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What is selection: Definition and 18 Discussions

  1. C

    forSale Woven Selection Tray

    I have this woven selection tray for the simple addition long rectangle serving tray. I'm asking $25 plus shipping. I do take PayPal.
  2. C

    forSale Large Square Simple Addition Woven Selection

    I am asking $20 plus shipping for this.
  3. C

    forSale Large Round Stone Woven Selection

    I am asking $20 for this plus shipping.
  4. PampMomof3

    Can You Snag a National Conference 2005 Woven Selection for Only $10?

    that was a National Conference 2005 only gift is on the outlet for $10! Scoop yours before they're gone!! :D That is of course if you want one! :p Thanks to Ginger on CS!
  5. candiejayne

    My First SAT: Questions on Qualifying & Selection

    This is my first SAT. I just had a couple questions as to what I actually get. I know we don't know what the products are yet, but here we go: I submitted 5 shows, does that mean I qualify twice for the host and submit 2 shows for 2 spring products? Also, I had about $1600 in sales, do we...
  6. S

    July Recipe Roundup: Delicious Dishes for Every Meal!

    What recipe choices are you offering for the month of July?
  7. V

    Free Business Cards (Not Vistaprint) Good Selection!

    Free Business Cards - GigglePrint.com Just thought I'd share!:thumbup:
  8. lockhartkitchen

    Fitting My Handled Stone in a Woven Selection & Rack

    My handled stone comes this week. I want to know two things. Does the new stone fit well inside the woven selections round? and How well does the stone fit inside the stone rack if someone wanted to use this?
  9. spoiledchef

    Help With Wording for Menu Selection Please

    ***I really didn't know where to put this, but here it is*** Okay, so I'm working on my menu selection for my March (and possibly April) shows. I'm going to use the trifle bowl to prepare/serve layered salads OR trifles. But -- I'm needing some help with the wording. I always put something...
  10. ChefNic

    Recipe Selection - Frustration!

    Am I the only one that LABORS over what to make at shows!?? I've been making the same recipe the entire month..it makes it easier on me...and my host never really seem to mind. But I want one recipe to be done when guest arrive...preferably the Appetizer...so they can begin eating. And then...
  11. J

    L@@King for Hostess Recipe Selection Guide

    I am looking for a recipe selection guide for hostesses. It can be older if it is in word or another format that can be modified. Thanks for any suggestions and posts. LaDonna in GA
  12. nikked

    What are some successful make-ahead recipes for shows?

    I am heading into my last trimester (due March 14), and am planning on trying the "no-/pre- cook" format I have been hearing so much about. I am looking for menu suggestions, of course incorporating cookware and/or stoneware! I also will be preparing a microwave cake in either the Stoneware...
  13. R

    Newbie's Guide to Writing a Host Letter & Recipe Selection

    Hey. I was just wondering what do you write in your letter or whatever to your host and how many recipes do you include with it. If someone could please give me a little insight ima newbie. or if you have something i could download to get an idea.
  14. chefkeri

    Looking 4 Recipe Selection Letter Pls..

    Hi, I've been a PC consultant for 6 months now and am moving along well. I have taken note of my strenghths & weaknesses. Host coaching needs improvement. I am looking for a nice letter type which explains the recipes that I would like to offer my Host as a cooking show choice...
  15. PampMomof3

    Iso Recipe Selection for February Hosts

    Hey everyone! :) I know a lot of you actually put a list together of different recipes to give to your hosts so they have recipes to choose from. I've been thinking about doing that as well b/c it seems that I am always doing the same recipes. I was wondering if someone already has their...
  16. PampMomof3

    Woven Selection Baskets: Shipping Updates and Availability

    Hey everyone! I am really wanting my woven baskets that I earned last month and wondered if anyone has got their's already? :confused: I keep looking on Product Adjustment under CC but they still haven't sent them out. Have any of you heard on when they are going to ship them? I earned the...
  17. R

    Selecting Recipes for Kitchen Shows: Tips for Success and Increasing Sales

    I just want to make a suggestion about what recipes to offer to make at kitchen shows...I always try to choose recipes from the current Celebrations shows because I believe that the test kitchens really put a lot of work into creating recipes that are easy to make and show lots of tools. But if...
  18. P

    Need Recipe Inspiration for Your Next Party?

    Hi, I'm new to PC, in fact April is my First SS month. I was wondering what other consultants offer recipe/theme wise to their hosts? There are so many recipes and of course several I havent tried yet. I discussed this with my director and she said to make a list every month with categories...