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What is letter: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. T

    Host Letter Template for Virtual & Catalog Parties

    Does anyone have a recent host letter that they use for virtual or catalog parties?
  2. A

    Large Letter Envelopes - Perfect for Host Packets or Catalogs

    Large Letter Envelopes - Perfect for Host Packets or Mailing Catalogs I have 211 of these envelopes will sell them all for $30 or we can collaborate on a price for less but I would rather sell them as a lump. I use flat-rate priority mail with USPS, as that is usually cheapest and includes...
  3. naekelsey

    March Host Letter: Find Your Perfect Fit Here

    I know this is a little late in the month, is there a March Host Letter? I normally don't use them but I need one for a particular host. TIA
  4. L

    April Host Letter Search: Help Needed

    Does anyone have an April Host Letter? I've searched here, FB, multiple team training pages but to no avail. I cannot figure out how to copy the image from the April Host Flyer to create my own. I love sending the host letter with the monthly host and guest specials. Can anyone either post...
  5. C

    Thank You Letter to Past Host W/Calendar

    Hi Everyone - I have an idea to send out Calendars to my past hosts as a thank you and to ask for a January booking. Has anyone done a marketing piece like this before? Any ideas/suggestions? Please share anything you have to offer! Thanks in advance! Please "like" my page on Facebook...
  6. P

    How to Keep a New Recruit Excited and Engaged Before They Start?

    Does anyone have a letter that they use when they have a recruit that wants to sign up but cannot start for a month are two. Something to welcome them to the team and help you stay in touch with them. How do you keep them excited? How often do you contact them? By phone, e-mail? Thank you for...
  7. O

    Discover the Latest May Catalog and Cooking Show Letter | Don't Miss Out!

    Hi I am spoiled like the rest of you all. Is there a May show letter yet? one for catalog or cooking show? I searched and searched and found nothing -:confused: Thanks in advance
  8. ChefCKHall

    April Host Letter: Join the Bandwagon with Kam!

    Yes, I have been jumping on your lovely host letter bandwagon that you make for Carolyn! Have you done one for April yet? May I humbly request?? LOVE, CK
  9. D

    April Host Letter: Get Ready for the Packets!

    I am looking for the April Host letter!! I can't remember who creates and post these, i love them and I need to start working on my April Packets! Thank you!
  10. C

    Director Does Anyone Have a Plea Letter to Send to Team?

    Need to send a letter to my team, if we don't make structure this month, I go into the rebuild thingy....which will so suck, so does anyone have a letter drafted up asking for the whole team to submit something so we stay a team? I am in the process of getting a new team, but at the moment, need...
  11. K

    Where Can I Find the Host Letter for After the Show?

    Where do I find the host letter to send after the show that says how much they could make if they did the show? Thanks
  12. J

    Streamline Your Host Communication with Our New Host Letter Template

    Hello, all! I would love some feedback on a new host letter template (attached) I've written. I know, I know, it's long. BUT, I kinda wanted my hosts to have a comprehensive "guide" to the whole cooking show experience...like a one-stop place for info. I will continue to call them and...
  13. naekelsey

    Pab Wants a Letter to Email Everyone

    I have 3 schools interested in doing a Pamper A Business starting Monday. One of the schools wants me to email her a letter of what this is so she can email all the teachers at her school...(so she doesn't have to tell everyone individually and so they know to look for the catalogs.) I...
  14. C

    Thanks to Kam & Everyone: Jan. Host Letter Appreciation

    Was there a Jan. host letter made? Kam does SUCH a great job. I really appreciate her and everyone else who works hard to make these great tools for us here. :D
  15. dannyzmom

    Kam, Can You Please Update Feb's Host Letter?

    Hey Kam! Not sure if yo can do it from a scanned version of the flyer but since they mailed out feb's specials in the Marketing Guide and I am hoping to score some Feb bookings this weekend...if you are able, could you update this letter for me? Thanks so much! xox
  16. vhadley

    Need a Letter for a Potential Host?

    Is there a certain letter you send out for people that may want to host a show? I met a lady that told me she may want to, and I followed up with her via the phone. But I also wanted to send her an email so she can visibly see the great host benefits for this month!
  17. dannyzmom

    Hey Kam - Dec Host Letter Please?

    Hey Kam!! Thanks for getting the Oct Nov Dec Fillable up so quickly - you rock!! Can you update the host letter for me please?
  18. F

    Here's a Host Letter Template for Your Next Event!

    Here is an example of my host letter if anyone would like to use it :)
  19. dannyzmom

    Kam - Can You Update This Dec Host Letter Please?

    Hey Kam - can you update last year's Dec host letter to reflect this year's specials? Thanks so much, as always, for all that you do!
  20. vhadley

    Need a Basic General Letter for a Church Fundraiser?

    Does anyone have a basic general letter for Fundraising? I have someone interested in doing a Church Fundraiser but would like some basic information to take back to the committee. Thank you, vicky
  21. R

    Need Help Promoting Your Catalog Show? Look No Further!

    Hi! I have recently moved 1000 miles south of where I originally started up my business. I would like to mail the new catalogs to some of my past hosts and preferred customers back home. I was wondering if anyone had some sort of letter and/or flyer that tells the benefits of a Catalog Show...
  22. C

    anIdea From Ilene Meckley the Letter "A"

    Have fun sharing! Call someone today who is a person to call involving the letter A. It could be an architect, someone who lives in Alaska, an aunt, artist, someone named Ann. I know you can think of 5 people. Call them to let them know you have homework to call 5 people today. Tell them why you...
  23. NooraK

    anOpen Letter to Positive Facebook Page Posters

  24. R

    September Host Letter: Find Your Monthly Inspiration | Marie's Guide

    i'm sure the host letters for September are somewhere but i cant seem to find them... help anyone? thanks! ~Marie
  25. pampered1224

    I Got a Letter From Taste of Home

    I figured it was for a magazine subscription but it was asking if I wanted to become one of their consultants! I did not even know they still had that but when I saw the other post about them, I was wondering if anyone else gets things like that. Do DS people get put on mailing lists or...
  26. C

    Host Packet Letter From Another Ds Company

    My best friend works for one of "those" DS companies and I recently saw her new host packet letter. Below is her letter word for word. I have mixed feelings about this letter as a business and as a potential host. What are your thoughts? _________________________________ Thank you so much...
  27. dannyzmom

    Hey Kam? Updated Oct Host Letter Please?

    Here's last year's...thanks as always!
  28. P

    Director Ever Wrote a Letter to Your Team?

    It's looking like this will be month 2 for me :( I really REALLY thought everything was coming together this month and that it would be great...until a few days ago! We are over the 5k mark, but I only have 5 active consultants :cry: and 3 who won't call me back, which I'm pretty sure means...
  29. NooraK

    How Would You Feel if You Got a Letter Like This?

    We all have those friends who don't care for direct sales and don't want to buy anything from us. What if you got a letter in the mail like this? I ran across this article: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/2010/03/03/a-pre-emptive-strike-against-selling-to-friends/ If you read down to...
  30. AlowayFamily

    August Host Letter by Kam - The Perfect Tool for Your Hosting Needs!

    Hi Kam, I have recently started using your host letters and I love them!!! Thank you so much for creating them. Do you have August done yet? I have been looking for a couple of weeks and have not found it yet. I really appreciate you!!