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What is state: Definition and 68 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Set default state for web orders

    Is there a way to set my state as the default with web based orders? Thanks!
  2. P

    Searching for Ideas for an Out of State Show

    HI, I am completely new to this awesome site, from the little I have seen lots of great info. Anyways, I am going to Seattle in a month. I am having a show. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can cook that requires the least amount of product. :chef:
  3. M

    How to Do an Out of State Fundraiser?

    I am in South Korea and my high school band booster club has asked me to do a fundraiser for them. :D How would I collect payment other than everyone will only be able to buy online? :confused:
  4. ChefShalon

    County and State Fair Booths Coming Up!

    I have booked my county and state fair this year! It is a very exciting oppurtinuty! For the county fair I have myself and my personal recruit doing it. For the state fair I have it opened to the entire team here. The state fair is an 11 day fair and its from 9am-10pm everyday, I had made it...
  5. pampered1224

    Ok - State Fair Booth and a Re-Kick off

    OK so I go this idea of putting various Consultant Gift Certificates into envelopes. MAJOR BRIBE YES BUT AFFORDABLE FROM MY STAND POINT. $5s and $10s. I hope you love FREE Pampered Chef Money! Use it BY AUGUST 15TH to place an order OR DOUBLE IT BY BOOKING A PARTY BY AUG. 15TH TO BE HELD BY...
  6. California Girl

    What Should I Include in My Out of State Catalog Party Packet?

    So my MIL is having a catalog party for me in March what do I include in the packet? This is what I have so far 4 catalogs 4 minis NO Join Us { she used to be a consultant} should I include Outside Order Forms Or Actual order forms?
  7. B

    Tips for Hosting a Successful Long Distance Catalog Show?

    One of the guests that placed an outside order on a past cooking show is interested in having a Catalog show. I have never met this person and have only talked to her a few times via telephone. Has anyone had a "long distance" catalog show and do you have any tips and/or suggestions to help...
  8. P

    Out of State Cooking Show - Flying Not Driving

    I will be doing an out of state cooking show while visiting family for Thanksgiving. We will be flying so I will not be able to bring a lot of products to demo. Does anyone have any tips for doing this kind of show? Also any simple recipe suggestions and thoughts on which products I MUST bring...
  9. kcmckay

    Shipping Out of State on a Show?

    Hi, I'm sure I could find this but I don't have time to scour through all the threads. I have an order on a show that is being shipped out of state. I know that I guess I have to put tax in manually? Or am I missing something I should be adding? but not sure where to find the proper amount? Any...
  10. M

    Catalog Show With Out of State Host?

    I have asked three family members from out of state if they would be interested in doing catalog shows for me.. do you typically mail them catalogs? How many? Or do you just ask that their guests browse via your website? Thanks! Melissa
  11. L

    Rant State Farm Insurance: Our Frustrating Experience and Warning to Others

    Does anyone out there use State Farm Insurance? We have used them for about 2 years now. I have been nothing but frustrated with them. When we bought our current house, our old company couldn't compare with rates. We bought a house that is over 100 years old and has had lots of renovations...
  12. H

    Out of State Customers: Catalogs, Orders, and More | Boost Your Sales Today

    Not sure where to put this, but I have a couple customers from out of my area that have asked me to send them catalogs. Besides a catalog and an order form, what else do you think I should include in my envelope to them? I was thinking of letting them know if they know others wanting to...
  13. J

    Catalog Bridal Show for Out of State Bride?

    Hi All, I'm trying to organize a bridal shower for my sister-- however the trick is she lives in California (I'm in MN), most of our relatives are in SD and she wants everything shipped to CA. So I'm thinking the best way is to do an "online/catalog show". Any ideas or suggestions on how I...
  14. lockhartkitchen

    Wahoo!! 92% Pass State Reading Test

    Wahoo- I'm so excited. So far, 92% of my 4th graders have met or exceeded the state reading test. Two kids will retest, since they had only 2 points off from meeting. (possibly making 100% meeting or exceeding) I had 5 kiddos that were reading at a 1st grade reading level in September. Two...
  15. Jennifer E

    Traveling to Another State for Show

    Next month I am traveling to Florida and doing a show for my mom. Since I am a new consultant she wants to help me make some money! We are going down there during Spring Break so that my daughter can also get in some beach time. My question is, can I deduct all the mileage on that trip?
  16. Jennie4PC

    Shipping Items to a CoHost in Different State

    If i have someone cohost a show but they live on a different state can they have thier items shipped to them without paying shipping? I played with it on P3 but just wondering if anyone has done this before
  17. P

    Managing an Out-of-State Director: Tips for Attending Meetings & Training

    How do you do it when your Director and all uplines are out of state? I really want to go to monthly meetings and training stuff but how do you do this if you sign up under a realative thats not in town?
  18. chefjeanine

    Traveling from SW State? PM Me for Details!

    There is a group traveling from the SW side of the state by bus. If you are interested in finding out more, please private message me. I’d be happy to share details.
  19. J

    Boost Your Catalog Show Sales with This Clever Strategy | Out of State Catty OK

    OK, my sister-in-law is having a catalog show, but only got @ $60 in sales, however it was over $150 when she added her order to it. I really want a second show for SAT so this is what I came up with. I call it my show so her sales count toward guest sales and just give her the benefit. The...
  20. babywings76

    How Do Guests of a Show Order Online to Send Gifts Out of State

    My friend is the sister of a host. She wants to order things to be a gift for a relative out of state and plans to have it direct shipped there. On my website it just asks for the customer's name and info, it doesn't seem to allow for a separate shipping address. How is it supposed to be...
  21. PamperedMom07

    Need Help With My First Catalog Show (Out of State)

    I won't be an official consultant until the 1st but I'm getting things ready for my first catalog show out of state. I'm sending my host some catalogs, order forms (director sent me a copy by email) and a few other things. I'm wondering something on the order form at the bottom it says in...
  22. mbh06

    Setting Up an Out of State Catalog Show: How Does It Work?

    Sorry me again :blushing: If I set up a show w/ an out of state friend as a catalog show. When guests place orders online how do they go in? Do I get an email and add it into PP. I am just wondering how this works. Thanks!
  23. 2

    Understanding Raffle Legality by State | Ticket Fundraiser Guide

    I found this after reading another thread questioning this. I really hope to do a ticket fundraiser soon. Jennifer
  24. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Potential Recruit - Different State

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been discussed before....I tried 4 searches, and there were over 15 pgs for each....but the first couple of pages were not what I was looking for....so I'm hoping everyone with this kind of experience can offer their advice... I have a potential recruit who lives...
  25. pjpamchef

    Entering an APO Address in P3: State & Sales Tax Info

    How do we enter an apo address in P3? What goes in the state box? What kind of sales tax do we enter?
  26. C

    What to do when the bride and groom are out of state for a bridal shower?

    I am doing a bridal shower the end of May for my husband's cousin and fiance. They live in Washington and the shower and entire guest list lives in Iowa. They don't want to ship everything at their own cost to Washington and I don't want to have 2 different address to ship to. What do you...
  27. L

    Remote Fundraiser: How to Make it Work Across State Lines

    Ok, I've looked all over and can't find anything close to my issue, so help me if you can. I have a friend that is wanting to do a fundraiser for me :D BUT she lives 3 states away :o How can I do this? I won't be able to get any shows out of it so that takes away the $3 per show. They would just...
  28. Gina M

    Our High School Football Team Is Going to State!!

    Our Geneva Vikings (here in Illinois) won their playoff game tonight bringing them to a 13-0 season and they are heading downstate next weekend for the championship game - it would be great if they clinch it - go Vikings!!:)
  29. myjobisaparty

    Can You Participate in an Arizona Christmas Bazaar from Tulsa?

    I have a friend of mine that is itching to get me involved in her booster club's Christmas bazzaar. We're both curious if there is ANY way possible for me to do this without making the trip from Tulsa to Arizona. She has so many products and the creativity to do the booth, but she wouldn't...
  30. S

    Starting a Walk in Your State: Tips and Advice for Participation

    Is there a way to start a walk in my state? I would love to participate but I am not sure how. Any thoughts would be great!