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Efficient and Cost-Effective Guest Folders and Lapboards for Trade Shows

Lapboards can be a great way to show your guests that you take your show business seriously, but you don't have to spend a lot of money to do it. You can also use plain manilla folders with an order form and a pen inside.


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I was wondering what everyone uses for lapboards/ guest folders at shows. Since i have been doing PC, i stole this idea from my director, and i give full credit to her for this: I use the view-all binders, but cut off the spine so i have two lapboards, both with a pocket to put everything, and on the other side the see through pocket to put the specials or whatever. Usually you can pick up the binders at a wholesale club (I got a 6-pack of white view-all binders for around $7 at Costco) and i've also seen them in some dollar stores as well. Either way, i think the expense is worth it, it will last a long time.
That's a great idea! I just started and thought about purchasing lap boards but I bought a laptop instead (I know that sounds crazy since I'm only in SS 2). I am not the best in Math and I thought hey, why not? It will get me in and out of everyone's home faster than sitting there doing the math!

Thanks again for the idea!
Both great ideas I recommend!Lap boards or folders were suggested to me by a guest at one of my first shows and I so appreciate it! Guests love them!

I too have a laptop that I carry to shows. I tell them (truthfully) that I paid for it with PC paychecks and besides "I'm calculator illiterate".
I bought a bunch of lapboards last year but find them too dang heavy to haul to every show -- so I just use the catalog with an order form in it - I have the specials in my tri-fold display stand.
I also put an order form and a survey slip inside the catalog and hand that to my guests along with a pen, of course. I do think that the lapboard idea is a great one, but I also feel like I have enough to carry around and don't like to make my job look so hard. I also sometimes put a copy of the guest special inside only one of the catalogs, and then challenge the guest who has it to remind everyone 3 times during my demo what the guest special is...then if anyone purchases the guest special, she gets $1 for each guest special purchased off of her order. It turns into a fun little game, reminds people of the guest special, and can even put a little recruiting bug in the ear of the "guest special" person.
I just take folders with the catalog and receipt in them. I have a binder that I pass around with the specials and some theme shows in it. I want to keep it simple so when potential consultants are watching, they don't feel overwhelmed by how much I lug around.
LapboardsI just started using these. I put in a catalog, order form, stop sell info, and a drawing slip. I have been trying to find a see thru sleeve to put business cards in but no no aval :( . So until I do I paperclip my business card to the front pocket. As it turned out I didnt pay anything for my binders, someone had thrown them away at flea market I go to, they were all new! In the front full side is a great place to put other info like that month's guest special, or recruiting or even booking info!
Business card sleevesOfficeMax has business card sleeves. They are $3.59 for a 10 pack, if you go through PamperedPerks you can get them for $2.85. They are called Self-Adhesive Business Card Holders
Very dooable lapboardA VERY successful director we knew as she was just starting out. She used legal sized manilla folders with catalog, order form, and pen inside. This was before pampered partner--shows were sent in longhand. Not sure what she does now; she is very successful--I see her on stage each summer at conference for top performance cluster.

Not spending much money, you can get a good looking business card holder on any hard surface: Using clear scotch tape, tape the left side and bottom of your business card to the board. Then, just tuck 2 or 3 other cards behind it - your guests can take them out!

I bought the Town & Country lapboard because I like the look of them, but only use them for shows of 15 or more guests--I like the home-y-ness of the manilla folders, and it lets others think - hey, I could do that!

1. What is the purpose of a guest folder/lapboard?

The guest folder/lapboard serves as a convenient and organized way for guests to take notes during a Pampered Chef party. It includes recipe cards, order forms, and a pen for guests to write down their favorite products and place orders.

2. How do I personalize my guest folder/lapboard?

You can personalize your guest folder/lapboard by adding your name or initials to the cover. This can be done using a variety of methods such as stickers, markers, or custom embroidery.

3. Can I use my own recipe cards in the guest folder/lapboard?

Yes, you can use your own recipe cards in the guest folder/lapboard. The folder includes a clear pocket for you to insert your own recipe cards or any other notes you may want to keep handy.

4. Can I purchase extra pens for the guest folder/lapboard?

Yes, you can purchase extra pens for the guest folder/lapboard. They are available for purchase on the Pampered Chef website or through your consultant.

5. Can I use the guest folder/lapboard for other events besides Pampered Chef parties?

Yes, the guest folder/lapboard can be used for any event where you want to provide a convenient way for guests to take notes. It can be used for cooking classes, demonstrations, or any other type of party or event.

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