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What is graduation: Definition and 17 Discussions

  1. P

    Shop 2018 Grad Gifts - Prices & Flyers

    Does anyone have a flyer specifically for grad gifts with 2018 products and prices? Thanks!
  2. VeronicaW

    Graduation Gift Ideas: Small Micro Cooker with Ramen Noodles

    Any new thoughts on Graduation gifts? I've done the Small Micro Cooker with Ramen Noodles.
  3. winklermom

    Need an Inexpensive Punch Recipe for Graduation Reception

    I'm looking for a good punch that can be made without having to buy a lot of expensive ingredients. Suggestions?
  4. J

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Dorms: Microcookers & More!

    Has anyone made up a flyer for graduates? Including all those things that would work great for the dorm - like the microcookers? I was thinking it would be great to send out an email to all my customers with ideas for graduates.
  5. wadesgirl

    I'm in Charge of My Niece's Graduation on Saturday! I'm Trying to

    I'm in charge of my niece's graduation on Saturday! I'm trying to make a list to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. My sister just gave me some more ideas today. She picked up all the food yesterday. We have the following items: plates table covers silverware cups punch bowl most...
  6. wadesgirl

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Niece's First Apartment

    My niece is graduating this month (I'm not old enough to have a niece who's graduating - really I'm not!). She already has several PC toold form the shows she's done for me. She told me to surprise her with a gift so I figured why not get more. Right now she lives with her gparents and her...
  7. KellyTheChef

    Cookies for Graduation Party....

    Hey all! I am making some cookies for a neighbor's graduation party. I am gonna do choc chip, peanut butter, and possibly a colored spritz cookie to match the school color. I have not made the peanut butter blossom cookies (cookie press) and I was wondering if they are 100% crispy, or if I...
  8. pcheftammy

    Graduation Cake From Prep Bowls

    This came across my email and I just can't find the directions for it. Anyone know what I am talking about?
  9. aried

    Punch Recipe for Graduation Party

    Anyone have a great punch recipe for serving around 50 or so people for my DD graduation party? Ann R.
  10. pampchefrhondab

    Unique Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Daughter: A Diamond Necklace and More!

    Hey, My daughter is graduating from HS next week (I'm so old):eek: ! I was thinking about what to get her and thought about a small diamond necklace w/3 stones for past, present and future. What do you think about that? Any other ideas? (My Dad is getting her a laptop w/carrying bag).
  11. G

    Feeding 50 for Graduation Party...need Help

    This Saturday my daughter graduates and I've got about 50 people coming for lunch! Anyone with catering experience that can help me decide how much food I need to buy? She wants ham and turkey sandwiches, veggie tray, sliced fresh fruit (layered in the trifle bowl like in the catalog)...
  12. wadesgirl

    Easy Graduation Party Appetizers: Time-Saving and Delicious Ideas

    My host from earlier this month is throwing her granddaughter's graduation party. I mentioned to her that I would send her some great recipe ideas. She's looking for easy appetizer recipes that don't take a lot of time to prepare, can be prepared in advance and sit outside (in the hot...
  13. pampchefrhondab

    Scrapbooking my Way to Graduation Day!

    Hi Everyone, I am so behind in reading posts because I just spent the entire weekend scrapbooking!! Yes, Friday night, all day Saturday and most of the day today!:eek: ! My oldest daugther is graduating in June so I'm trying to get it done before then! I also started on my other...
  14. naekelsey

    Looking for Creative Graduation Decoration Ideas?

    Does anyone have any "unique" ideas of how to decorate my house for my dd hs graduation???
  15. quiverfull7

    Delightful Graduation Cake for the Large Bar Pan

    Here's a cute cake to give us another sales us for the Large Bar Pan... http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/spec...f0600gradcake/
  16. pcchris

    Chillzanne Graduation Party Idea: Host Special and Sellathon Excitement!

    WOw ! just had a great idea that actually worked! :D Let me explain...my niece is graduating in June. Her mom (my SIL) is having a huge grad party for her, and she also happens to be a huge Chillzanne fanatic. So, I called her just a little while ago, asked her how many adults(fam, friends)...
  17. P

    Graduation Batter Bowl Idea and ?????

    Hi all! Just wanted to fill you in on an idea in the works. A friend of mine decorates cakes, and hasn't had her party yet so I lent her my Classic Batter Bowl to make a graduation cake. She will be using the bowl cake for the skull cap part of a mortar board. For the flat part she is...