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What is inspiration: Definition and 47 Discussions

  1. Tiarra Clark

    Can Pampered Chef help me achieve my career goals?

    Hi, I'm new here! I used to be an Independent Consultant of Pampered Chef and was actually quite successful with my first big career goal. Unfortunately, I let fear, doubt, and a noticeably unsupportive spouse sway me. Still, I keep coming back to the potential that is Pampered Chef. I'm...
  2. DebPC

    Looking for a delicious and easy breakfast option?

    http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/9330/54964330223957989446895.png Breakfast Trifle- Granola, yogurt, and fruit http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/4245/risendinetrifle.jpg Trifle Cookie Jar http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/1540/triflecookiejar.jpg
  3. kreaser

    DIY Prize Wheels - Tips, Templates & Inspiration

    does anyone out there have a small prize wheel that they have made or bought for fairs etc? My hubby said he'd make one for me this week but wanted to see if anyone had pics out there or any internet links that has free templates or any other info that would be helpful...
  4. Karen

    Paleo Diet Inspiration: Crockpot Recipes Needed!

    At the beginning of the new year husband and I started trying to follow the Paleo diet. We can have veggies, fruit, meats, fish, nuts (except peanuts), etc, avoiding rice, potatoes, pasta, anything processed, and sugars. However I am running out of ideas of what to make. We are both getting...
  5. 1PamperedMommy

    Creative Centerpieces Ideas - Looking for Inspiration?

    I remember seeing a post with pictures and ideas for centerpieces (one was an apple, cored and cut with v-shaped cutter, with a candle in it), but I cannot find it. I've been looking all morning and I'm not having any luck. Does anyone have any pictures of centerpieces, including this one? I...
  6. P

    Director Team Goodie Bags: Ideas & Inspiration

    Hey folks! I know a lot of you do team goodie bags so I thought we could start that thread again! Some ideas I've read that I love are: lotion pen notebook envelope for receipts gum / mints granola bars Something to hold business cards (they had these plastic cases at the dollar...
  7. P

    Decorating for an Oz-Themed Fall Festival: Ideas & Inspiration!

    Ok, same question about an upcoming fall festival with an Oz theme! Help! I can dress as Dorothy or a witch. (lol) but how to Make my booth seem Oz themed? Help! I am so crap at ideas.
  8. C

    Make Your Own Lawn Sign: Creative Ideas & Inspiration

    Does anyone have a sign they use on their lawn? I was going to order one from vista print but I like seeing ideas of what others have done.
  9. C

    Design a Flyer for Dance Studio: Ideas & Inspiration

    I was going to post a flyer at my daughters dance studio...does anyone have a flyer or any ideas that would work there?
  10. chefkathy

    Watcha Makin'? Show Recipe Inspiration Needed!!!

    Just need some ideas. I am a one recipe per show kind of gal and I usually like to do one recipe per month. I have three shows coming up and we need to decide! Spam me with your ideas.
  11. krzymomof4

    Mexican Appetizers for a Hostess: Ideas & Inspiration

    I have a hostess that wants to do mexican appetizers. What ideas do you all have? I can come up with main dishes and desserts, but no appetizers.
  12. mamadugan

    Gaining Inspiration for Your Business with Vista Prints

    hey What is the thread that I use to look at others projects that they have done in vista prints. I have tried to look it up on "files" section and only come up with two..... I want some ideas...to help promote my business TIA:love:
  13. jkinak

    Are You Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

    I did not go to Leadership but want to thank everyone here for getting the information out so quickly. I spent all weekend absorbing the new Career Path and then we discussed it at our Cluster mtg on Monday night and I am ready to go!!! Tuesday I called three of my recruit leads that I haven't...
  14. Jayne

    Inspiration 2009 (Some Religion)

    I just read a book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and it was very inspirational...I started sending my family and friends an INSPIRATION OF THE DAY. Since I have been getting rid of the negative and bad feelings, my life has actually been changing for the GOOD. Here are the first ones...
  15. C

    Searching for Inspiration: Decorating Ideas for Pampered Chef

    Does anyone remember who the lady is that does decorating ideas for PC? My mind has drawn a blank. Thanks.
  16. chefmeg

    How can these Pampered Chef consultants inspire you to reach your goals?

    I got this via wmail from my Ad who got it from Stacy Tenneson~ Hello, Several of my Pampered Chef friends earned the TOP 50 Sales Challenge. We talked today and they had several inspiring stories to share from others who earned the trip. There were 49 Directors and above who earned this...
  17. Kitchen2u

    Inspiration to Increase Your Sales

    I just HAD to share this email Barbara Duke forwarded to us: Several of my Pampered Chef friends earned the TOP 50 Sales Challenge. We talked today and they had several inspiring stories to share from others who earned the trip. There were 49 Directors and above who earned this trip and 1...
  18. F

    Finding Inspiration: My Journey with PC and Overcoming Sales Struggles

    I started with PC early 2008 and I went inactive over the summer. Didn't want to but I am thinking I just might not be cut out for PC. I love the products but I was never much of a "sales" person. I have problems with asking people to have parties, etc. Always just feel like I'm being pushy...
  19. N

    Director Ok, I Really Need Some Help and Inspiration

    My team is dropping like flies...Seriously, I had 16 in March, down to 11 now, 3 of whom are holding on because of waivers....last month I had 1 consultant do a show. 1. I did $5800 so the team is fine..... I have one new recruit who is seriously language challenged and overwhelmed, and I have...
  20. Flamingo

    Ideas for Card Designs: Creative Inspiration

    Hello all Anybody put something on the back if there cards??? I would love for some ideas for customers.......Thanks:)
  21. V

    Looking for Inspiration? Check out this video!

    My director shared this with me, and I think it is so inspirational, I wanted to share it with you. (sorry if its been posted, I couldn't find it). http://video.stumbleupon.com/#p=ithct48cqw
  22. L

    Creating a Tri-Fold Display Board: Ideas and Inspiration

    I just bought a tri-fold display board from staples and was looking for ideas, pictures of what to put on it. I know I want the opportunity, hosting benefits and then I am stumped. Also if anyone has the PC logo w discover the chef in you that I could copy for my header. I know it is on the...
  23. kristenlee

    Kids' Craft Ideas: Seeking Inspiration from Kristen

    Hello I am doing a kids show Any ideas on what to have them make? Thanks Kristen
  24. momoftwins

    Designing Recipes on Postcards: Ideas & Inspiration

    Ok ladies! I need to figure out what to put on a few free items. Standard Postcards Oversized postcards Tshirt I am just clueless! I know a lot of you have done recipes - have you done them on a postcard?????? If so, what designs to you use?? Thanks in advance!
  25. L

    Hosting a Couples Show: Ideas & Inspiration Needed!

    Hey all. I have a couples (mostly) show coming up in a few weeks and could certainly use some ideas/inspiration. I did a search in the files, and most of them involve games of some sort. I know that the host does not want a competition, but a cooking show. This is a young (well...
  26. S

    Turning June's Slow Start Around: Need Ideas & Inspiration!

    :( I have had a slow June. I've done 3 shows, but 2 of them were only $300 and I have NOTHING on the calender for August (& only 2 for July). I have a show tomorrow night with 12 confirmed guests. Yippee!!! I really want 3 bookings from this and am SO READY to have my first recruit!!! I...
  27. MomToEli

    Why Choose Fast & Fabulous for Your Next Gathering?

    I will be preparing the Strawberry Amaretto Pastries for an upcoming show and I need a title that fits that dish ... like a theme name. Taste of the Tropics doesn't fit ... maybe Strawberry Fields? This show is for my DIL - it is for a wide age range of guests, an afternoon show, no alcohol...
  28. J

    Throw the Ultimate '80s Party: Ideas & Inspiration!

    We are doing an 80's themed night and was curious as to what to make. Anyone have any ideas? She has already got the "candy" that was out then such as some pop rocks, candy necklaces and fun dip. TIA:D
  29. B

    Boost Your Bookings and Sign-Ups: Tips for Making Your Business Stand Out

    I must be doing something wrong, I'm not getting bookings or sign ups I am new I started in January and just feel like I'm not going about this the right way. I want to make it fun and not sound too pushy but also want people to understand it is my business. Any suggestions? Should I use a...
  30. OhmyDLM

    Need Inspiration for Team Newsletter? Ask Here!

    Does anyone want to share a copy of their team newsletter/recognition newsletter with me? I'm drawing a blank this month and I was due to send it out to them a few days ago. Thanks for any help! :o