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What is college: Definition and 42 Discussions

  1. P

    Shop 2018 Grad Gifts - Prices & Flyers

    Does anyone have a flyer specifically for grad gifts with 2018 products and prices? Thanks!
  2. babywings76

    Which Cookbook Is Better for College Kids?

    My niece is attending college and has an apartment. She got invited to a show with another consultant and asked me for my opinion on which cookbook she should get. She's contemplating either the Make it Fresh, Make it Healthy and the Cooking for 2 or More. Thoughts?
  3. P

    Get Ready for College: Must-Have Products for Freshmen | TIA

    Does anyone have a flyre with a list of our products freshmen will need entering college? I thought I saw one before but can't find it. TIA
  4. D

    College Recruiting Flyer: Tips and Restrictions for Effective Marketing

    I want to create a recruiting flyer directed towards college students. Does anyone have any ideas of the best approach? Also is there anything that I cannot put on the flyer? :chef:
  5. Nep2nfly

    My First College Age Show...any Suggestions?

    My niece really wanted to hold a show this month, and I am happy to oblige. This will be the first show of mostly non-married (future bridal registries, right?), college age adults. Any suggestions out there from seasoned vets? I really want to make it fun and successful for her ..though I...
  6. RMDave

    Discovering the Surprising Weight of a Full Family-Size Quick-Stir® Pitcher

    ... I'm not a stupid person. I've traveled the world. Performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Taught. Explored various professional and cultural options. Raised three kids successfully ... so why didn't anybody ever tell me that a Family-Size Quick-Stir® Pitcher weighs nearly 10...
  7. C

    Gift Ideas for College Students on a Budget

    hey everyone. i have a co-worker doing a show for christmas time. we are doing batter bowl gifts and simple additions gifts. but giving her some things early to take to there parents for fall break for them to buy stuff. but trying to come up with things to put together for the college students...
  8. AmyDare

    Can I Recruit College Students with Flyers?

    I'm wondering if it would be acceptable and worthwhile to post flyers at the local university campus, looking for recruits. I'm thinking even the tear-off kind that are always on college bulletin boards. The job market is really bad here, and many young people are having a difficult time...
  9. babywings76

    Niece's College Room: Rice Cooker or Microcooker?

    My niece is going off to college. I sent my sister a file w/ ideas for products for dorm rooms. She's thinking of getting some of the things that are featured on the outlet (bar board and knife). So, I'm trying to decide what to get her. Microcooker or Rice Cooker? Can she use the rice...
  10. dmoorepc

    College-Ready Dorm Essentials: Mom & Me Show for Teens Going Off to College

    I am hosting my FIRST show next week! I haven't gotten my kit yet, so I haven't been able to tinker around too much. My sister is actually hosting for me, and she is 18 years old. Since most of the people she would invite are going to be around her age, and they are all getting ready to go off...
  11. Pam Barrett

    Prep Bowl Recipes for College & Teen Parents

    Does anyone have a flyer/booklet of prep bowl recipes? I am looking for something to have for parents of college kids and/or teenagers who order the prep bowls.
  12. C

    This Biz for a College Student

    I have a recruit who is talking to her first recruit... the recruit to be is a college student who needs extra money and her concerns are: how to keep her products safe in her room and can she really make money at this versus a department store. My suggestions for the safety was to leave them...
  13. chefkathy

    Just Caught up With an Old College Classmate

    He found me via FB. He does some contract work for PC. His FIL used to be CFO. Jay and Doris were at his wedding! Pretty cool!
  14. P

    Community College Cooking Class for Kids and Adults: Pricing and Tips

    I have been asked to do a cooking class for kids and or power cooking for adults. I don't know where to start:confused: Those of you who have done something along these line, how do you charge? The CC asked me for what I wanted to charge the participant? Plus what my charge would be to teach...
  15. Kodeysmom

    Is Obama taking over college football?

    Okay, I know everyone is sick of the all of the political stuff. But I just had to share this article on Yahoo. It is a must read for all the college football fans. It made me chuckle quite a bit. And there are some really good intersting points!! Have fun. College football commander-in-chief...
  16. T

    Moving Our Son to College: Lessons Learned and a Painful Mishap

    our oldest moved on his own, after 3 years he has decided he can live with alot less and he's only 1 hour from home So DH, DD & I took MS to Houston last night, his car and my santa fe packed to the roofs & due to a storm we missed move in time by 23 minutes. So moved him in today I was...
  17. The_Kitchen_Guy

    theAnnual Beloit College Mindset List

    Every year, Beloit College publishes a list of truths about the class entering their freshman year this Fall. The list always serves to amuse, but it also serves to make some of us feel very old, and for some of us to feel like elder statesmen. Follow this http://www.beloit.edu/mindset/2012.php...
  18. N

    Kids (& Adults) College Cooking Classes

    OK, all you creative fellow cheffers! I've been given the opportunity to teach adult and kid cooking classes through the local community ed program. All I need to do is come up with an official "proposal" to present to the board. I've got my cover letters completed as well as proposed...
  19. J

    Hoopin' Fun: My Friend's College Hula Hoop Class

    My friend just started taking a hula hooping class at her college. They use oversized hoops, not the type that you would find at your local stores. I made myself one and I am HOOKED on Hoopin! So fun! And apparently it's a great work out for you tummy and buns! :D Any other hoopers out...
  20. PCSarahjm

    Is Recruiting College Students a Viable Option for Growing My Business?

    Has anyone tried this and if so how did it work? How did you get connected with them. I live in a college town and would like to build my business. Just wondering if this would be a direction to take or would it be a waste of time??? TIA
  21. chefbritt

    Navigating College Life: Commuting vs. On-Campus Living for Students and Grads

    Okay, so I know Chef Success isn't overflowing with college students, but this is the only forum I visit, so I'm asking here for advice. I'm currently a junior in college, and I commute. I started out living on campus. I had a serious boyfriend of several years at the time, and so I only spent...
  22. Chef_2_Four

    Starting College Tomorrow: Wish Me Luck!

    My college starts tomorrow. If they had an oh crap smiley that would be inserted here! I can't help but think what in the heck was I thinking!! I am not even worried about PC I am going to do the hobbyist thing and pass shows on to my recruiter/good friend. Now I am thinking how I am I going...
  23. DebPC

    How Can Guest Speakers Enhance Your Professional Meetings?

    Guest Speakers at Your MeetingsThis is another way to keep things fresh at your meetings. Ask another director at your level if they'll come speak and demo at your meeting if you do the same for them. Or if you don't do your meetings with your upline director ask them to come and present a topic...
  24. Chef_2_Four

    Ready to Start Fresh: My College Journey Begins Again!

    I got into college!! unfortunately my credits from 8 years ago didn't transfer:( but at least i'm still going this fall!!
  25. pamperedtara

    Top College Survival List for Students - Tips and Must-Have Items

    Somewhere on here there used to be a college survival list. It was a great flyer with explanations of why college students would need each item. Having trouble finding it again. Does anyone know what I am talking about????
  26. smilesarepriceless

    How Can You Attract College Students for Bridal Bookings and Product Sales?

    I just moved to a College Town ( about 5-7,000 students..) and know that there is a market out there with college students....Not to mention that would be a great outlet to get some bridal bookings.. Anyone have any tips on this....and getting some bookings with college aged kids or any success?
  27. L

    Dorm Room / College Essentials Party Flyer

    I'm still fairly new at this and really appreciate all of the wonderful ideas and forms found in the postings. Was wondering if anyone has a flyer or invitation for a dorm room / college essentials party? I've done a search of the files and found some great ideas and lists, but no...
  28. naekelsey

    Gift Ideas for a HS Senior Going Off to College: Dorm Essentials and More!

    This has nothing to do with PC but wanted to pick your brains, you all have such good ideas!! Does anyone have any suggestions of what a HS Senior going off to college 7 hrs away would LOVE for a gift(s)? She will be living in the dorms, won't see them for a couple of more weeks. I...