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What is county: Definition and 28 Discussions

  1. chefjeanine

    Find Consultants in Berrien County, MI to Increase Sales & Earn $3.50/Hr

    I am searching for Consultants living in or near Berrien County, Michigan who would like to increase their sales and expand their business. Each year, I have a booth at the local youth fair and I’m in need of a few good people to help staff this site. This year the fair runs from August...
  2. kisrae

    Are There Any Local Consultants in Sonoma County Looking to Team Up?

    My team is growing here in Sonoma county and I'm wondering if their are any local consultants on CS (other then my team) who would like to team up for team meetings or for large vendor events. Please email me if you are interested. I'm going to start calling those people who show up on HO...
  3. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Denver Post: Birgfeld-Mesa County War of Words Continues

    The Denver Post reported today that the war of words between Paige's father and the law enforcement community in Mesa County are still trading strong language. Paige Birgfeld's father in war of words with Mesa County over body Frank Birgfeld would like Paige's remains released so the...
  4. ChefShalon

    County and State Fair Booths Coming Up!

    I have booked my county and state fair this year! It is a very exciting oppurtinuty! For the county fair I have myself and my personal recruit doing it. For the state fair I have it opened to the entire team here. The state fair is an 11 day fair and its from 9am-10pm everyday, I had made it...
  5. baychef

    Director Confirmed Cases of Pertussis in Our County

    We have between 300 and 400 confirmed cases of this in our county. Since I am in day 9 of my recent illness, I am learning more things about this. Yesterday, I went to the dr. to get antiboidic and he put me on it immediately as a precautionary measure. Then we had a parent letter go out today...
  6. ChefetteDuJour

    Same Zip, Dif County and Tax Rates? Ppp/Pws

    I'm running into this problem again that hung me up on my last show. I entered the zip code and the correct county on my show set-up for PWS. It listed the tax as 6.0% product / 0% food which is wrong. But it SHOULD be 6 product / 2 food. There is *another* county in that same zip that has 7%...
  7. chefjeanine

    Seeking Consultants From Berrien County Michigan (Or Nearby)

    This is our umpteenth year for having a booth at the Berrien County Youth Fair, but we may have to cancel the booth because we don't have enough cluster mates (locally) to participate. I contacted home office today and they said they could not help (asked if I could get a list of local...
  8. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Director Southern Maryland, Charles County, the Waldorf 20622

    Have a consultant heading to southern maryland, charles county, the waldorf area 20622. She'd like to do a cooking demo while there. Any of you willing to let her borrow a few things? Thanks!
  9. C

    Home-Based Business Opportunity in Gwinnett County, GA

    FOR ANYONE IN GA I have an opportunity to set up a table at the Gwinnett Place Mall-Gwinnett County for Home based business vendor show. The cost is $200, unfortunately, the cost is prohibitive for one and I am still nursing my newborn and cannot be away for the length of the show. please...
  10. dannyzmom

    Meeting Locations in Northern NJ/Rockland County NY Oct 22-26

    Anyone holding cluster meetings in northern NJ or Rockland County NY between Oct 22 and 26?
  11. M

    Seeking Hispanic/Spanish Networking in LA County

    Hi all! I have been with PC for about 2 years and recently informed HO that I am bi-lingual English/Spanish. (Don't know why I never informed them?) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows of a Hispanic/Spanish meeting in the LA County area. I attend my Director's meetings regularly but would...
  12. M

    Discovering Spanish-Speaking Meetings in LA County

    Hi all! I have been with PC for about 2 years and recently informed HO that I am bi-lingual English/Spanish. (Don't know why I never informed them?) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows of a Hispanic/Spanish meeting in the LA County area. I attend my Director's meetings regularly but...
  13. crystalscookingnow

    Preparing for the County Fair: A Busy Time for DH & I

    We've got a busy time coming up because of our county fair next week. DH & I are on the fair board which means we get really involved with most of the behind the scenes stuff. Tonight we have to go out & help mow the fair grounds (DH does this) & then feed the guys that are there to work...
  14. P

    Need Help Finding a Hospitality Group in San Diego County?

    I Have Yet To Find Hospitality Group Around My Area. Can Anyone Help Me Out? Thanks. :)
  15. C

    Anyone Here in Kern County, Ca?

    Asking for a friend-- Needs a reliable--sober and mature-- female helper for her horses and general caretaking. Job site is in Tehachapi, must live on 20 acre site 3-4 days a week. Will exchange rent for work, it is a good situation for a retired, able bodied horse lover. PM me for...
  16. L

    Consultant's Unfair Craigslist Ad in Suffolk County: What to Do?

    Hi Everyone, Just had to vent about this since it made me sooooo angry yesterday. I had a Hostess who does alot of catering and she does most of her advertising on Craigslist. She asked me why I didn't advertise there, and I explained it is company policy not to ( I think that is crazy but...
  17. The_Kitchen_Guy

    It's Bridge Day in Fayette County, Wv

    The 29th Annual day for nutty people to do something the rest of us think is a little bizarre. On US 19 in Fayette County, the New River Gorge Bridge crosses the New River at a height of 876 feet. The span itself is 1700 feet and is the second longest single-span, steel bridge in the world...
  18. T

    Our Son: #1 Tackler on Kaufman County Dream Team!

    Our son just came home from football practice & told us he had been selected as a part of the Kaufman County Dream Team He was selected as the #1 tackler for the county. :love: Just had to share with my CS family.
  19. C

    Southern California Vta County

    Is anybody from Southern California? Ventura coun ty area? I goofed and ordered all Spanish Catty's by mistake. I have a show on Tuesday and am out. My corrected order is being shipped Friday. Help anyone out there.
  20. S

    Need Help With Bridal Expo in Los Angeles County, California

    Hey all—I am signed up to do a bridal show on Sunday, August 13, and am looking to recruit some help. Here’s the details: WHEN: Sunday, August 13, 11am-4pm WHERE: Queen Mary in Long Beach WHAT: Bridal Showplace, Bridal Fair WHO: Approximately 500 brides and their friends/family HOW...
  21. D

    Looking for Hospitality in Henry County, Georgia...

    Hi I am looking for someone who would be interested in doing hospitality in the Henry County area of Georgia. I have a consultant on my team that is moving next month. Please email me if there is anyone out there that can help. My email is [email protected]. Thanks!!! Debbie...
  22. A

    I Am Doing a Booth at Two County Fairs These Next Few Weekends and

    I am doing a booth at two county fairs these next few weekends and just have some questions for you all. How may catalogs do you lay out? For the drawing slips do you make your own or do you just use the PC ones? This is my first booth and I am kind of nervous, I don't want to mess anything...
  23. J

    Veggie Pizza Recipe Demo: Easy Entertaining at the County Fair

    Could someone with a cookbook handy post the vegetable pizza recipe? I am doing an easy entertaining & fun demo at the county fair. I thought the veggie pizza would be a good one to showcase prep speed and I could also do some garnishing work....
  24. A

    Need Ideas for a County Fair Booth? Here's Your Chance!

    I need some ideas from you guys and gals. I am doing a booth at one of the county fairs with my director. I have never done a booth so I need ideas. I am sure my director has ideas she could give me but I would like some ideas from you cheffers and maybe I could give her some tips. I am sooo...
  25. A

    I'm Setting up for Our County Fair in a Couple of Weeks. Any

    I'm setting up for our county fair in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions on getting recruits, to bring the people into the booth and to get bookings? Anything will help right now. The economy in this area is rather low at this point with businesses going out, people do not want to spend a lot of...
  26. A

    Setting Up My First Booth at the County Fair

    I am going to be doing my first booth at our county fair at the end of July and I am wondering how you set up for a booth? What all goes into it and how do you set it up. I have an idea but not quite sure on how to set up everything. Pls share in the ideas in what you have all done and thanks...
  27. M

    My First County Fair: Tips, Tricks, and Excitement from a New PC Consultant!

    I just got a call from a wonderful lady who has been doing PC for 13 years...she is a director (adv. director?) in my area and has been kind enough to let me join in on things with her cluster, so this is my first thing with them. I'm SOOOO excited! I do my first shift (all by myself!) on...
  28. M

    Staying Safe at the County Fair: Tips for Meeting Potential Consultants

    Well did 4 hours at the county fair got 5 'maybe' for shows 2 yes and one who is interested in becoming a consultant.. And its a man!! How do I approach this? Men do well, thats not the issue.. But for my safety should we meet in a public place? Our next meeting here is in a few weeks should I...