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What is wish: Definition and 143 Discussions

  1. P

    What designs can we expect for 2022? And how can I learn to make them?

    These are great! Anything out there for 2022 yet? I wish I knew how to make them!
  2. Roadtripray

    I Cannot See My Customer's Wish List

    I have a customer who is hosting a party that closes today. She has created a wishlist and added items to her list. I can see that she created a wishlist, but it comes up empty. I was able to edit the wishlist and attach it to her show, but still no luck. I was even able to edit her wishlist...
  3. byrd1956

    The 10 Wish List Challenge: A Unique Way to Connect & Share!

    Has anyone heard of the 10 wish list challenge? They talked about it at our most recent meeting, but we never got any details on what to post. We were to try to get 10 people to sign up and create a wish list then send us names of who to share the list with. Someone said they would put...
  4. straitfan

    Bridal Shower Wish List Ideas: Creative Ways to Display the Bride's Wishlist

    Okay... it's been a LONG time since I did a bridal shower, but I have one coming up. How is everyone displaying the bride's wish list these days? There used to be files with pictures/descriptions/prices in label format. Can't find anything current. Share what you're doing please!
  5. S

    What Did You Wish You Knew When Starting as a Consultant?

    Hi All, Glad to see this awesome community set up for PC. I have come here a few times for some great ideas and thought I need to become a part of this great community. I am a new consultant, and am currently working towards my first 30 day goal! I have looooooved being a consultant, but I...
  6. DebPC

    Fall Wish Lists: Latest Must-Have Products

    What's on every ones wish list for new fall products?
  7. L

    Please Help!!!!! Spring/Summer 2014 Wish List With Pictures

    help!!!!!! does anyone have a wish list with pictures made with the s/s 2014 products... my first show is this weekend and its a bridal shower!!! I am soooo freakin out!!! thank you!!!
  8. L

    Spring and Summer 2014 Wish List With Pictures

    does anyone have anything made up of product wish list with pictures? my very first show is a bridal shower and im trying to make cards for her registery thanks ;)
  9. W

    Help! Bridal Shower Wish List??

    I'm looking for something to give to a bride to create her wish list. Does anyone have either a checklist or a form that has all products listed? Something like the wish list that used to be included with the triplicate sheets that Pampered Chef used to provide.... I hope this makes sense...
  10. frozenchef

    Bridal Wish List Pictures Fall/Winter 2013

    I did these on the Business Card template this time - Avery 8371. Much easier to just print them on business card paper and pull them apart instead of cutting out each one. Let me know if I missed any products or if something is incorrect. There are 53 pages in all.
  11. B

    Where Can I Find the 2013 Wish List on CC?

    I've been looking for the 2013 wish list on CC but the link is invalid. Does anyone happen to have a copy saved that they could post or email me? [email protected]
  12. C

    5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known!!!

    Just wondering if any of you "seasoned" ;) Chefs out there could tell us newbies some things you wish you would have known in the beginning of your PC journey. Example * Things you would have done differently * Best lessons you've learned * Your best sales lines Thanks so much!
  13. C

    How Can You Effectively Communicate the Benefits of Your Product or Service?

    I'm on an email list from Ilene Meckley and I love her ideas. This is part of this morning's email. We ask questions of your potential customer to uncover a problem or to ascertain a need or a desire. Once we know what the customer wants or needs, our job is to share the benefits of what we...
  14. B

    Converting Fall 2012 Wish List from PDF to Excel/Word for Better Readability

    Has anyone converted the Fall 2012 Wish List.pdf file HO has on CC to an excel or word file? It's very small print and hard to read for a lot of older people.
  15. frozenchef

    Bridal Wish List Pictures Spring/Summer 2012

    Here you go everyone :) The first of 49 pages of Pampered Chef products to be printed on 2"x4" labels (or just print on whatever and cut them out - in PDF format, for your convenience! My favorite tips for these: "I stick the labels onto heart cut-outs in the bride's colors. (I teach...
  16. Intrepid_Chef

    theOne Detail I Wish They Would Spoil

    From today's newswire: With a $60 purchase, your February guests will receive a new product that won't be announced until Spring Launch! But, you don't have to wait until Feb. 4 to submit your February Shows. Beginning Feb. 1, enter #RB98 for your guests who spend $60 or more. Start...
  17. P

    Director P3 and Host Wish List: Easily Manage Your Guests and Orders

    Am I missing it, or is there not a way to download the host wish list into P3? I so seldom have a host use this tool and I dont' really promote it either. Seems like we should be able to pull it into P3 since we can pull the guest orders. When you print it off you almost need a microscope to...
  18. cookingwithlove

    Director Discover the Exciting Chance to Win Your Wish List with The Pampered Chef!

    This was on The Pampered Chef facebook page. Anybody know any details about it?
  19. NooraK

    Need Gift Inspiration? Check Out HO's Cool Holiday Wish List!

    I thought this wish list HO put together was quite cool! https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/images/cc/us/pdf/holiday_wish_list.pdf
  20. F

    Director Last-Minute Shower Wish List Cards: Hassle-Free Printing and Gifting Tips

    Anyone have an updated file with products that can easily be printed for a shower? I usually print from the registry but have a stork-the-freezer party TOMORROW and Mom to be has decided to have a wish list and hasn't given me one. Wanting to have something ready to go when I get there...
  21. F

    Last-minute Baby Shower Wish List for the Mom-to-be

    Have a Stork-the-freezer baby shower tomorrow and host has decided that guest will now be purchasing items for the mom-to-be. Problem is I don't have a wish list for her and won't until I arrive. Wanting to have something printed that she can sort through and then have available for guest to...
  22. T

    Wish List Products Pictures for Bridal Shower

    Does anyone have the most current product pictures for bridal showers?
  23. M

    Wish List and Discontinued Products

    Knowing that there are going to be discontinued products that people have placed on their wish list, I checked out what had been submitted by me. I found that the large white Simple Additions is being discontinued and had a host that had placed it on her wish list. SO, I emailed her tonight to...
  24. M

    Bridal Shower Wish List on Pws?

    Is there a way I can post a wish list for a couple that is having a wedding shower with me? I have it in PDF format but can't figure out how to add it to my website. Thanks, Marci
  25. C

    Ss Catalog Bridal Wish List Pictures

    Does anyone have a current catalog list with the pictures and prices for the Wish List for Bridal shows? I have some but they aren't current with the 2011 SS catalog. Prices have changed, new products...would be a lot of help if someone has one done. You are all so great at the techie side of...
  26. California Girl

    Yay!! I'm Getting My Help Wish Cancer Products!!

    YAY!! I'm getting my Help Whip Cancer Products!!I started in October and well I just have put in 2 catalog show and I am finally out of being inactive!! and I am so happy about getting free products!! Im so glad I went to Spring Launch it helped so much!!
  27. babywings76

    Maximizing Sales: Wish List vs. Order Form Strategy for Party Consultants

    Lately I've been hearing about how some consultants are having huge success with using wish lists instead of order forms at first in their shows. What do you do? If you use a wish list, or wait to give out the order forms, what words are you using with your guests? How are you explaining...
  28. Karen

    E-Reader Wish List: Pros/Cons & Info Requested

    OK, I think I want to put an e-reader on my wish list this year, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm looking for comments/complains/information. If you have an e-reader what kind do you have, are the books pricey to upload, do you get online or do anything besides "reading" on your reader, what are the...
  29. PamperedchefDaly

    Where Can I Find Santa's Wish List on CS?

    Last year I found a Santa's Wish List on CS. It was meant for guests to fill out their wish list, along with the name/address of the person they wanted to receive it. They'd give it to me, and I'd send it along to that person so they new exactly what was wanted. I've searched everywhere but...
  30. deanna_g

    Rant: I Wish I Could Just Pass on This One...

    Sorry for the rant. Totally unlike me to rant about something/someone. This just needs to get off my chest. I have a former acquaintance from back home (I moved 1.5 years ago) and she has wanted to become a PC consultant since 2008. Thing is, she has some major medical issues (MS, mostly)...