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What is facebook: Definition and 198 Discussions

  1. Pampered Chef Rachel

    Are you ready to join the PC community and connect with other consultants?

    Hello everyone! I just joined today after seeing the group mentioned in a Facebook group I am in. I am from upstate NY, have used and loved PC products for over 20 years and joined as a consultant 2 1/2 years ago. I am a director with a small director team under me. I love connecting with all...
  2. scottcooks

    Find a Logo Light for Your Facebook LIVE's!

    I would appreciate putting the logo light to use when I go online and do my Facebook LIVE's. Does anyone have one?
  3. Rebecca Clive

    How to Give Admin Privileges to an Agency in a Facebook Group

    Hello, I have a Fundraiser coming up. I am setting up the group. The organization has been added as a member. How do I give admin privileges to the organization instead of a person?
  4. AshleyRisen

    Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Mystery Host Vp Event | Expert Tips

    So I'm doing a Mystery Host party and my Director doesn't know how to do them. We're both now trying it out and neither of us knows how to set it up in Consultant Corner.. Some say don't place under consultant because you won't be able to update it with the winner's name. Please help and clarify!!
  5. Roadtripray

    How Do I Setup and Run a Facebook Mystery Host Virtual Show?

    Greetings, I have a lot going on in my life. I've had a couple virtual facebook parties, but haven't done one in a long time because honestly I just prefer doing a cooking show. However, I really need to do a show to stay active in October, I'm juggling a fulltime job, graduate school, and my...
  6. Jules711

    Mastering Facebook Parties for Direct Sellers: Tips and Tricks for Success

    I have sold PC for a long time, but have stepped back a bit in the last years. I love the idea of online parties, but while I use Facebook, I'm not sure how to set up parties. First, I have a PC page linked to my personal profile b/c that's how I understood we were supposed to do it when it...
  7. mspibb

    Using Product Videos From the Pampered Chef Website

    I have been using the party packs and promoting products on my Facebook events but I was looking at the product training videos, like the ones on icing cakes or the infusion bottle but there is not a "download" function on those. I was able to open them in like a Windows Media window but it...
  8. Niki Kate

    Following up With Facebook Contacts

    What do you send as a quick: Thank you for attending; isn't our hostess great? And you should really host/join my team? for people who attend virtual/facebook parties?Everything people send for letters is LONG. I don't want a LONG thing - just a quick one off that I can send, that won't bore...
  9. Toni Monsen

    Facebook vs. Virtual Events: Exploring the Differences

    First, I see some say Facebook and some say Virtual....are they the same? Explain difference if there is one.Second, do you do a script ahead of time and then copy and paste the information in at the time of the event? Where do you put the items you're going to copy and post?I've heard of...
  10. C

    Facebook Group for Buying/Selling

    Someone recently posted info to join a Facebook group to buy/sell PC items. I can't find the post. Can someone help?
  11. Niki Kate

    Host a Successful Facebook Party: Tips & Tricks

    I use these for my Facebook Parties...
  12. Sara Dawn

    New & Exciting Games for Facebook Groups

    I found a lot of games in different groups I am in on Facebook but I am looking for something new that I can do. I have two shows open right now and using the same games over and over is getting old for me. Anyone got something new and exciting?
  13. shelleypchef

    Virtual / Facebook Party Drawing Slip

    Does anyone have a drawing slip they are using for their virtual / facebook party?
  14. Cici

    Maximizing Your Facebook Party: Tips and Ideas for Hosting a Successful Event

    Have anyone created an outline for their Facebook party? What stuff do you share? I've seen some parties have a lot of prizes, what type of prize would you do? I have my first Facebook party this week and I am a little bit lost
  15. raebates

    Facebook Events vs. Groups: Pros and Cons for Hosting Your Next Event

    I set up most of my shows with a Facebook Event. Recently someone invited me to an online Jamberry party, but they set that up as a group.I asked the host/consultant why she chose a group over an event. These were her reasons: Group activity seems to show up better on party-goers’ pages. She...
  16. D

    Facebook Business Page Question

    How do I share a Pampered Chef youtube video on my facebook business page without it going on my personal FB page? Thanks!
  17. Harrisdm

    Understanding Facebook Advertising Guidelines for Pampered Chef Consultants

    Hi All! This is officially my first post on a forum, ever!! Please be kind :) I was doing a search, trying to navigate the newly-done chef success. I typically have done catalog parties, on facebook since that's all my contacts have wanted to do so far. I was searching for some pictures that I...
  18. C

    Facebook Party and Cooking Party

    Hi all! I am about to experience my first pampered chef party and the host wants to do both a facebook party and a cooking party. She wants to start the facebook party this weekend and end it with a brunch at her home. How would I list that in "My Shows" so that she was able to reap all of the...
  19. K

    Verbage for Online Ordering for Facebook Parties

    Hello all! I always make an event page for my hosts on facebook. I include the specials and how to easily order online. I just added my first show on Beta and then made her an event page. I would like to add how to order online. Does someone have a very simple way of explaining how to order...
  20. Admin Greg

    Why You Should Never Advertise on Facebook!

    Take a few minutes and watch this video. It is revealing and makes total sense for anyone who has a Facebook page and has advertised a bitoVfHeWTKjag
  21. Admin Greg

    Has Your Facebook Page Reach Decreased?

    Anyone notice their post reach has declined over the past couple years? Facebook appears to be tightening up and trying to motivate people to pay for a post to be seen.Does this change how you post? Does it change how to use Facebook? Considered dropping your page?The Drop In Facebook Page Reach...
  22. M

    Some Question About Facebook Page

    i was just going to set up a facebook page for pc. I took the training in cc but was wondering if i should make it a business page where people simply like my page or if i should do a profile page where they would be friends with me? TIA
  23. Lilamyw3

    Are fraudulent apps taking over your Facebook feed?

    Anyone else getting the fraudlent apps/ads on facebook? It's showing up on the right hand side in the advertisements. This one says: "Stop begging people to join" and has a PC logo. I've got part of the ad in a screen shot that is attached.
  24. M

    How Can You Host a Successful Facebook Fundraiser for a College Foundation?

    I am doing a fundraiser for the U of A Wesley Foundation as they are in the process of raising money for a new building and have recently moved into a temporary space that has a kitchen (their old building not only didn't have a kitchen, it had an outhouse instead of bathrooms! :yuck:). I am...
  25. pampchef.angel

    Find Stunning Facebook Cover Photos for Current Month Specials | CC

    Anyone know where to find a cover photo with the current month specials? The one on CC is just a picture of the Cookware.
  26. S

    How can I make the most of a Facebook Black Friday party for my business?

    In Consultant News it mentioned someone doing a Facebook Black Friday party. Anyone have any idea or suggestions when you should set it up? How or what should the specials be? Any other input would be appreciated. I am trying to rebuild my business after a really difficult pregnancy and any...
  27. W

    Need Advice: Struggling to Get Orders for My Facebook Party

    Hi, everyone! I have a facebook party going on right know and another one starting next week. So far, I have only had one order. I have tried games and posting about our products. My host has been posting too, but we are just not having any luck. Any advice? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!
  28. T

    Optimizing Your Facebook Page Category for Maximum Engagement

    I have been reading through lots of Facebook threads, but am still confused. Does it matter what category I set it up under, if so which one will I want to use?
  29. DebPC

    Have Facebook Challenges Been Successful for You?

    I've been seeing these lately on Facebook. Has anyone here had this work for them? If so- with what products?
  30. M

    Starting a Business on Facebook - Questions & Answers

    Hello! I am just starting my business and have some question about FB. First, should I use my own FB page or create a new one. Second, how do I throw a facebook party. I don't use FB that much, so I don't know the ins and outs of it. Is there a site that gives step by steps on this sort of...