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What is chillzanne: Definition and 110 Discussions

  1. P

    Looking for info on the Chillzanne Sectional Server?

    Does anyone have product information on this product? CC only posts current items in the catalog.
  2. Kristin Radunz

    Iso: Cover for Chillzanne Rectangular Platter

    I have a customer looking for a cover for the Chillzanne Rectangular Platter (#2781). Hopefully someone has one!
  3. B

    Fs: Chillzanne Sectional Server

    Chillzanne Sectional Server for sale. Was $49.50 will sell for $25 plus shipping. New in box. This item is 3 main pieces: a covered bowl that you freeze and can be in the middle and two curved pieces with chill inserts that you freeze (those pieces also have covers). The curved pieces can be...
  4. C

    Looking for a Large Chillzanne Bowl?

    Anyone have a new in box Large Chillzanne Bowl? My aunt/customer would love one of these since hers just broke :( Please let me know in an e-mail to [email protected] if you have one and how much total with shipping it would be to zip code 48152. Thanks! :D
  5. M

    Looking for Rectangular & Sectional Chillzanne Servers & Pretty in Pleats

    I'm searching for the Rectangular and Sectional Chillzanne Servers ...prefer NEW in BOX ... but gently used is ok... ((I have been attempting to win on Ebay lol, without luck)) ...am also searching for Pretty in Pleats & Hide-a-Way Carry All from the Paisley Going Places Collection ((YES, I...
  6. cookingwithlove

    Find Chillzanne Replacement Parts and Lids | Discontinued Sectional Server

    I know the Chillzanne is discontinued and that we can no longer get replacement parts. However, does anybody know where we can get a replacement parts? Or does anybody have a lid to the sectional server?
  7. S

    Fs: Chillzanne Round Sectional Server & Rectangle Server

    FOR SALE: #1 2791 Chillzanne Round Sectional Server ---- $30 (two crescent shaped sections with a gel-filled bowl in the middle) New Retail was $49.50, but I would part with it for $30.00 ++ shipping #2 Chillzanne Rectangle Server --- $20 (rectangle shape with removable divider + 2...
  8. kcmckay

    Can I Get a Replacement Tray for My Chillzanne Collection?

    I got an email from a HO lead about a replacement part for the tray. I don't know much about the chillzanne because they were discontinued in my first year and I never purchased one. I was looking at replacement part order form and I see there is still some for the chillzanne collections but I'm...
  9. C

    Fs: Pampered Chef Chillzanne Cooler

    This exclusive 5-quart cooler can be used for serving chilled bottled beverages, round 1/2 gallon frozen ice cream containers, as an ice bucket or in combination. Cooler includes ice tongs and two freezable inserts. Insert adjusts to accommodate various-sized items. Instructions included...
  10. C

    Fs Chillzanne Sectional Server Nib

    Just found this in my supply items. I have a Chillzanne Sectional Server NIB (two crescent shaped sections with a gel-filled bowl in the middle) that I would love to part with. New Retail was $49.50, but I would part with it for $25.00 plus s/h to get it to you. If interested, please personal...
  11. wadesgirl

    Original Rectangle Chillzanne Server

    I have someone interested in the old Chillzanne server. I bought a couple off the outlet when they were on there. Does anyone remember how much they went for on the outlet?
  12. T

    Anyone Selling a Chillzanne at a Good Price?

    Does anyone have a Chillzanne they want to get rid of for a reasonable price? The rectangular one preferrably.
  13. L

    Can I Find a Replacement Bowl for the Chillzanne Mini Bowl?

    I have a customer who melted her sister's Chillzanne bowl in the microwave and wants a replacement part. On consultants corner, you can only buy the lid as a replacement part... Does anyone have the small bowl that goes in the middle of the Sectional Server that I could get for her? And how much...
  14. wadesgirl

    Find the Perfect Round Chillzanne Cover for Your Old Platter

    I know in the past someone has posted a website with a cover that will fit our old round chillzanne platter. I have a guest who's broke!
  15. ndbigler

    Find Chillzanne Items at Outlet: Need Help Placing Order?

    I have a customer who was wanting the sectional and rectangular Chillzanne items. I know they're in the outlet right now. However, I canceled my website, due to me not working the business enough and not being able to justify keeping my website running. Is there anyway for her to order these on...
  16. B

    Looking for a Chillzanne Round Platter Lid?

    Hi everyone, I have a customer that needs the above replacement part. Anyone have one they are willing to sell? Let me know. Thank you. Brenda
  17. baychef

    Iso Chillzanne Rectangle Server Lid or Complete Set

    I have a customer that is in search of just the lid or the replacement of the Chillzanne Rectangle server (the kind with the egg carrier). It is a shot in the dark!! Thank you, Ann Easter Independent Sales Director for The Pampered Chef [email protected] Welcome To My Personal Web Site
  18. C

    Fs: Chillzanne Sectional Server

    This is the more recent circular one that wraps around a patio umbrella or turns into an S shape. It's brand new out of the original packaging and was just out for displays. Retailed for $49.50...asking only $30 plus shipping (should fit in a large flat-rate box) I prefer non-cc/dc...
  19. B

    How much is the Chillzanne Sectional Server and where can I buy it?

    I am looking to purchase the Chillzanne Sectional Server please! Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part with:chef::chef: Thank you so much!
  20. C

    Iso Chillzanne Rectangular Server

    I have a customer that is looking for one. She is willing to pay $25. Anyone have a new one thay want to part with?
  21. A

    Need a Replacement for The Pampered Chef's Iso Chillzanne Bowl?

    Hi all..make a long story short, someone ruined the bowl which didn't belong to them, and they need it replaced w/out them knowing!! Anyone have the big one..I think that's the one that has the 3 cup volume! If so...let me know ASAP!!!! Cheers, Angela
  22. pampered1224

    Discover the Versatile Iso Chillzanne Bowl Collection - Shop Now!

    I am not sure I got it right but thought the Outlet stuff from Conference would be on the outlet soon but not sure and I also did not know about a customer who wants until after I got back from Conference. So if anyone has one... NIB if possible. Thank you.
  23. quiverfull7

    Do you have a Rectangular Chillzane for sale?

    Anyone have a Rectangular Chillzane for sale?
  24. chef greta

    Is the Chillzanne Sectional Server's lid unavailable for purchase?

    Is it me, or is the lids to this chillzanne product not available to purchase on the replacement parts order form? Has anyone had a customer looking to get a replacement lid for this product?
  25. Cooking_Mama

    Iso: Lid for Old Chillzanne Server #2787

    I have a friend who is looking just for the lid. It is the older circular style chillzanne. Thanks so much!
  26. Karen

    Iso: Nib Chillzanne Rectangle Server or Sectional Server

    Hi Cheffers, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I had a show scheduled for today and my car decided to not want to start and is now sitting in the garage:grumpy:. The show is almost 1 hour away so the host is going to have everyone over for drinks and snacks and I'm going to call and...
  27. muffetts

    Winning Door Prize: Retired Chillzanne Sectional Server + Rubs & Dip Ideas

    I'm putting together a door prize including the retired Chillzanne Sectional Server. I would like to include a couple of the rubs (since it's the special this month) and wonder if any of you have any quick dip recipes that would work in the server and use the rubs. I'll include the Moroccan...
  28. meganmcg

    What is the Chillzanne Rectangular Server Used For?

    Hi all! What can you tell me about the Chillzanne Rectangular Server? I have never seen one and could not find product info on the company website (hopefully I'm not just blind!). The photo shows the server with deviled eggs. Is this an insert that you can remove so that the server can be...
  29. pampered1224

    Ponder This - Chillzanne Maybe?

    With gas prices soring to $4.35 a gallon in 2008, and Chillzanne being well, 99% oil base plastics and also in liquid forms, will we get it back with a drop in oil prices? Even though they expect gas prices to hit $3.50 a gallon by September! I can not tell you how many people wanted the...
  30. B

    Shop the Retired Pampered Chef Chillzanne Cooler | Only $20!

    I have a Chillzanne Cooler to sell... This is a retired product... Pampered Chef Chillzanne Cooler This exclusive 5-quart cooler can be used for serving chilled bottled beverages, round 1/2- gallon frozen ice cream containers, or as an ice bucket. Cooler includes ice tongs and two...