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What is rectangle: Definition and 81 Discussions

  1. kam

    Question About the Rectangle Silicone Covers

    Has anyone placed these in the dishwasher? And they've been OK?The use and care says "to maintain appearance hand wash only". I am surprised since silicone should be safe for the dishwasher, I thought. Even the new stretch fit bowl covers are OK for the dishwasher. Since it says "maintain...
  2. Admin Greg

    Is the Medium Rectangle Baker Worth the Investment?

    Please discuss the Medium Rectangle Baker. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  3. byrd1956

    Cool and Serve Rectangle Server (Past Product)

    Does anyone have a replacement lid to the wonderful past product the Cool and Serve Rectangle Server? I have a customer whose lid is cracked and she would like to replace it. I appreciate hearing from anyone with advice.
  4. Kandi2candy

    Where can I find cranberry collapsible crates?

    Hi! I am looking to buy a rectangle tote like the one in the picture below and was wondering if anybody had one they would be willing to sell? Also, I am looking to buy the cranberry collapsible crates and was wondering if anybody knew what store sells them? TIA!
  5. C

    forSale Rectangle (9X13) Woven Selectiom

    I am asking $20 plus shipping for this.
  6. C

    Fs: Retired Sa White Rectangle Platter

    A previous sale fell through so it is for sale again. Asking $18 + shipping.
  7. M

    Iso - White Rectangle Platter (No Handles)

    I have a guest looking for a the newly discontinued white rectangle platter. She has the stand, but her platter broke. Anyone have one they'd like to part with?
  8. C

    Woven Baskets: Rectangle & Round Styles

    Woven Selections Rectangle Basket & the Large Round Woven Basket
  9. S

    Fs: Chillzanne Round Sectional Server & Rectangle Server

    FOR SALE: #1 2791 Chillzanne Round Sectional Server ---- $30 (two crescent shaped sections with a gel-filled bowl in the middle) New Retail was $49.50, but I would part with it for $30.00 ++ shipping #2 Chillzanne Rectangle Server --- $20 (rectangle shape with removable divider + 2...
  10. C

    Need Woven Basket for Rectangle Baker

    I have a great customer who would really love a woven basket for a rectangle baker - if you have one - let me know cost and shipping - thanks Candy
  11. doughmama

    New Woven Rectangle Server Needed

    does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell?
  12. wadesgirl

    Original Rectangle Chillzanne Server

    I have someone interested in the old Chillzanne server. I bought a couple off the outlet when they were on there. Does anyone remember how much they went for on the outlet?
  13. scottcooks

    Looking for an Unglazed Rectangle Baker? Check out Catalog #1430 on Page 29!

    A new customer called. His daughter babysat and placed that household's stone on a burner...PING! Anyone have a new unglazed rectangle baking pan 9x13?
  14. M

    Rectangle Stone Broke, Two in a Day

    I had a host today say that she had a rectangle stone break at home that morning while she was making the Artisan bread for her pampered chef party. Her mother told her she could use one of her rectangular stones (the stone was 10 years old and very seasoned). She put the stone with the...
  15. scottcooks

    Iso Woven Selections Rectangle Basket for Rectangle Baker

    New preferred. For a fantastic customer (and my boss!)
  16. baychef

    Iso Chillzanne Rectangle Server Lid or Complete Set

    I have a customer that is in search of just the lid or the replacement of the Chillzanne Rectangle server (the kind with the egg carrier). It is a shot in the dark!! Thank you, Ann Easter Independent Sales Director for The Pampered Chef [email protected] Welcome To My Personal Web Site
  17. Karen

    Iso: Nib Chillzanne Rectangle Server or Sectional Server

    Hi Cheffers, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I had a show scheduled for today and my car decided to not want to start and is now sitting in the garage:grumpy:. The show is almost 1 hour away so the host is going to have everyone over for drinks and snacks and I'm going to call and...
  18. kam

    Looking for Rectangle Baker Lid for Product #1431 from 2005-2006?

    There was a plastic lid available 2005-2006 for the Rectangle Baker (Product #1431). I have a customer interested in one. Does anyone have one for sale? Shipping would be to 17402. Thanks! :)
  19. pampered1224

    Iso: Chillzanne Rectangle Server

    Need one NIB please. Thank you!
  20. KellyTheChef

    Fs: Chillzanne Rectangle Servers!

    I have two BNIB rectangle servers that I am willing to part with. Each are $35, which INCLUDES shipping (which is about $10 because of their weight)
  21. sklay723

    Iso Chillzanne Rectangle Server

    Hello all, I have a customer who is looking for a Chillzanne Rectangle Server. I know it was discontinued, but I thought maybe one of the nice Cheffers here might have one they're willing to sell (preferably NIB)? Even if it's a long shot, it's worth a try. :) Please send me a PM if you can...
  22. cooking.with.ann

    Iso: French Vanilla Rectangle Baker

    I have a customer looking for this--does anyone have a new one that they want to sell? Please PM me with a price including shipping to 70821. Thank you. Ann
  23. K

    How Much to Charge for Tiles Rectangle Serving Platter?

    Okay, I haven't even been selling for a year, so I don't think this platter was even available when I started. Does anyone remember how much the Tiles Rectangle platter (large one with handles) sold for brand new? I have a customer who has one NIB that she wants to sell but doesn't know what...
  24. J

    Chilzanne Rectangle Server to Buy?

    Any chance anyone has a new Chilzanne Rectangle server to sell?
  25. R

    Sa Rectangle Platter Heated With Candles?

    Serveral years ago I remember seeing in the catalog that you could set up some of the SA products with tealight candles under the stands to keep the dishes warm for whatever you were serving. Has anyone ever tried this? I'd like to make the Holiday Wrappings recipe for my New Years Eve party...
  26. elizabethfox

    Chillzanne Rectangle Server Handle?

    Ok so I bough one of these off of the outlet. I just tried to put it on my server ( the rectangle one with the deviled eggs side and the flat side) and I can't for the life of me figure out how it goes on there. I lost the use and care for it. Anyone able to guide me as to how to get it on...
  27. C

    Iso: 2 Chillzanne Rectangle Servers

    If anyone still has any left I have a customer who just asked me to order two of them. She was very disappointed to find out they had been discontinued so I told her I would see what I could do. Thanks for your help.
  28. jrstephens

    Sa Rectangle Platter Arrived in Pieces, Ho Great Help!

    I called HO and they are shipping one out today in order for it to be here by Christmas. They were VERY helpful and great about it!
  29. pckrissy

    Do You Have the Perfect Iso Rectangle Chillzane for a Bridal Shower Gift?

    please let me know if you have one...new, customer is looking for one for a bridal shower gift. TIA
  30. scottcooks

    Small Wire Rack for Rectangle Stone: Help Needed!

    I need a small wire rack that holds the rectangle stone. I have a customer that needs one for a stone--and I didn't realize there were more than 1 size. Anyone have the smaller version?