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What is rectangular: Definition and 69 Discussions

  1. K

    Medium & Small Cranberry Rectangular Bakers $40 for Both

    Selling almost new (used twice) cranberry bakers. Small is 9" x 6" and Medium is 11" x 7". $40 for both, firm, plus $10 shipping. Will be shipped in original box for Med Rect. Baker from Valencia, California. Thanks!
  2. Admin Greg

    Discover the Versatility of a Small Rectangular Baker | Tips, Reviews, and More!

    Please discuss the Small Rectangular Baker. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  3. Kristin Radunz

    Iso: Cover for Chillzanne Rectangular Platter

    I have a customer looking for a cover for the Chillzanne Rectangular Platter (#2781). Hopefully someone has one!
  4. C

    Chillzane Rectangular Veggie Tray: Guarantee/Warranty Q&A

    I have a customer who says her Chillzane rectangular veggie tray(obviously bought years ago) doesn't stay cold and is curious about returning it. I assume it's just old, but she asked - Anyone know what the guarantee/waranty was?
  5. P

    Complete Your Collection with the Iso Rectangular Stand | White Tray Included

    One of my downline is looking at completing her collection and still needs the rectangular stand with white rectagular tray.
  6. M

    Looking for Rectangular & Sectional Chillzanne Servers & Pretty in Pleats

    I'm searching for the Rectangular and Sectional Chillzanne Servers ...prefer NEW in BOX ... but gently used is ok... ((I have been attempting to win on Ebay lol, without luck)) ...am also searching for Pretty in Pleats & Hide-a-Way Carry All from the Paisley Going Places Collection ((YES, I...
  7. ChefPeg

    Need a Replacement Lid for Your Stoneware Rectangular Baker?

    A customer needs a replacement lid for her stoneware rectangular baker. If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell, let me know. Thanks! Peggy
  8. Kristin Radunz

    Simple Additions Rectangular Platter for 1954 Stand

    Hi. My friend is looking for the platter that goes with the stand (#1954). We think the platter is #2022, but we are not sure. Does anyone have one they would like to get rid of? Thanks!
  9. C

    Fs: Rectangular Baker Cover - Retired!

    This is the flexible lid that covers the 13"x9" Rectangular Baker that is no longer available in our catalog. It was only used a couple times, so it's almost brand new. Asking $10 including US shipping. Prefer PayPal or RME, but can also accept checks/money orders. Thanks! :D Candice
  10. clshirk

    Lid to Fam Her Rectangular Deep Baker

    Anyone have lid to rectangular bakerThere used to be a lid to the rectangular baker (unglazed). I have it. Now a customer bought the bottom for $15 at the flea Market and wants the lid. Anyone have one they want to sell? At worst I'll sell her mine. I never use it now that I have the DCB.
  11. F

    Rectangular Platter Marks: How to Remove Grey Lines on White Platters?

    I just bought the Tiles Rectangular platter off of the outlet and the first time I used it (dumped a pineapple upside down cake from the DCB) there's little grey lines/marks that wont come off. They look similar to what happens in my sink when something rubs against the finish so I tried using...
  12. byrd1956

    Can I use a Rectangular Lid/Bowl over a Deep Covered Baker for this recipe?

    I found a recipe that says to use the Rectangular Lid/Bowl over the Rectangular Baker. Was there actually a Lid/Bowl avaliable or do I just use the bottom of the Deep Covered Baker?
  13. C

    Wanted: Rectangular Baker Weaved Basket

    I have a good client who is looking for the weaved basked that goes with the rectangular baker. If anyone has one or knows where I can get one can you please let me know. Thank you!
  14. T

    Old Product: Rectangular Bowl/Lid?

    I have a host with the following question: OUTLET question... I am looking at the rectangular baker (french vanilla #1310 in outlet). I had one before, but it broke. I replaced it with the white one that is in the current catalog. I have several accessory items that don't fit the new one... I...
  15. K

    Is the Woven Rectangular Server (Item #2147) Still Available for Purchase?

    Hi all - I am looking for a recently retired item, at least i think it's retired. My bride is looking for a woven rectangular server (item #2147). Does anyone have one that is new in the box? Thanks for the help.
  16. A

    Rectangular Baker Depth: How to Measure and Find Out

    Can anyone let me know what the depth of the rectangular baker is? Someone has asked me and I am no where close to one to measure myself! TIA!! :)
  17. pc_jessica

    Cake in Stoneware Rectangular Baker

    okay so i am making a cake tonight for a show...and to show off the stoneware since it is september's special i wanted to use my rectangular baker....does the cooking time change since it is stone????? HELP!!! TIA
  18. C

    Iso Chillzanne Rectangular Server

    I have a customer that is looking for one. She is willing to pay $25. Anyone have a new one thay want to part with?
  19. L

    Rectangular Baker or Deep Covered Baker

    My hostess from last night is trying to decide between the two. We have talked about the DCB have a lid and it is prettier. Can the rectangular baker go in the microwave? Which is more versatile? The DCB is twice as much. What do I tell her? HELP!!!:confused:
  20. meganmcg

    What is the Chillzanne Rectangular Server Used For?

    Hi all! What can you tell me about the Chillzanne Rectangular Server? I have never seen one and could not find product info on the company website (hopefully I'm not just blind!). The photo shows the server with deviled eggs. Is this an insert that you can remove so that the server can be...
  21. babywings76

    Seafood Lasagna, Lid/Bowl for Rectangular Baker

    I was going through some files and was updating some products that are listed in some recipes I have for handouts. I came across this recipe. I haven't made it before, so I'm not sure what a good substitute should be (foil?) instead of the lid/bowl to the rectangular baker. Any ideas?
  22. J

    Iso: Chillzane Rectangular Server

    I have a customer that would like to get one of these. If anyone has one they would like to sell, please let me know. thanks!! Angela
  23. Jessamary

    Iso Chilzanne Rectangular ... New in Box

    I have a friend looking for one...the one with the deviled egg tray. Does anyone happen to have one in a box somewhere? Thanks!
  24. pcchefjane

    Rectangular Baker Recipes Revised

    I went in to get this for one of my new customers as a "thank you for the purchase" and was reading it and discovered a lot of discontinued/renamed products so I have cleaned it up. Figured after all that work, I would share with ya'll!
  25. A

    Delicious Rectangular Baker Recipes for Every Occasion

    Hi All, I was doing a few Customer Care Calls last week and spoke to a lady who purchased a Rectangular Baker from me in January. She confessed she hasn't used it because she wasn't sure what to make. She's afraid it will get ugly from a lasagna. I explained that the more seasoned it...
  26. A

    Replacement Instructions for Rectangular Baker: Help for AJ

    Hi Ladies, I have a customer who purchased the rectangular baker back in January at one of my shows. She misplaced the "use & care" instructions and I was wondering where I could find that if it's posted anywhere....or should I just call HO? Thanks! AJ
  27. pampchef.angel

    Urgent How Deep Is the Rectangular Baker #1430

    have a customer waiting for an email response and I can't find the info anywhere! I know it's 9x13 but I don't have the product so I can't measure the depth!!
  28. pampchef.angel

    Urgent How Deep Is the Rectangular Baker #1430

    I have a customer waiting for an email response and I can't find the info anywhere! I know it's 9x13 but I don't have the product so I can't measure the depth!!
  29. J

    Can you supply a Rectangular Baker Lid? Price and shipping information needed.

    I have two different customers looking for the Rectangluar Baker Lid. Please send me a message with price if you can help me out.
  30. P

    Rectangular Baker - Cranberry ?

    Can November hosts get the Rectangular Baker - Cranberry, at 60% off? I can't seem to find the product code when entering in PP3.. And I don't seem to find it on the host flyer. I must be missing something, but not sure what? Her show is at $359, which I thought entitled her to one piece at...