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What is stock: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. T

    Leaving Business Sale! Stock, Bags, Luggage, Totes, Recipes, Etc.

    Hello! I stopped selling PC several years ago but am only just getting around to selling some of my supplies. Everything is 2012 or older. Prices do not include shipping. Zip code 98837. I accept Paypal.Black and White Paisley Luggage Set (all gently used – buy all 4 and I’ll ship them for...
  2. Kate Siciliano

    Can I Sell Cash & Carry Items at Craft Fairs as a PC Consultant?

    Good morning fellow PC sales people! I'm new here, and I've only been selling PC for a few months. I have the opportunity to register myself for a couple of holiday craft/vendor fairs, and I'm trying to find information about offering cash & carry style items (i.e. purchase stock myself and...
  3. Jasmine

    Reordering? What to Stock & How to Handle Warranties

    I am sure that this has been asked before, but time to update! What items do you make sure you have in stock? Do you carry stoneware? If so, how do you handle the warranty? I sold over $200 last week at my market and I need to reorder. I am trying to get an idea of what people by the most and...
  4. J

    Charms for Sale: Stock Pot $22 & More!

    I have the following charms for sale:Apple Wedger -- $30 -- SoldDeep Covered Baker -- $25 --SoldQuick Stir Pitcher -- $22 -- SoldStock Pot -- $22Director Gift 2012 Trivet -- was $40 -- now only $35!All prices include shipping.
  5. M

    Stock the Kitchen Party: Helping a Church Family in Need

    I work full-time at a church in adddition to PC. Last week, the parent's of one of our pastors had a house fire and lost pretty much everything. :cry: I talked to the pastor and offered to do a "Stock the Kitchen" party for his parents. They will be listed as the host and will receive the host...
  6. T

    Stock the Pantry" Party - Ideas & Suggestions Welcome!

    I'm thinking of doing a "stock the pantry" party to focus on our Pampered Pantry items. Has anyone tried this before? Anyone have a good flyer or suggestions for it?
  7. R

    Private School Fundraiser to Stock Kitchen

    I am doing a fundraiser for a small, private school that needs to completely restock their school cafeteria. So, they want a "wish list" and allow parents to purchase off of the list, as well as purchase for themselves. I am not sure how to attack this, and I have about 4 days to pull it off...
  8. C

    8Qt Stock Pot-Professional Cookware

    Up to see family this Thanksgiving and my Aunt shows me her Cookware (now that im a consultant she is asking me if/what can be done) she said she doesn't have receipt for it, doesn't know the consultant she bought it from, she was an outside order from someone who had a friend doing the...
  9. wadesgirl

    Which Open Stock Items to Purchase

    I didn't earn any of the items from SAT and the packages are too expensive for me. I'm looking at buying some of the open stock items but cannot figure out which ones are the best to get. I'm probably going to have to split up and buy a couple at a time. Here's what I'm looking at - which two...
  10. J

    Does the Executive Cookware Stock Pot Lid Fit the 10" Skillet?

    A host wants the Executive cookware set, but wants to know if the stock pot lid fits the 10" skillet. I don't have the cookware yet so I need you guys to help me out...thanks :)
  11. M

    Replacement Lid for 12 Qt Stock Pot?

    A friend of mine is having a show and one of her friends needs a replacement lid to the executive 12 qt stockpot. It was taken from a party, so not a warranty thing. I called HO about what lid fits the 12 qt and was initially told that the 12 inch glass lid fits, so we thought great-she can...
  12. J

    Did I Qualify for the Free Open Stock Cookware with My First 30 Days of Sales?

    So, I joined on January 5. I did 1259 in commissionable sales in my first 30 days. (submitted jan 31) I have the personal website up and running, and have my pc dollars for doing so. However, the Flier said that I'd get an email the week of Feb 7 asking me to make my selection of the free...
  13. S

    Help Stock His New Kitchen: Host's Wishlist

    If a host puts together a wishlist on the website, will the guests who visit be able to see it? He's moving out into a new place on his own and isn't getting custody of most of the kitchen things, so he's hoping that friends & family will help him stock the new kitchen.
  14. P

    New Consultants - 50% Off Product Packages & Open Stock!

    Ok so I signed up at the begining or the spring season this year so the fall changeover kit was my first one and Im a little confused. THere was a paper in there that had a list of several new product packages that could be ordered for 50% off and it included some open stock items. I got really...
  15. B

    Restock the Church Kitchen: Successful Show Ideas for Ladies Group

    I have a host interested in having a show for the ladies group to restock the church kitchen. I am interested to know if anyone has done this and what success you have had with it. Also, does anyone have a full-page invite already made up? I did a quick search and didn't see anything right...
  16. C

    Dimensions of 12Qt Stock Pot - Executive

    Does anyone know the heighth and width of the Executive cookware 12qt stockpot... I have a cust asking a ton of questions about it and this is the only thing I cannot find in the specs on consultants corner under product information. If anyone has one and can measure or knows let me know...
  17. P

    Chicken Broth vs. Chicken Stock: What's the Difference?

    I should know this but I don't....is there a difference between chicken broth and chicken stock?
  18. pampchefrhondab

    Wii Fit In Stock: Check Availability with Wii Fit In Stock Tracker

    I just ordered the Wii Fit - hopefully it's true that I got one and will arrive at my house before Christmas. I received an email confirmation. I'll have to see if my CC gets charged. Oh man, I was just going to provide the link for Circuit City bundle and now it is Sold Out!! If you...
  19. P

    Find the Micro Cooker Combo: Outlet Stock Available!

    I have a customer who is looking for the Micro Cooker Combo off the Outlet ... she meant to place an order and wasn't able to before it disappeared.... Does anyone have these??? TIA
  20. cwinter474

    Upgrade Your Kitchen with Open Stock Cookware - Available Now!"

    I was so hoping they would start selling the cookware in open stock. With sets still available even with only a certain size available in the sets. I could sell so much more cookware this way. Anybody else?
  21. katie0128

    Iso - Professional 4Qt Covered Stock Pot

    For a customer of a sister consultant. Please let me know if you have one and what you are asking for it.
  22. kisrae

    Fundraiser Show for Your School Cafeteria: ISO Kitchen Stock Essentials

    :o ISO....funny I just figured out what that ment. Thanks AManda. Well any who...I"m looking for a flier that I can tweek for a fundraiser show I'll be doing for our school cafeteria. Does anyone have something out there? Thanks
  23. A

    Guest Orders 12 Qt Stock Pot: Can She Order 3 Guest Specials?

    Ok-I had a guest order the 12 qt stock pot last night. I was shocked, and even after offering her her own show so she could get it discounted and she wasn't interested she ordered. :love: Not a big deal, right? Ok-as the pan is $195 can she order three guest specials for the month? I know this...
  24. kaseydee

    Out of Stock: HWC Pin #4287 in March CN

    Has anyone tried to order the HWC pins #4287 that they show in the March CN? It says NLA in PP3 when I try to order.
  25. T

    Understanding Out of Stock Items: Availability of Glass Lids & Beyond

    Is the glass lid sold out? Anything else?
  26. J

    Executive Open Stock Pieces - Help!!

    is there any way to get a 10" saute pan from the executive line without buying the whole set? i have a desperate customer!!! i really wish we had more open stock pieces!! thanks for any advice! jen
  27. S

    Need Stock? Jenna's Looking for Supplies Before Tradeshows!

    Anyone have any stock/product that they want to get rid of? I have 2 tradeshows coming up...and I FORGOT to add to BOTH my personal AND Supply order this month. I think it will be cheaper for me to buy from another Consultant who is trying to get rid of Stock before the end of the Season...
  28. beepampered

    Stocking Our Church Kitchen: Tips for Hosting a Successful Pampered Chef Shower

    Our church is getting a new kitchen and needs to stock it. I'd like to suggest a Pampered Chef kitchen shower but honestly can't think of items that we stock that the church needs. Has anyone ever held a show to get stuff for a church kitchen? Advice? Tips? Downfalls? Thanks....
  29. cookingwithlove

    Do You Know the Value of Your Unused Stock?

    Holy cow!!! I just did my inventory, I have over $2000 in unused stock. Is this where all my money goes? Some people collect hi-lighters I guess I collect gear!
  30. chefann

    Ready to Stock Up for HWC Month?

    Good morning, all! With October right around the corner, breast cancer awareness items are appearing on store shelves. Now's a great time to stock up on little do-dads to use as gifts during HWC month. I was at OfficeMax on Saturday, and they had an endcap with all sorts of cute items: pens...