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What is mom: Definition and 110 Discussions

  1. Jennifer Donoho

    Who is CS Jennifer? Meet the busy mom and hobby consultant!

    Hello ! My name is Jennifer . I am a married mother of 3 . I have been a consultant for 3 years now & love it . I’m what many would call a hobby consultant. I do good to reach $200 in sales each month . I primarily do virtual parties as I am a busy stay at home mom with 2 kids in elementary...
  2. Nicolejeanne

    What makes Pampered Chef a great opportunity for single moms?

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be here. My name is Nicole, and I'm from Just north of Pittsburgh, PA in a town called Gibsonia. I'm about to be 34 come St. Pattys day and am a single mum of an amazing little 7 year old girl, (and Pampered Chef consultant junior!), Hannah. I am a new...
  3. L

    Urgent Prayers for Tripp & His Mom Courtney

    I just recently read about this awesome brave mom Courtney on Facebook. She lives about 35 min from me in Ponchatoula Louisiana. Her son has a rare skin disease called E.B. Tripp is in bad shape. They are in a keep the pain manageable and as comfortable as possible. You can read the entire story...
  4. wadesgirl

    Please Keep Praying for My Mom!

    Well she was doing good enough that they moved her to the rehab floor last Friday. But then something changed. The doctor thinks that she had a set back in her brain injury. I think she has withdrawn because she doesn't want any of this! She won't talk to us any more, won't move her head or...
  5. wadesgirl

    My Mom... Don't Know What to Do!

    I mentioned previously that my mom was diagnosed with back of the mouth cancer and has been going through chemo and radition for about 4 weeks now (she has 3 weeks left). I’ve ran into a situation this week that I do not know what to do! My sister believes that she’s at the point where someone...
  6. wadesgirl

    Keep Mom In Your Thoughts: A Story of Cancer and a PSA

    Keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers today. She goes in for her trial run for radiation today and also gets her feeding tube and port put in for chemo. She will start radiation and chemo tomorrow for 7 weeks. We discovered in March that she has back of the mouth cancer that luckily had...
  7. California Girl

    Where Can I Find the $5 Dollar Mom Shipping Email?

    So I got the email and it says that the customer connection email is available. But where? how do I sent it out?
  8. chefheidi2003

    Mom Got $143 in Orders: I'm Excited!

    I just have to share this with you. Last week I asked my mom if she would be able to collect a few orders for me..I would really like to get the Doris Cookbook..well..she forgot that I said that I needed the orders by the 15th..so she didn't get a chance to ask anyone because she has been out...
  9. P

    Vote for Caroline - Win Mom Made Hairbows!

    Hi everyone, I entered my two year old in a contest for new hairbows from a mom who makes them from home and we could use the extra votes. It is on facebook, please vote for her!!!! The link is below you have to go to the polls tab and vote for Caroline. Welcome to Facebook | Facebook...
  10. P

    Kid-Friendly Recipes for a Special Mom and Friends!

    I will be doing a show this month for a young mother and her friends. She wants me to demo something 'kid friendly'. Her son is 2 years old, and the ages of the children of the guests attending are between 2-5. I haven't had kids in my house for YEARS! So am not sure what 'kid friendly'...
  11. emiscookin

    Gift Ideas for the Busy Mom: Pampered Chef Items for a Special Occasion

    Pampered Chef items really make wonderful gifts! I wanted to tell you all something about my Mom. I could try and describe how wonderful she is, but I just can't find the words. I love her so much! She is a Saint in my eyes. You can see why Mother's Day is always so special to me. Even...
  12. lockhartkitchen

    Alone and Loving It: Spring Break for Mom & Dad!

    It's spring break. My son went to California with his friend. My girls have been invited to a sleepover at our friend's house tonight. My husband and I are all alone tonight! Woo Hoo.
  13. Careyann

    Celebrate Mom with a Power Cooking Chicken Show on May 8th!

    I had a lady yesterday book a show for May 8th, which is the day before Mother's day. I kind of avoided that weekend but it was really the only one I had left for her. Since it is so close, does anyone have any ideas for a theme show to celebrate Mom's and make this party a special one? She...
  14. nikked

    Urgent Prayers for My Mom and Her Friend After Severe Car Accident

    My Mom was driving her "friend", Jim, to the hospital (about 60 miles away) because he's bleeding eternally from somewhere, and they were hit headon by a drunk driver. Their Expedition is totaled. The driver drove off, but has been caught. The accident happened around 6 or 7 MST. My mom...
  15. pampered.chris

    Personal Wedding Planning Dilemma- My Mom

    So I hate to be a downer here, but I can't help but be really disappointed in my mom...I just got engaged on Sept 29 and we are planning our wedding for Oct 16, 2010. My mom has been so uncaring about the entire thing. I am not sure how to handle her, but she is really bugging me and hurting...
  16. chefcharity

    Discover the Truth About PC Products: A Host's Experience - ChefSuccess

    I did a show the other day and her mom could not attend (sounds like I'm lucky there) but before anyone else arrives the host tells me her mom's view on PC. That she can find every item in the catalog somewhere else and for less money. (kinda glad mom was busy this day!) I just looked at...
  17. pjpamchef

    Prayer for Becky Kimbell: MS150 Coordinator & Mom of 3

    Prayer request for my friend Becky Kimbell. She passed away on the 1st, she was only 37 with three small children. She was one of the coordinators for the MS 150 that I have been participating in for years. She will be missed by many! I have had three friends have the gastric-bypass and now...
  18. scottcooks

    Elderly Mom Seeking Attention or in Trouble?

    My mom lives on the east coast, and called me tonight to report her home had been burglarized. This is really weird. She lives on a 3rd floor apartment of a senior progressive living facility in a huge huge (acres upon acres) complex of retirees. Every staff person goes through an extensive...
  19. P

    Mom Mad for Asking Daughter to Clean Up...

    I need some non-biased feedback on whether I did the right thing or not. My neighbor/friend has a 8 year old daughter who comes over my house frequently. Last week she was at our house and she wrote her first & last name on my 8 year old son's wooden desk in his room. This desk is not easy...
  20. I

    soI Just Got a Call From a Girl Who My Mom Used to Babysit (A Long

    So I just got a call from a girl who my mom used to babysit (a LONG time ago). We caught back up on Facebook several months ago. She called Pampered Chef today about starting her own business. They told her they could put her in contact with someone, but since we'd caught back up on Facebook...
  21. KellyRedHead

    Prayer Request: Prayers for My Mom's Health and Recovery | Kelly V.

    Just thought I ask for a few prayers for my Mom tonight. She was not feeling well last night, but didn't want to go to the ER. She lives with us, has her own little apt in our home. When I check on her to go to bed, she was with it mentally and I wasn't that worried. This morning I checked...
  22. etteluap70PC

    Personal I Think My Mom and Gram Are Going to Put Me in the Nuthouse!

    I need to rant... My mother and grandmother (who have never had the best relationship) are now living together. Way too much back story to go into. I am trying to be supportive to them both (from 1000 miles away). I let them both gripe to me about the other and try to get them to see both sides...
  23. BlessedWifeMommy

    Ugh, Still Have to Be a Mom When I'm Sick...

    Okay so I'm sitting on the couch felling crummy. I have a sore throat and headache. The worst part is I feel like taking a nap (eventhough it is only 8:52 am here) and I can't. So I'm on here passing time!
  24. dmoorepc

    College-Ready Dorm Essentials: Mom & Me Show for Teens Going Off to College

    I am hosting my FIRST show next week! I haven't gotten my kit yet, so I haven't been able to tinker around too much. My sister is actually hosting for me, and she is 18 years old. Since most of the people she would invite are going to be around her age, and they are all getting ready to go off...
  25. tlag1986

    Real Mothers: The Journey from Mommy to Mom to Mother

    MOTHERS Real Mothers don't eat quiche; they don't have time to make it. Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils are probably in the sandbox. Real Mothers often have sticky floors, filthy ovens and happy kids. Real Mothers know that dried play dough doesn't come out of...
  26. babywings76

    Funny... Mom Comes Over for Dinner

    HAVING MOM OVER FOR DINNER You don't even have to be a mother to enjoy this one.. Brian invited his mother over for dinner. During the course of the meal, Brian's mother couldn't help but notice how beautiful Brian's roommate, Jennifer, was. Brian's Mom had long been suspicious of the...
  27. A

    Honoring Mom: Setting Up an Open House on P3

    I am doing an open house for HWC and my question is how do I set it up on p3? I want to do it in the memory of my mother. Do I make her the host?
  28. A

    Amy's Fundraiser: Honoring Mom and Having Fun!

    Hello everyone! I am planning on doing a fundraiser in the memory of my Mother who passed away 7/1/08 from oral cancer. This will be my first one and I really want it to be successful. The church we belong to is very large. Over 4000 families belong to it. I was thinking of seeing if I could...
  29. C

    Prayer for Decisions Concerning My Mom.

    There seem to be so many prayer request for tragic situations right now, and I debated whether to share this, but so many of you know the deal with my Mom, and have been praying and supporting me...I felt like I needed to share what has been happening. Today, this site has been a God-send...
  30. jrstephens

    Religion Prayers for My Mom - Her Sister Is Near Death

    The doctor's have told them 24-72 hours. She had a strock several months back and has been going down ever since. Right now she is just existed and waking up for a few minutes to talk a little. She will be much better off we know but of course it will still be hard. My mom is the youngest of 8...