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Organizing Your Show: Beyond the Catalog & Order Form

In summary, Kristy uses a folder with the 3 hole punched in it to store her show information. She includes a catalog and order form as well as a special flyer inside. Customers can take the folder home with them if they want.
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Do you use folders for your show? If so, what do you put in them besides a catalog and order form.


Kristy Tate
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Seligman, Missouri
I used to do folders with the page protectors attached in the hooks down the middle. That's where I put the special information and a flyer on theme show ideas. For some reason, that got to be a pain. For awhile I did a bunch of kids' shows in a row, so I just did the catalog with an order form stuck in there because that was easiest and moms didn't have time to look through a whole folder.

Now I'm trying something that I got off this site. Instead of buying those lap boards (they had them at conference at Town and Country), I bought a bunch of three ring binders and cut them in half. Basically I cut the spine out with the three rings. That made two lapboards! I got the kind where you can put a flyer in the front, then on the other side with the pocket, I put the catalog and order form. They can use it as a lap board.

The only problem I've run into is that the corners are a little scratchy where I cut them. I tried to round them best I could with the scissors, but they're still a little scratchy. Any suggestions on how I can prevent this?? I've only tried it as one show and they liked it, but I know one mentioned those corners got her.
I use the folders and have thought about doing something like Becky. I Put the catalog, outside order form with the specials a recruiting pamphlet and my business card. I buy them on sale at the being of the year and Put the PC label on the from of the folder. I like it, and the customers will half and half will give the folder back or not, but all my info is right there and it gives them a way to carry everything home without dropping all over and a place to keep there receipts and my info.
Folders...I use clipboards and I placed the PC sticker (clear with PC logo) in the middle fo the clipboard. I put an order form there (I create my own outside order form that shows the guest special) and a pen and pass out the catalogs. I already have a theme show binder that is shown & my business opportunity binder that is shown as well and I display the next month hostess special and the recruting special in the plastic display cases I bought from Office Depot (okay, I don't think they are cases, but you put a flier in and it stands on its own...) I also select special "guests" to announce the specials throughout the show. Clipboards are really inexpensive at like .99 at Walmart, I bought 20 when I sold PC a few years ago and was quite excited that I never threw them away (they came in handy with other organization events I belonged too) so I can use them again!

Have a great day!
I used the binders cut in half for guest lapboards at parties for a while but when I could afford it I ordered the ones from Town & Country. They really do look a lot more professional and do impress guests and hosts with the company's quality. There's also a built in place for the business card - you can get stick on card holders for the others but they fall off...

I like the clip board with the PC sticker on it idea but they are more expensive usually. And after a while you have to replace that sticker because the corners get ragged too.

The good thing about the boards or clip boards is that it's a one time expense. I used folders for a while (2-5 cents each this time of year with back-to-school sales) but they get ragged quickly and in a year the boards paid for themselves in not having to replace them all the time.

I give hosts either a 2 pocket folder or an envelope or file pocket - depending on what I'm doing that month and what's on hand. All work well for the host packets.
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ThanksThanks for your help ladies!!! I think I will change to the lap boards also.

Have a blessed day!! :)
On the fenceOK, now I'm on the fence ! I have older lap boards that a former director gave me when she was going out of business. They are brown with the logo - but I've never used them because lugging them is HEAVY !
I have been using a folder with the 3 hole spine in the middle. I place an order form and survey drawing slip in the front pocket, my biz card in the little slot, a sheet protector in the prongs with current guest special flyer on one side, next month's host flyer (or actually, now I'm going to use the "Do You Love A BARGAIN? flyer !), and in the back pocket, a catalog, and I started putting in a sheet of looseleaf paper. This has been the BEST thing I could have done, because our customers hate searching through the catalog as I'm talking, or trying to find what they want on the itemized order forms (or now wish lists) At the beginning of my show I introduce myself, tell them what is in the folder, and tell them that throughout the evening, I'll be talking about a LOT of products, and they won't want to miss a thing, so they can feel free to jot any questions, and their favorite products on that paper during the show. From that, I help them to fill out their order forms.

Now I am wondering from what you are all saying though if I should give those lap boards a whirl ? :confused:
It really doesn't matter how we present the catalogs to the guests so do what works for you! I have found that when I was giving everyone copies of the guest specials, upcoming host specials, recruiting information, door prize drawing slip, etc. etc. No one looked at them - or it was rare.

Now what I do is put all the flyers in the flip chart (I bought extra sleeves) and use that as my booking binder. I talk about a couple pages and then telll them to look at it later when they have time. I leave it by my laptop and people do grab it. I put a sticker on the front of the catalog with the guest special and tell them too. I tell them about the booking/host special benefit and other benefits and point out that all that information is IN the catalog!

I do mention any special recruiting promotion when I tell my story. All I give the guests is the lap board with my business card, a catalog and an outside order form (YEAH!! September we have write in forms from the company - they get a copy to take home and the host gets one - no more mailing receipts!!). I tell them to turn the order form over so they can take notes - no, no test. :eek: I pass out the door prize drawing slip and a recipe separately. When I did it in the folder it would get lost or forgotten...

Do what works for you! If you're new or restarting your business don't spend money now - save a little each month until you can treat yourself to an upgrade!!
Info OverloadI have had the same experience as Beth, the more things I tried to give at first (flyers, promotions, stuff about stones~oh, I was ridiculous!) was the less they looked at it... it was like getting all these papers for school.

I also think it is best to introduce the survey slip last, not in the lap boards as the guests are inclined to say no if they have it at the beginning of the show. Plus, it is good to introduce things at different times of the show to maintain interest. Getting everything at once just seems like an information overload~ I have been guilty of this!!

Keeping it simple really does work best for me~
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I was using the cut apart 3-ring binder but am switching to 3-ring binders (thanks to my sister, a former PC consultant who sent me her leftovers). In the front pocket is my manilla folder with an order form and 25 reasons to love a baking stone in it. In front of the folder is a brochure with Gift Ideas from your Consultant. I have a sheet protector with the current and upcoming specials on one side, the benefits of hosting a party on the other. My Catalog, then another sheet protector with the current consultant incentive and the different types of "aprons" PC consultants wear.

To put my catalogs in the binder, I bought magazine protectors from Miles Kimball (online) I'm sure other Lillian Vernon type websites will have similar products. It's a plastic piece with 3 holes for the binder and then one long hole you slide the catalog into. A set of 24 is $3.99 plus shipping. I would recommend going to your cluster and finding out how many other consultants might want them before placing an order.


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I have used lap boards in the past (heavy), stuck an order form in each catalog and put the specials flyer in 1 page protector to pass around..etc.
I am now using a folder system and LOVE IT.

I bought those plasticy, bendy type folders w/ the 3 prongs down the middle. Front pocket has an order form, recruiting flyer and the DPS.
4 Page protectors in the middle which include the guest special, behind that has the 2 pages taken from the catalog on hosting, then the host specials for the 2 months I am currently booking, the recruiting page out of the catalog and lastly the "wish list" that has every products and the page #'s so I am not asked a billion times where to find the mix n' chop, scrapers...etc.

Back pocket has the catalog.

After the demo, I hold up the folder and go thru it to explain where they can find all the info. I then pass out the folders and pens.

I do also announce to them to NOT write in the catalogs for I need them back because I reuse them show after show. This has been helping to reduce the amount the people take home (thus reducing expenses for me) and my guests aren't getting catalogs that are marked up inside with prior guest notes. :yuck:

The folders are lightweight, give a good surface to write on, and I don't need to keep printing out flyers to give to everyone.....or with only having 1 flyer in a page protector as before for everyone to pass around.....many were overlooking the guest special and upcoming host special b/c the 1 page protected flyer got shuffled around during shows.
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I have just completed my first 30 days and I am still trying to get organized and have my shows run smoothly. I like the idea of the binders but I worry that it would get bulky. What if you have 15-20+ people at a show? How do you pack all those binders?
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My catalogs are in sheet protectors in plastic binders. There's a pocket in front for extra papers. There's also a spot for my business card that I attach a magnet to. I carry them to shows in an extra catalog tote. :)
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I must be the odd one out--I keep it simple, very simple. I put an order form inside a catalog and give one to each guest. I pass around my clear plastic zippered pouch with pens and business cards in. I had each person a door prize slip and sometimes use the back to play a game on. Then I do a door prize drawing, as well. No one has ever complained about not having anything to write on--our catalogs appear to be thick enough. I used to hand out the guest special to everyone, but now just mention it and have a couple copies available to see.

1. How can I make sure my show is organized and runs smoothly?

The key to a successful and organized show is to plan ahead. Make a list of everything you need to do before, during, and after the show. Set up a timeline and stick to it. Also, be sure to communicate clearly with your guests and host about the show's schedule and expectations.

2. How can I keep track of orders and payments at my show?

Pampered Chef provides order forms and payment envelopes to help you keep track of orders and payments at your show. Be sure to have a designated area for guests to fill out their orders and make payments. You can also use a spreadsheet or online ordering system to keep track of orders and payments.

3. Is it necessary to have a theme for my show?

Having a theme for your show can make it more fun and engaging for your guests, but it is not necessary. You can simply focus on showcasing the products and sharing their benefits with your guests. However, if you do choose to have a theme, make sure it aligns with the Pampered Chef brand and products.

4. How can I make sure my guests are engaged and interested during the show?

One way to keep your guests engaged and interested is to involve them in the show. Encourage them to try out products, ask questions, and share their thoughts. You can also include fun games or activities related to the products or theme of your show.

5. What should I do after the show to stay organized?

After the show, be sure to follow up with your host and guests to thank them for attending and to provide any additional information or support they may need. Keep track of any outstanding orders or payments, and make sure to submit them to Pampered Chef in a timely manner. It's also a good idea to review your show and make notes for any improvements for future shows.

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