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What is room: Definition and 180 Discussions

  1. lt1jane

    Updated Ss 2016 Gift Giving, Baby Ideas, and Dorm Room

    Finally got these updated.Please let me know if you find any errors. I am happy to correct them.
  2. lt1jane

    Ss 2014 Gift Giving, Dorm Room, and Baby Brochures

    It's been a while and I finally have everything updated. Even have some new pictures on the Gift Giving one!! Enjoy and hope you find them useful.
  3. pjpamchef

    Free Up Room On Your Computer: Buy an External Hard Drive/Flash Drive

    P3 is taking up too much room on my computer. Can I purchase an external hard drive or maybe a large flash drive and move it over to free up some space?
  4. T

    Brand New Items No Room to Store

    Please PM or e-mail for a list of current itemsI have Fall Winter 2012/2013 items for sale PM for the list!Consultant Items NEW Patriotic Apron New in package $15.00 Large Envelope $10.00No Longer Available Items NEW in box or bagsChizanne Rectangular platter $20.00 Oval Cutting Board $7.00 x6...
  5. lt1jane

    Ss 2012 Tri-Fold Brochures: Baby Essentials, Dorm Room, Gift Ideas

    I've been slacking a bit this season. Here are my tri-folds updated with price changes, item # changes, and new photos (where necessary)
  6. J

    Superbowl Snack - Room Temperature

    My husband is a paramedic and has to work tonight, Superbowl Sunday. The firefighters/medics are going to watch the game together, and I wanted to send him with something to contribute. I've heard wings are covered, and I'm really looking for something that will be okay at room temperature...
  7. Sheila

    Leads Found in Unexpected Places: My Yahoo Customer Service Chat Room Experience

    A Yahoo Customer Service Chat Room! LOL Yahoo did some update & I suddenly could no longer do what I've always done with my e-mail signature. I signed into the CS chat screen & some moron basically told me he couldn't help & asked if I was done. I immediately asked for a supervisor to...
  8. Sheila

    Director Leads Found in Unexpected Place: Yahoo CS Chat Room!

    A Yahoo Customer Service Chat Room! LOL Yahoo did some update & I suddenly could no longer do what I've always done with my e-mail signature. I signed into the CS chat screen & some moron basically told me he couldn't help & asked if I was done. I immediately asked for a supervisor to...
  9. M

    Hanging up My Apron!! Need to Make Room for Baby!

    ***UP TO DATE AS OF 10/28* Hi all, I have officially hung up my apron and need to clear out the office to make room for our first baby! Lots of supplies & paperwork available plus some current and discontinued items. PM me for list of current items (all current items are priced at ~30% off...
  10. lt1jane

    Another 1/4 Room Available at the Hilton

    My room has room for one more person. The room is for Thursday and Friday nights. My director has another room and is coming down on Wednesday. We don't have to worry about check-in time because we can put our stuff in the other room if our room is not available when we arrive. This room...
  11. B

    Still Need a Room? I Have One!

    It looks like I have someone that is backing out and I will have an available space at the Chicago Hilton for conference. The room is a 2 bedroom/2 bath. I'm checking in Wednesday and checking out on Saturday. If you are interested, please let me know via email. [email protected]
  12. P

    Hitting the Highway From Pennsylvania and Room Available Too

    Hi folks...there are a couple of us from the Northeast PA area who are hitting the highway on Wednesday morning before conference heading to the Windy City and our first National Conference. We have a rental van (at no cost to anyone - wahoo) and are sharing expenses for gas and tolls...If...
  13. F

    Share a Luxurious Room at Sheraton - Non-Smoking, Wed Arrive, Sat Depart

    Looking to add 1-2 people to our room at the Sheraton. Non-smoking room. Wed arrival, Sat. departure.
  14. ChefCKHall

    Dressing Room Bookings: Host Recipes & Party Reservations on the Go!

    Went to Ross, in the dressing room, on the phone talking recipes with a host, hung up and booked two parties in the dressing room to two ladies who overheard my conversation!!
  15. N

    Room for 2 More at the Hilton 2 Bathrooms

    We need roomies big time! Please let me know if you or someone you know needs a room! Nancy Collins
  16. pampered1224

    Idaho Lady - Smoker Looking for Room to Share

    A lady named Margo, I met her last year at NC, from Idaho is looking for some to room with. She would like to attend but no else, other than her up line, in her group is attending apparently. Her up-line has a room but they are full up. Let me know if you or someone could use the monetary break...
  17. B

    Find Affordable Accommodation for 2 in Chicago at the Hilton - Book Now!

    Does anyone need a room? I need to book a room but just have two people in it at this time. There are 2 bed 2 bath rooms available at the Chicago Hilton right now. Let me know if you are interested. Or does someone have room for 2 non-smoking, easy going women in their hotel room?
  18. colegrovet

    Stay in Luxury: Enjoy a Room at the Hilton!

    I have a room in the Hilton..
  19. chefheidi2003

    Anyone Want a House Guest? or Share a Hotel Room!

    I would love to go to Spring Launch..unfortunately I have to work on the day of the closest one to me..I have off for the Wednesday one..but the closest one on that day is almost 4 hours away from me. I will be by myself so hotel is going to be a little pricey..is there someone who lives near...
  20. F

    Dorm Room Basics E-Mail: Access and Availability

    The last PC newswire said that there would be a Dorm Room Basics e-mail available yesterday. I still don't see it. Does anyone else see it? Can you tell me how to access it if you can? Thank you
  21. Careyann

    Can Anyone Offer a Room for 2 Consultants in Need?

    Anyone have room for 2 in their hotel? Let me know right away, otherwise we'll be 5 to one room and I for one don't want to sleep on the floor! Thanks!
  22. J

    Room for 1 or 2 at Hyatt at Mccormick Place

    Want to stay where you do not need to get up early and catch a bus...then stay at the Hyatt...I have 2 openings...looking for at least one but would like to have 2 more roommates. Jennifer
  23. darlinclem

    Room for 1 at the Hilton in Chicago

    We are at the Chicago Hilton and have room for one person. It is a double double with double bath. We will arrive Sunday and checkout is Thursday. We think total cost for the 4 nights is $215.80. We are part of Nancy Francis's downline :) Our room mate can't come due to emergency back surgery...
  24. natural

    Searching for Room at Hyatt McCormick - Non Snorer!

    Hi I would like a room from the 12-15 prefer hyatt McCormick, but I will take what I can get..I am a non snorer =) Thanks Sandra
  25. pamperedalf

    Room for 2 Thurs Night Sheraton

    If you or someone you know is staying an extra night but their roommates aren't we have room for 2 Thursday night at the Sheraton. The way this room reservation was done, I have already paid for this night so your portion will be paid to me in cash & I'll give you a copy of the recite...
  26. christinaspc

    Join Us at Hyatt - Book Your Spot Now for a Luxurious Stay!

    Hey guys I know we all seem to have room spots up for grabs so I just thought I would try again if anyone is interested in this spot let me know thanks.
  27. scottcooks

    Looking for a Male Roommate in Arizona?

    A new male consultant from AZ is looking for a room - any guys need a roomie? Anyone have space? This isn't for me, I'm set - just looking to help someone out.
  28. pckelly

    Director Need a Room at the Sheraton for Conference? Any Takers?

    Do to one of my downline directors being, how should I put this gently, ummm, high on Disney? - she has a WHOLE extra room at the Sheraton. She thought the deadline for cancelling rooms was 48 hrs before Conference...umm, no. So now someone on her team has a room booked and has paid the...
  29. O

    Two More Needed for Room at Hilton!

    We have two spots available for a one bathroom room in the Hilton, Monday thru Thursday. Please em if interested! :)