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    Empty Chat Room

    I know a few other people have posted threads like this one. Anymore every time I want to go to the chat room it is empty. I would love to get on line and be able to swap ideas, get advice, ect. through the chat room as well as posting threads.
  2. C

    Chat Room Times Poll

    Hi everyone! I'd love to chat, but like most of you, whenever I go into the room, it's always empty! I vote to set up times on CENTRAL TIME to be the same as the Home Office. Therefore, when you vote, keep that in mind! Once we find the top two time slots, maybe then we can find a couple...
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    Chat Room

    Thank you! I'm very excited to see it added to the site. I'm sure it will become very popular when people realize it's available. One question...how do we get from the chat back to the main page? Thanks again! Sandy
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    Looking for Room Mate Session One

    I am looking for a room mate for National Confernce Session One. I would prefer to share a room with one other person (as of yet I have not reserved a room, but will make arrangements through priceline once I have definite info! Last year on priceline we had a room at the Westin for only $75 a...