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What is folders: Definition and 30 Discussions

  1. pcsharon1

    Organizing Receipts for Customer Show Folders: My Strategy

    So, another post I was reading talked about giving customers file folders to keep their receipts in. I loved this idea - and I'm sorry, I don't remember which post was talking about it - and decided I'm going to give it a try. I plan to use file folders as my show folders for each guest...
  2. C

    Merrill Lap Boards Vs Folders Vs Nothing

    I like using folders for my guests at shows, I wonder if Merrills lap boards would be more economical in the long run? When you buy 12 they are $2.67 each, plus tax and shipping. If I can find folders at back to school sales I think I can get them for around $0.25 each. But they are thin and...
  3. C

    For Sale: Host Packet and Catalog Show Folders

  4. C

    Back to School Office Supplies: 2 Cent Folders at Office Depot

    Take advantage of the back to school sales everywhere for your office supplies. I bought folders at Office Depot for host packets for 2 cents each last year.
  5. A

    Is Anyone Doing Folders for Your Consultants??I Have One From Last

    Is anyone doing folders for your consultants?? I have one from last year I was going to update.....what are you all doing?
  6. DebbieJ

    Free for Shipping: Old Theme Show Folders

    I have the old trifold folders from the Cucina Italiana, The Scoop on Ice Cream Creations, Dim Sum & Then Some, and Dine Out at Home themes (for a total of 4 folders) I know some folks here like to use them, so I thought I'd offer them up. Free for shipping to the first person who EMAILS...
  7. ChefPaulaB

    What Do You Put in Your Host Folders?

    What do you all put in your host folders? I'm not real happy with what I've been doing and wondering what is working for everyone else. Thanks for sharing!
  8. G

    Should I Simplify My Guest Folders for Recruit Success?

    So...I have been doing Guest Folders with page protectors in the middle holding specials, recruit info, etc. I am wondering if I should simplify and simply give a manilla folder with a catalog, order form & YLYW in it. Or maybe I am just overthinking?? LOL I really need recruits. I have 5...
  9. pampermejolene

    forThose of You Who Use the Folders With Pockets...

    This week they are on sale at Office Depot for 1cent, limit 20! YAY! I'm stocking up. Hopefully I'll have some better fall months than what I've been having!
  10. Cindycooks

    Staples Has Pocket Folders for 1 Cent

    It is 10 per customer so picked up 10 and had my daughter pick up 10. I'm going back later for more. They have them with or without brads, so be sure to check. I use the ones without brads for host packets! YAY!
  11. chef131doreen

    "1¢ Sale at Staples: Get 2 Pocket Folders & 2 Pencil Packs Now!

    SAVE SOME FOR ME staples is starting to have th 1 cents sale !! 2 pocket folders ( iI use these for host folders ) 10 only at a time pencils 2 packs at a time That'a all I need for now more school sales to come keep your eyes open I love STAPLES
  12. P

    Are There No Tri-Fold Folders Anymore???

    Are there no tri-fold folders anymore???
  13. P

    Premium Tri-Fold Folders in Canada - Shop Now for Quality & Durability

    I don't care how old they are, as long as they're in good shape. I'm in Canada - for shipping purposes. TIA!
  14. J

    Using Folders at Shows: Labels and Info?

    For those that use guest folders at their shows, do you put any labels or info on them? I have made and used the lap boards and they worked really well, but they are soooo heavy to carry - esp. now with snow & ice on the ground. I want to try the folder thing and allow the guests to take...
  15. DebPC

    Director What's Inside These Folders for Customers?

    I am putting this in all my show attendees folders for the next 3 weeks.
  16. C

    Self-Inking Stamps Are $5 off at Office Max! Also, 5 Cent Folders!

    Just stopped at OM to have my ink refilled, and saw these fabulous deals! Had to share, just in case anyone is looking. The folders are the cheap-o colorful ones, limit 15. I will be going back tomorrow to get some more! Enjoy!
  17. beepampered

    Catalog Folders and Sheet Protectors for Trade Show Guests

    I have read somewhere but can't find this....Someone puts pages of the catalog into sheet protectors and then takes puts it in a folder. This, with various flyers is what guests at the show are given. If you've done/seen this could you give me details... What type folder/binder? What type...
  18. P

    I Found Some Great Guest Folders

    I found these great folders that I’m planning to start using for my guest folders. My son’s teacher uses these as her parent communication folders and they are good quality. They have a clear sleeve on the front and on the back where you can insert a flyer, monthly host special, or...
  19. PCwithStay-C

    Host/Guest Folders: Honest Opinions and Critiques

    I know this has been discussed a million times but I wanted to get some opinions on these folders Ive been putting together. I took some pics and I want some honest opinions. Im not sure Im too enthused by the way the 'for the host/guest' turned out on the front. Im thinking of maybe just...
  20. chef131doreen

    One-Cent Staples Sale: Folders, Pencils & More!

    If you have a Staples in your area today they have a 1 cent sale on Folders , pencils, and some other office supplies. This only the begining last year I set myself up for a full year of folders ect it was great Sale is till 7/11/07
  21. DanielleQ

    Need Celebrations Theme Folders? I've Got You Covered!

    or any other infor on Celebrations theme shows...anyone??
  22. naekelsey

    Flyers for Party Guests Folders

    I am getting folders ready for a party on Friday, trying something new. I would like to have one of our catalogs, a pen, a blank piece of paper (for notes) and then some flyers but I am not sure what flyers I should put in them. Any suggestions, with the actual flyer Please! LOL! Thanks...
  23. P

    Cookware Info Sheet for Folders

    Does anyone have a cookware information sheet for the guest folders? I have one for stoneware that I love to include because it has great information on it for those who are new to stones or just have general questions. It's also a great guide for myself to go off when selling stoneware...
  24. K

    What to Put in Show Folders for Guests

    Ok, ladies...my FIRST cooking show is approaching fast and I am getting nervous!!! I want to make this FUN for all.... How should I make up my folders for all the guests? I know to include a catalog, pen and sales order form...I will have a seperate folder to show off all the monthly specials...
  25. P

    Pampered Chef Folders: 15 Hard Flip Clip Folders, Excellent Condition!

    I have 15 Pampered Chef Guest Folders for sale. The folders have clear flexible covers, but are hard enough to write on. All folders have the clear stickers on the front that say "The Pampered Chef" with the chef's hat, stickers measure 3" tall x 5" wide. Folders are the flip clip style (the...
  26. S

    What Do You Guys Put in Your Show Folders?

    I used to have my show folders all made up, but now I want to change them up to make them better. What does everyone put in theirs? Besides a catalog, order form, the month's guest/host special....anything else? anything fun or make them want to host a show? :confused:
  27. B

    Information Folders for Guests @ Shows

    Does anyone use folders at their shows that has the catalog, order form, flyers for recruiting, for hosting a show, GIft registry forms, etc? I thought it would be a good idea, as I like to be able to look at the flyers and I thought it would be easier for me to ask them to pull out that flyer...
  28. C

    Binders Vs. Folders Vs. Clipboards

    Good morning, everyone! I'm heading off to Staples today and was wondering if anyone had preferences for how to organize their guest packets for shows? I was going to use the clipboard idea (catalog, guest special flyer, and order form clipped on and pen attached), but read somewhere yesterday...
  29. K

    Organizing Your Show: Beyond the Catalog & Order Form

    Do you use folders for your show? If so, what do you put in them besides a catalog and order form. Thanks!! Kristy Tate Indepent Kitchen Consultant Seligman, Missouri
  30. S

    Efficient and Cost-Effective Guest Folders and Lapboards for Trade Shows

    I was wondering what everyone uses for lapboards/ guest folders at shows. Since i have been doing PC, i stole this idea from my director, and i give full credit to her for this: I use the view-all binders, but cut off the spine so i have two lapboards, both with a pocket to put everything, and...