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  1. C

    ISO 2003 Spring and Summer Wreath Heart Molds

    Does anyone have one they want to part with? Thanks, Sandy
  2. P

    Belinda Ellsworth Summer Business Tips

    Here is part of a newsletter from Belinda Ellsworth...Step into Success. She is AWESOME! I recommend you checking out her site. Monday, July 11, 2005 THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: SUMMER BUSINESS TIPS Here are a few things to do to jumpstart your summer business. 1. Talk to at least one...
  3. L

    I have done everything. No one wants to book parties!! IT IS SUMMER!!

    I have done everything. No one wants to book parties!! IT IS SUMMER!! I told the hostess about August host special and I told the guests several times. They like the bowls and they said the special was a great price, but they do not want to host shows. That was my first show. All the guests...
  4. Cindycooks

    Summer Products

    Does anyone have a flyer or any ideas of promoting the summer products which will be available starting June 1? I want to get them to my customers but also place them around in shops etc. thanks! :)
  5. rachelpc

    Spring and summer molds

    Hi there, I have a customer who wants the spring and summer molds. Is this even possible? I thought they were discontinued.
  6. S

    One good show away from summer product promo

    I need about $430 more for the month to get the new summer products! I have no other shows booked. I had planned to do a Mystery Host Bingo Show of my own at the end of the month but out of 40 people I invited (to hopefully get 10) I have had no interest. No wonder our hosts get frustrated...