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What is network: Definition and 45 Discussions

  1. vanscootin

    Dish Network Using the Food Chopper!

    So my hubby was watching tv and I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen and he yells for me to come in... he asks me if I've seen the Dish Network commercial with the Pampered Chef stuff in it.... uh no. So he rewinds it and sure as $h*t there is our food chopper being advertised as a slap chop! I...
  2. esavvymom

    Food Network: New Show (The Pioneer Woman)

    For those who are fans of "The Pioneer Woman", I was just catching up on some blog-reading, and noticed she has a new show on the Food Network. It premieres Saturday, August 27 at 11:30am/10:30c
  3. susanr613

    Next Food Network Star: Season Update and Indian Contestant's Success

    Is anyone watching this season? What do you think so far? I'm really enjoying it - especially since there is an Indian contestant with a serious chance of winning. It would be great to have that cuisine represented on Food Network and therefore accessible to people who are not familiar with it...
  4. chefsteph07

    Next Food Network Star: Season 14 Opinions and Predictions

    Anyone watching this season? What do you think so far? So far, I LOVE Aarti and Aria...Brad reminds me of Justin Timberlake... SO GLAD that Dzintra is gone, can't stand Paul...wish Doreen would have stuck around a little longer. Brianna is good, if she would lose her attitude. The rest...
  5. Jennifer E

    Atlanta Connections: Looking to Network in the ATL area?

    Just curious...anyone out there from the Atlanta area? I am in the Woodstock/ Canton area.
  6. etteluap70PC

    Stoneware at Kohls Endorsed by Food Network

    OK so I am enjoying my new high speed internet and catching up on episodes of Good Eats. (I love Alton!) and between episodes is Tyler Lawrence talking about their new stoneware line! The one shown looks like our flat rectangle but has handles like the round. Hmmmm interesting!
  7. BlessedWifeMommy

    Is there a discount on Food Network Magazine on Amazon?

    I was just on Amazon and they have a deal on the Food Network Magazine. It said $5 off(so it should have been $10), but when I put it in my cart , it came up as $2.50! I decided that was a good enough deal to read it for a year. Just thought I would share.I don't know if this deal will work...
  8. T

    Find Out Who Was Eliminated on Next Food Network Star: Recap and Spoilers

    My husband and I missed the last show. Who did they send home? I'm hoping it was Katie, the healthy-food nut. Serving raw food was a big no-no in my book.
  9. Kitchen Diva

    The Next Food Network Star: Season Discussion and Voting Process

    Hello all, I've been away for a LONG time...so you'll have to direct me if I have in fact missed the thread. Is no one talking about this years Food Network Star on CS? If so, why not? Are we disenfranchised with the voting process? I'd love to chat about who we like and don't like...
  10. BlessedWifeMommy

    Discovering the Food2 Network on FoodNetwork.com

    I had never heard of Food2 network, but it was advertised on FoodNetwork.com, so I thought I would look around. Here is an interesting link I found... You can watch episodes of some of their shows... http://www.food2.com/series/kelsey-a-spike-cook
  11. BlessedWifeMommy

    Is the Next Food Network Star Season 5 worth the wait?

    Only 4 more days until the premiere of season 5. I just watched the intro videos and am excited to see this season play out. Check them out here... The Next Food Network Star : Food Network Anyone else?
  12. B

    My Apology: Virus Sent Through Facebook Network

    I got an email through the Facebook network from someone who used to be on here who is my friend on Facebook. It was a virus. It was sent to everyone in her friend list. Apparently everyone on my friend list got one from me right after I messaged her asking what she meant. I am so sorry...
  13. ChefErin

    Connecting on Facebook: Let's Grow Our Network!

    Since so many of us here are on Facebook, I figured those who are interested (and haven't connected already) could either post our full names or post our Facebook links so that we can all look each other up and increase our PC network there :) mine is Erin Spicer :)
  14. E

    Anybody Seen the Commercial for Avon? I Just Saw It on Food Network.

    Anybody seen the commercial for Avon? I just saw it on Food Network. A commercial recruiting for new Avon reps....hmmmmm.... Become a Representative
  15. wadesgirl

    Great Cookie Tips from Food Network!

    I was watching Food Network tonight when they had some great cookie tips. One was to roll out your cookie dough straight onto the cookie sheet so when you cut the cookie you remove the excess dough and don't have to worry about moving the cookies and stretching them out. They also suggested...
  16. MissChef

    Did Anyone Notice on Food Network....

    I was watching FN this morning and saw a commercial for the show Dinner Impossible and that they got rid of the first host, you know the one that was caught lying about being knighted or something like that. Isn't his name Chef Robert Irvine, or something like that? Anyway, they announced that...
  17. DessertDivaFL

    theNext Food Network Star Winner Is ....

    Aaron McCargo Jr! I am so excited he won. Did anyone else watch the finale last night?
  18. Kitchen Diva

    Food Network Star Episode 8 (7/20/08)

    So... are we free to talk about last night's episode? It takes the pressure off the judges to make a call and puts the decision in the hands of the people. I gotta say, I'm just not all that sure I'll watch any of them for more than a couple of episodes...
  19. babywings76

    Recap and Reviews: Next Food Network Star Elimination - Sunday Episode

    Okay, no one seemed to bring this thread up again.... Anyone watch it on Sunday? I was sad to see go. What did you all think?
  20. jrstephens

    7/6 Next Food Network Spoiler Thread

    Anyone here to talk about it? I need to go to bed but I want to talk about it!
  21. Kitchen Diva

    theNext Food Network Star (7/6/2008) No Spoliers Inside

    Okay, here's the thread for when all of you get finished watching this evening's episode. I will say this and only this. You will be surprised to an extent, but I feel you'll agree with the judges decision and I have a new favorite, and it is not Kelsey (mostly because she stole my diva...
  22. Kitchen Diva

    theNext Food Network Star (6/29/2008)

    Okay, so has everyone watched it yet? IF NOT- DON'T read any further- I did include a spoiler just in case... As much as I was hoping this person could pull it together- Although of the bottom two- I would have been fine with either one saying goodbye at this point...
  23. MissChef

    theNext Food Network Star 6-22-08

    Okay, if you don't want to know who's gone, then don't read any further!!! That's my only warning!! LOL! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Nepa (I think that's how you spell her name!) is gone! Now, I don't hate her... and I think her show theme would have been good but she was...
  24. jrstephens

    theNext Food Network Star 6/15/08

    Thank goodness for DVR! I was at my mom's and forget it was on but it was recorded when I got home. What did yall think? I do not like Martha Stewart, so, could have cared less that she was on there. An she was "dryer" than Nipa in her personality. Nipa is just bland in her attitude...
  25. P

    Director Director's Loops: Discovering Your Network of Resources

    I've been hearing all about these "Director's Loops" practically since I joined PC. So, now that I'm a Director, how do I find out more about them? Are these just within your cluster? Or, are they another source like DCS? Which loops do you belong to and which do you find that you get the...
  26. MissChef

    Who Will Be the Next Food Network Star? Let's Discuss!

    Okay, who here is watching the new season of The Next Food Network Star??? Any predictions? What are your thoughts on the members of this new group of contestants (Is that what we are calling them, I've been sitting here for the last few minutes thinking of what to call them?:confused: !) I'm...
  27. chefsteph07

    Why did Food Network fire Chef Robert Irvine from Dinner Impossible?

    I just saw that they fired Chef Robert Irvine of one of my fave shows, Dinner Impossible, due to the fact that he lied about his resume... Ok, what I want to know is...why can't FN do their job and do background checks on these people? I watched the Next FN Star and they got all the way down...
  28. dannyzmom

    Chef Chris Koetke on Food Network the Other Night!

    He was the judge on one of the competiion shows - he was jusging the Beef Cook Off held in Chicago - how cool!
  29. lacychef

    Did You See Food Network Has New Line?

    I was watching Food Network when a commercial came on about their new line of kitchen gadgets...sold at Kohls'. Here's the link if you want to check it out. http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/foodnetwork.jsp
  30. JAE

    Kohl's Food Network Tri-Ply Ss 10 Pampered Chef. $300

    Does anyone know anything about the SS cookware on the front of Kohl's advertisement this week? It's a 10 pc. set with tri-ply and a lifetime guarentee. It says "three-layer bonded construction for even heating. Rooled edges for drop-free pouring. Dishwasher-safe. Plus get a free "Food Network...