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What is celebrations: Definition and 11 Discussions

  1. J

    Fs: Pampered Chef Celebrations Apron & Tablecloth

    I have a matching set of the hunter green Celebrations apron and tablecloth from years ago. Both are gently used, no stains or damage at all. Just some laundering! I also have a matching set of the sky blue Celebrations apron and tablecloth. Again, gently used but no stains or damage...
  2. cwinter474

    Where can I find invitations and gift boxes for Celebrations Gifts To Go?

    I'm looking for some of the show invites from awhile back that have "Celebrations Gifts To Go" on them, they have a white gift box with a green bow, our old gift box, white with gold swirls and the batterbowl dressed as a gift. Also wanting/needing some of the gift boxes (white with gold...
  3. A

    The Search is Over: Fancy Deviled Egg Recipe from Celebrations Cookbook

    The Fancy Deviled Egg Recipe from the retired Celebrations cookbook typed up? I've been trying to find it everywhere! Thanks, Ardi
  4. momoftwins

    Iso Retired Celebrations Cookbook

    Does anyone have a Celebrations Cookbook that they would like to get rid of?? New would be preferred as it is for a customer. Thanks! Shipping would be to 68122.
  5. A

    Director Deciding on Team Celebrations: What Are Your Ideas?

    I'm wondering what you all are planning????? the other director I work w/wants to just go out to eat, do a little recognition & gift exchange. me on the other hand I'm thinking I would like to do the fun stuff too but I'm also feeling like I need to coach them for January & February...
  6. JTNT8704

    Looking for Cotton Demonstration Tablecloth - Especially Blue Celebrations!

    I am looking for a Demonstration Tablecloth. I dont want a Vinyl one- I would prefer the cotton ones. (I would actually super prefer the blue Celebrations tablecloth...). Anyone have an extra they would be willing to sell? Every time I bid on one on Ebay- I lose at the last minute and its...
  7. DanielleQ

    Need Celebrations Theme Folders? I've Got You Covered!

    or any other infor on Celebrations theme shows...anyone??
  8. DanielleQ

    Getting Started with Celebrations Theme Shows

    Was there a tri-fold or something when the Celebrations Theme Shows were introduced? I've not been in business long enough to know. I have some invites and I was hoping to get the skinny on how to do and promote the shows. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! TIA!!
  9. quiverfull7

    Using the Batter Bowl for Gifts: 2003 Celebrations Sheet

    In the files is a 2003 celebrations sheet to print that has tag cards for the batter bowl with the m&m brownies... it says batter bowl... I'm sorry to bother anyone but is this the large bowl? Also ... does anyone have other (newer?) flyers or sheets about using the batter bowl for gifts?
  10. P

    Celebrations! Chocolate Show Question.

    Has anyone done a Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! show? I have done 2 so far and have not been happy with it. The recipe for the mousse is great, but the problem is with the crepes - I can't find them! Has anyone had this problem? The only thing I have been able to find is phyllo dough...
  11. pampered1224

    Revamp Your Kitchen and Wallet with These Celebration Recipes!

    Something fun I found and it was a great way to not waste all the Old Celebrations show recipe cards, Simply place a regular mailing label in one of the coners that will not obscure the picture of the recipe. Use a catchy little phrase like "Does your kitchen or wallet need a face lift? Let me...