighbor told me that she's been receiving emails from my director. That completely threw me off because I haven't given her info to my director. I asked her if maybe my director did the other show that she attended years ago and she said no. We finally realized that it was because my...
  27. dannyzmom

    Director Sign Up Now: How Long Does It Take?

    How long does it take now before she can sign up online? We submitted her show today and it's already showing up on my Shipment page as having been received and I know all the CCs cleared.
  28. C

    Make Your Own Lawn Sign: Creative Ideas & Inspiration

    Does anyone have a sign they use on their lawn? I was going to order one from vista print but I like seeing ideas of what others have done.
  29. pamperedcheermom

    Can Two People Sign up Together?

    I have someone asking about PC and wants to know if she can sign up with her sister. I'm assuming one can purchase the starter kit or they can split the cost of the kit OR they could each buy a kit. But they want to do shows together. Is that possible to sign them as a "team"? I need to let her...
  30. Sheila

    aNew Recruit Signed Today. She Wanted to Sign Under One of My

    A new recruit signed today. She wanted to sign under one of my consultants, promoting her to SC & promoting me to TL. Her friend is still brand new too & doesn't have a web page yet. I told her that she could start the process under me on my web page, but at the very end where she reviews all...