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What is deal: Definition and 80 Discussions

  1. B

    Catalog Set Deal - Save Over $15 + Shipping/Tax!

    Anyone need a set of catalogs? I have too many. Selling for $13 plus priority shipping $11.30. Still less than getting them from HO. They charge $21 + shipping and tax. I live in Milwaukee area so if you are local you can save even more.
  2. nikked

    Where Can You Find Refurbished 3rd Gen iPads for a Great Deal?

    for anyone looking WOOT (a daily deal offering from Amazon) has refurbished 3rd gen iPads for as low as $399 TODAY (January 29, 2013) ONLY Apple 16GB or 32GB iPad 3rd Gen
  3. O

    Need Belinda Ellsworth Material? Looking for a Deal!

    Hi I will be house bound after joint replacement , yet again for the month of Feb. and 1/2 of March. I would love to get my hands on some Belinda Ellsworth material to occupy my time. My budget does not allow me to buy it new for $116.00....Does anyone have anything they would like to sell...
  4. M

    Learn How to Play Deal or No Deal: Rules and Envelope Contents Explained

    Does anyone have rules on how to play deal or no deal, and also a list of what you put in the envelopes? Does everyone win or do some say sorry not a winner today? Help please!! :)
  5. esavvymom

    BodyBugg Reviews: Is It Worth It? Groupon Has a Deal!

    Has anyone used the BodyBugg (like seen on Biggest Loser I think)? What do you think? Is it worth it? Groupon has a deal on it for $99, instead of the $250 it normally runs. http://www.groupon.com/deals/g1gd-bodybugg-personal-calorie-management-system-raleigh-durham-nc Just wondering...
  6. J

    Getting the Best Deal on Cookware and Cutlery: Promotions, Half-Price and More!

    How is the BEST way for me to get a set of the cookware and cutlery as a consultant? Use un-used hostess half-priced products? Wait for a promotion? Pampered Chef dollars? How do YOU get the high-priced stuff?? Thanks!
  7. Intrepid_Chef

    aTurkey Deal for You and Your Hosts

    Let's talk turkey! I was flipping through my coupons and saw this: http://www.butterball.com/savings It's $5 in coupons when you buy a Butterball turkey. So ... buy the turkey Save the receipt! Get the coupons which are good on Ground Turkey, Turkey Breast, Turkey Legs. Gobble...
  8. O

    Black Friday DCB Bundle Deal - Spice Up Your Meal!

    Has anyone thought of doing a DCB Bundle deal for black Friday? I thought about bundling the DCB with a rub, or spice and over mits for a flat price.
  9. DebPC

    Director Turkey for November? What's the Deal?

    Anyone have any info on this for November? Is it a coupon for a free turkey? Or a check to be used for a turkey? If any of these for how big a turkey? I haven't seen any details on this. Did I miss something somewhere? Thanks!
  10. dannyzmom

    Director Score Grill Pan Deal for $89 - Don't Miss Out!

    Anyone know how you can get someone a grill pan deal for $89??? I have a customer who saw the grill pan deal on my FB page and messaged me, "I want one!" and said they'd bring me the $ tonight. Great!! Then she calls me last night & says another consultant she knows said she could get her the...
  11. P

    Anyone Put Together a Flyer for "Salsa Deal"

    I was thinking of a 99 deal for the Confetti Salsa recipe using the MFP, rub, scraper... anyone put anything together yet? I like to "borrow" rather than create flyers. :blushing:
  12. Hunter Mom

    Signing the Deal: My Story of Last Night's Show

    I had a show last night, it was ok. Then the host started asking me all sorts of questions. When we left, I told her I'd drop more info off (had cleaned out my bag and left the DVD out). Today, she texted me and wants to sign! We've both got sick kids today, so will get together in the next...
  13. pampered1224

    Deep Covered Baker Sweetheart Deal

    I know there was something posted about this deal but I wanted to ask if anyone has asked as the fine print mentions that this deal is NOT available as a Host Special 60% off item but it does NOT mention whether it is a 50% off item for parties that qualify at $300 for a half price item. Also...
  14. Tracie

    Urgent Deep Covered Baker Sweet Deal Flier W/Gs

    I just received this from an email & thought I'd share. Maybe someone can add a spot to type our info. :love:
  15. P

    Director Postage Meters: Get the Best Deal - PitneyWorks

    http://www.pitneyworks.com/meter/index.cfm?ml=D091000000920X&mktpgm=KAACERF6SC I'm planning to get my own postage meter and thinking about this one. Anyone know of a better deal or have a better recommendation?
  16. amerrigan

    Consultant Items for Sale, Ready to Make a Deal!

    I am no longer selling Pampered Chef and have a list of things I would like to get rid of. I'm willing to make a deal so please PM me if you are interested in anything!1. Bridal Registry Scrapbook. I made this and used it at my bridal shows. I have pictures of the products the couple registers...
  17. M

    Help Me "Seal the Deal" With a Recruit!

    Hi everyone, I have never really focused on the recruiting aspect of the business, and I might have my first recruit now! She is a friend of a friend, and she just hosted a party last night and when I casually asked if she ever thought of doing something like this, she said she was thinking...
  18. pcgogetter

    Looking for a Woven Pizza Tray? Let's Make a Deal!

    Anyone have a Woven Pizza Tray? I have a customer who wants one BADDD
  19. wadesgirl

    Personal How to Deal With a Child Bully?

    And I'm not talking about him bullying other children! DH's nephew is 8 and is a terror - to ADULTS!!! It started when he was young and has gotten worse. He feels like he can hit, kick (sometimes in areas he shouldn't kick other males), scream in your face, pick on you, spit on you, etc...
  20. Rosebud

    Send Some Good Mojo to Help Close a Recruitment Deal!

    Ok everyone I need some good Mojo sent my way. I had three shows stacked this weekend one last night one today and one tomorrow. I am dying to find a recruit and sign before tomorrow night! My sales have been going good and my director is dangling a Carrot for me to get my first recruit. So I...
  21. lauradahl

    Hear What People Say About QVC's Wii Fit Package Deal!

    I've been looking at it and thinking about it for some time now. Who has it and what do you think about it? QVC is running a package deal today for the Wii fit and it's a good value. I'm just looking for people who have it so you can tell me....what are the pros and cons?
  22. janetupnorth

    Today's Deal of the Day: Magellan RoadMate 1412 GPS Navigator - $99.99

    Dear Amazon.com Customer, As someone who has shown an interest in GPS, you might like to know that the Magellan RoadMate 1412 4.3-inch widescreen portable GPS navigator is the featured Deal of the Day at Amazon.com. This offer is valid today only, September 14, 2009, and while supplies last...
  23. BlessedWifeMommy

    Is there a discount on Food Network Magazine on Amazon?

    I was just on Amazon and they have a deal on the Food Network Magazine. It said $5 off(so it should have been $10), but when I put it in my cart , it came up as $2.50! I decided that was a good enough deal to read it for a year. Just thought I would share.I don't know if this deal will work...
  24. DebPC

    November Host Special: Good Deal Despite Restriction

    I just looked at the Nov. host special. I like it but I don't like the fact that if they qualify for 2 items at 60% off they can't pick two of the same. I can understand maybe with the cookware this month but it would be great for hosts to be able to pick 2 sets of martini or wine glasses for...
  25. NooraK

    Get 80% Off Your Restaurant.com Purchase with Code TASTE - Limited Time Only!

    Starting today through 8/31, using code TASTE you can get 80% off your entire purchase on Restaurant.com. There might some restaurants.com that are already sold out for the month, but you should still be able to find some deals. Whether you want a cheap lunch or dinner out, or you want to...
  26. chefcharity

    Discovering 'Let's Make a Deal' Forum: Insights from a Conference Encounter

    I met a lady at conference who was talking about a forum called "Let's make a deal".... anyone familiar with this? I did a search but couldn't find it. thanks!
  27. chefkathy

    Who Has Info for the "Let's Make a Deal" Group on Yahoo

    I have some stuff I want to get rid of. Need the Let's Make a Deal address. thanks! (it's stuff that I've posted here and CS with no bites)
  28. C

    Anyone Have the Deal or No Deal Flyer with the Mini Kit and Deep Covered Baker?

    Does anyone have the deal or no deal flyer that was posted a few days ago? It had the mini kit and the deep covered baker on it. I failed to save it to my computer and now I can't find it! thanks in advance!!!
  29. PCCHeather0506

    What's the "Deal" About Walking at Conference?

    I've heard ppl say that if you promote to director you get to walk the stage at conference....what are the rules to that? When do you have to promote by?
  30. pamperedcheermom

    How Do You Deal With "Kit-Nappers"?

    I was in a store last week and one of the employees saw my catalog tote. She asked if I sold PC and I told her yes. She asked for a catalog so I gave her one and talked to her about hosting a show. She wants to do one in May. THEN she asked how much the starter kit is so I told her. I started...