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What is calls: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Bren706

    Master the Art of Phone Calls: Tips for Filling Your Calendar with Ease

    Okay folks, I need a little nudge. I have been awful about making my daily contacts. That phone weighs a ton, and my calendar shows it. (August is empty). For those that have made phone call after phone call in one day to fill up your calendar, do you pay attention as to what is the best...
  2. DebPC

    Calls or Emails When Host Coaching???

    I've always done the 3 call system when they book 3 or more weeks out. So often now my host and I end up playing telephone tag. So I've done some emailing. What's everyone else doing? All email, all telephone, a mix??? Do you feel what you're doing is successful?
  3. raebates

    Sign on Your Vehicle? You Might Get Strange Calls.

    I was driving along on my way to a large city when I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. It was a man who asked, "Are you the woman driving the blue van?" I replied that I was. He asked, "Has anyone ever told you that you are absolutely beautiful?" LOL! I assured him my husband...
  4. L

    Booking Calls 101: Scripts & Tips for Direct Sellers

    Question regarding booking calls. I came from another Direct sell company & want to contact my old customers & leads. When calling what would you say? I'm so horrible about coming up with the right words to entice someone to have a party. If love some script suggestions!
  5. byrd1956

    Ever Get One of These Phone Calls?

    I was expecting a call so I answered. The person said my name as a question and after I said yes they said "This is Joe". I thought it doesn't really sound like my dh's brother, but said "hi". Joe then proceeds to tell me I had been recommended as a PC consultant and did I still do that. When I...
  6. byrd1956

    Host Calls After 1AM: Booked for Over a Month and Guest List Drama Ensues

    This host has been booked for over a mth. We have talked, but she very seldom returns calls. I have been asking for guest list for this Sun. since she booked at her DIL party. So, finally, this past Sun. we talk and she says her guest list is ready & will e-mail it, she also talks like it has...
  7. Bren706

    Do you follow up with customers from the warm call report for PWS newsletters?

    I didn't want to hi-jack Amanda's thread, but there was mention about following up with customers from the warm call report for the PWS newsletters. I have not gotten into the practice of following up with those that I see are opening the newsletter and clicking on links, but maybe I am...
  8. naekelsey

    Do I Need to Make Customer Care Calls to My New Recruit's Friends and Family?

    I have several people who ordered off of my hosts party and that host is now one of my recruits. Do I make Customer Care Calls to them or leave them alone because they are her friends and family?
  9. kisrae

    Free Conference Calls: What Service Do You Use?

    I was wondering what service you use for free conference calls. I want to do a training call with my consultants
  10. naekelsey

    Customer Care Calls Done by the Way the Customers Choose?

    This question is for those of you that ask if people want to be contacted by email, text, Facebook and etc. Do you make your customer care calls by the way they choose or do you always make those by phone?
  11. K

    Discussion on Guest Reminder Calls

    I've been making the guest reminder calls for my host for almost 8 years. I've been happy with the result of the number of people who attend show. However, lately a lot of hosts have given me cell phone numbers for their guests and I know that a lot of people will not answer if they do not...
  12. C

    Director Maximize Sales with Tuesday Night Team Calls - Don't Miss Out!

    Curiosity at work here. Have you had leads call in to the Tues. night Sales Team calls? Do you promote the calls to your team? Have any leads signed after the call?
  13. B

    Perfect Example Needing to Do the Oob Calls

    Hi all.. I've been out of the loop for a while and hope to share some exciting news with you in the next couple of weeks. I can tell you that I'm in the running to be a contestant on a reality tv show, but that is all I can say at this point. Keep your fingers crossed!?! That said, my...
  14. Nep2nfly

    Do You Make Calls on Saturday? Y or Y Not?

    My week has been crazy, and it looks like I will only have tomorrow to make customer care and host coaching calls. I've always avoided calls on Saturday since it is people's "down" time. Have you made Saturday calls? Do you have much success with Saturday calls? What's your suggestion on...
  15. kcmckay

    Why I Should Make Phone Calls Everyday! :)

    So I had planned on making a few calls tonight and I got busy and distracted as usual! :( I know my fault. But had I actually looked at my phone I would have noticed before 9 pm that I had 2 VM's one was from my director at 8 checking in on my calls I said I'd make Monday ( I did do that)...
  16. P

    Director Team Coaching Calls: Response & Results

    anyone doing coaching calls with your team? What has your response been and what what results have you seen?
  17. A

    Director I Hear Other Directors and Higher via Emails, Here and Calls Refer to

    I hear other Directors and higher via emails, here and calls refer to the "Directors Loop". Forgive me if this is a stupid question but what is this and how do you join? Is it email based? Thanks in advance!
  18. M

    Spam Calls Related to Pampered Chef Businesses

    Many of us began getting spam phone calls after we started our Pampered Chef websites. Generally, they're recordings, and offers for our "small business," "making money at home," "paying off debt," etc. I always believed, but was never able to prove, that this was related to my Pampered Chef...
  19. tinawhite07

    Boost Your Business Success with Out of the Box Calls | My Experience

    I just started to make the Out of the box calls after 19 months being a consultant. I am always afraid of the phone so I don't pick it up if I don't think I need to. Well after a few calls of speaking to my guests about their products, I now LOVE making these calls. I always thought I'd be...
  20. J

    Director Missed Calls: Can I Get a Synopsis?

    Can anyone send me a little synopsis of the call? I couldn't make the 1pm call and most likely will be missing the 7pm one....thanks!
  21. A

    Director How Can Recorded Calls Enhance Recruiting and Sales Techniques?

    Here are our recordings ... feel free to share as you wish RECORDINGS: Dial In # (605) 477-2199 Access Code 534366 Reference #10 Jillian Grant - Recruiting Reference #11 Lisa Amblo - Product Sales Reference #12 Yolanda Easton - Recruiting Reference #13 Lydia Martin - Host Coaching...
  22. B

    Making the Shift: The Decline of Phone Calls in Modern Communication

    Interesting article about no one using the phone: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/20/fashion/20Cultural.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1 I guess we should "make" our e-mails and texts instead of phone calls.
  23. babywings76

    Need Script Ideas for Phone Calls for a Grand Opening

    My new recruit is getting a little nervous about her Grand Opening. She only has 2 people coming so far, and both are people who have booked parties with her to help her get started. She's concerned that she won't get any orders for this show to count. Any advice you think I should give her...
  24. GingerChef

    Is My Neighbor Still Interested in Hosting a Fundraising Party?

    I hosted an Open House show in my home for my entire neighborhood in Jan (it was my first official show as a consultant). One of my neighbors couldn't come but called me and wanted to place an order. She said she would stop by the next day with a check, but she didn't. She didn't order very...
  25. babywings76

    Keeping Contacts and Phone Calls Organized

    I'm not that happy with the way I'm organized right now, so I'm looking for some ideas and would love to hear how you all do it. What system do you use to keep track of your contacts? Do you take notes as you talk to them? Is it on paper or on a computer? How do you keep track of when you...
  26. esavvymom

    Say Goodbye to Annoying Telemarketing Calls with the Do Not Call Registry

    I know we've discussed a problem lately of getting telemarketing calls telling us about earning thousands of dollars a month "all legal" of course! I personally get voicemails- never a live person. It's always a different number- the message is usually the same, and sometimes they say they...
  27. N

    Director Developing Your Team's Success with 3D Training Calls

    I came up with the idea of a weekly call (we're using SKYPE) for those that truly want additional training...I'm calling it 3D training. So many of my team members are Hobbyists that say they want to move along, but of course lack the motivation to actually do anything. So I came up with the...
  28. aried

    Customer Care Calls During Holidays.

    So I really need to make out of the box calls. Should I wait till next week? I know I should at least not make calls over the weekend. These are just "how are your products?" calls.
  29. C

    I'm so Excited... 2 Calls for Bookings in One Day!

    I had to share... this has never happened to me before! I had 2 phone calls today with people asking for a party! One was a lady that was at an open house I did on Thursday - she picked up a catalog and was super-excited to do a party. The other was from someone in our condo complex. I had...
  30. K

    How Long Between Follow up Calls?

    So, I have a million "maybe"s as far as bookings go, but it's always "next month" or, let me check with my friends. I usually try to overcome objections, by saying "what is making you wait" or the "if you pick a date you are comfortable with, your friends will support you," or one of those...