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  1. K

    Out of Box Calls

    I just did my FIRST call to someone I didn't know about TPC. AT our garage sale I had a table set up, etc and a guy entered his wife in for a free kitchen show by filling out a slip. He said they just moved in and "she likes this kind of stuff". So I called and left a message a second ago - I...
  2. J

    Phone Book Cold Calls?

    I've seen a couple of times on this website some of you talk about getting out the phone book and just going down the list to make calls for bookings, I was wondering if you had a script or something when you made these calls or did you just make it up with each call. I recently moved and don't...
  3. N

    Script for Out of the Box Calls?

    I'm getting ready to make my first round of Out of the Box calls. Does anyone have a script? It's a little out of my comfort zone, but I really want to do it!
  4. B

    Customer Care Calls

    I've just set up weekly phone appointments with my director, this Monday will be our second. Her challenge to me has been to contact 20 people by phone every week. Not just make calls and leave some messages, but to talk to a real live person! *gasp!* So far it's been going pretty well...