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What is intro: Definition and 46 Discussions

  1. millerbarb

    Intro - Newbie Re-Start with PC

    Following directions - having been a consultant from 1995-2001, relocating across the country - I'm back!! I'm very excited to re-start my PC Passion!!
  2. stbrn4life

    Who is Linda and what makes her a unique consultant?

    Hello! My name is Linda, and I am starting my 3rd year as a consultant. I consider myself a 'hobby consultant' having tons of fun!
  3. KarenH

    Struggling to Book Parties? Join Me on My Journey to Success!

    Hi. My name is Karen and I've been a consultant for a little over a year, although this is my second time with PC. I love the products and wanted a way of getting them at a better price for myself without having to host a gazzilion parties myself. I've been enjoying my parties, and having great...
  4. A

    Can I turn my consulting hobby into a successful business?

    Hello! I have been a consultant for about 4 and a half years. I initially made it to Team Leader in my first year, but my team has all dissappeared. It is currently more of a hobby for me - but I would love to have it be more of a business again.
  5. D

    Personal Are PC products the key to becoming a confident cook?

    Hello. My name is Hannah I love PC products for quality & marketing strategy I started to cook bc PC ! I never liked cooking but you encouraged me cook. I felt better when I’m cooking with PC products ! I felt like a professional cook I’m looking forward to tips on “ how to use products so I...
  6. R

    Who is CS Robin and What is Her Party Hosting Experience?

    My name is Robin Stetson. I live in the panhandle of Nebraska. I hosted my first party in February of 2021, and became a consultant with the $39 March special.
  7. Susan Metheny

    Ready to be a Director in One Month? Tips Welcome!

    Hi! I've been a consultant for a year and an ready to promote! My goal is to make director by three end of this month. I'm here to learn! Any tips are appreciated!
  8. Rednexx Cookin

    Is This the Ultimate PC Business Journey?

    I started my PC business in Feb this year after hosting my first party in 26 years. Yes, I have been a fan and user of all things PC for 26 years! Wow time flies when your having fun in the kitchen.
  9. SharonZee

    What's It Like Living on a Gentlewoman's Farm in Vermont?

    Hello group,My name is Sharon Zecchinelli. I became a PC consultant in January. Sure do love it!My husband and I live in NW Vermont, about 8 miles from the Canadian border as the crow flies. We have a 12 acre gentlewoman's farm with a few laying hens, a horse, and 3 dogs. Over the years we've...
  10. L

    What are some delicious vegan recipes for my party guests?

    Hi - I am a new consultant within past 60 days and I currently have a party where a customer is asking for Vegan recipes. Not just Vegetarian but Vegan. I also am looking to get more vegetables into my recipes as well and would like to be able to provide all types of recipes for my customers.
  11. LaLa

    Are You a New Pampered Chef User? Join Our Community!

    A pampered chef product user. New to this community.LaLa
  12. H

    Ready to Join the Board? Thankful for Your Support!

    Hi all, Joining the board! - *H*
  13. ecou2018

    Ready to Elevate Your Pampered Chef Sales? Join the Chef Success Community!

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. Joined Chef Success community this morning. I've been a consultant since Feb. 2017. I've had moderate sales, halfway to the $15k mark. Excited to find this forum, looking forward to learning more about how to sell Pampered Chef! :-D
  14. Natashya Giardina

    Balancing Family, Homeschooling, and a Pampered Chef Business?

    Hi Everyone! My name is Natashya Giardina. I have been married to my husband since August 1996. We have two children who keep us super busy. I have been with Pampered Chef since May 2016. I getting ready to attend my first conference and am very excited. I am loving being a consultant and have...
  15. Aileen Thomson

    What are Aileen's favorite Pampered Chef products?

    I'm Aileen Thomson. I joined pampered chef Canada in March of 1996
  16. C

    Are you ready to cook up some delicious meals with me?

    How YOU doing? Hi everyone, I'm Chrissy and excited to be a new consultant with Pampered Chef! I am a nurse with 25 years under my belt. I was a FOODIE before it became cool. I am mom to 4 legged kiddos with paws Gucci, Taz, shih Tzus and Sadie a yorkie all rescues Gucci and Sadie are my...
  17. Susan Edmonston

    Personal Ready for National Conference with Pampered Chef?

    Hello, my name is Susan. I have been a Pampered Chef consultant for exactly one year today! My best friend and I joined on the same day. I'm really looking forward to my first convention!
  18. M

    Personal Who is Mindi and what brought her to Chef Success?

    Hi..I'm Mindi..I've been with PC since December. I've been with my husband for 14 years, we have 2 boys, ages 22 and 10..I live in Arizona...
  19. sue

    Can Pampered Chef Help Me After Losing My Job?

    I'm a Wife of 33.5 yrs, mom to 5 grown men, Nana to 8 beautiful people that has used Pampered Chef for over 25 years so trying to sell now that I've lost my corporate job.
  20. C

    What's the best email and Facebook group name for my Pampered Chef business?

    Hello! My name is Cindy Lou.....I actually put the business in my husband's name as I'm on SSD but am seeing why I shouldn't do that now. Sooooo, I'm signing up as myself as soon as I can think of an easy-to-remember PC email address and a FUN and SNAZZY FB group name. Suggestions GREATLY...
  21. K

    Personal Can I Boost My Business and Financially Support My Family with These Tips?

    My name is Karen and I live in a tiny (300) people in West Texas. I am married and have to boys ages 15 and 11. I have been with the company for 9 years. I am needing to pick up my business to help financially provide for my family, so I am looking forward to getting great ideas and tips to help...
  22. M

    Ready to Kickstart Your Consulting Business?

    I'm a new consultant starting my business and simply love it! I've come across this forum and am super excited to learn so much more and continue to grow my business!!!! Thank you all in advance for the amazing support everyone shows!
  23. C

    Discovering Pampered Chef: Where Can I Find Helpful Resources?

    Thanks for the add! I am still kinda new with Pampered Chef, I joined in December. Anyway, thanks for all the resources! Pampered Chef by Crystal via Facebook.
  24. Nicolejeanne

    What makes Pampered Chef a great opportunity for single moms?

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be here. My name is Nicole, and I'm from Just north of Pittsburgh, PA in a town called Gibsonia. I'm about to be 34 come St. Pattys day and am a single mum of an amazing little 7 year old girl, (and Pampered Chef consultant junior!), Hannah. I am a new...
  25. A

    Looking for Rockcrok Recipes? Any Suggestions?

    Hello,I joined The Pampered Chef at the end of December. I'm very excited and I'm also extremely fortunate to have benefited from the double host rewards, and to have two of my friends host parties and share their rewards with me . So with that, I was able to get a Rockcrok and many other...
  26. C

    Ready to Rebuild: Taking My Business to New Heights as a Boss - Any Advice?

    I am CECELIA and am from Jackson, MS. I have been in the business since 2004, however because of family illness i have slacked off. I am ready to rebuild my business and take my life to a new level. I want to become the boss of my future. I am excited. I am doing my first station style show...
  27. R

    Who's Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Community with Rachel?

    Hello all!My name is Rachel and I've been with the Pampered Chef for 2 years! I love what I do and I'm so excited about this new resource.Looking forward to shared success! Rachel
  28. dannyzmom

    Director Strong Opening Intro for New Consultant's Grand Opening?

    I am doing the grand Opening show for a new consultant tonight and I know I recently read a fantastic intro/strong opening to say at the beginning of her show...but I an't find it now- argh...anyone???
  29. S

    Introducing the Host: Ideas for a Great Intro!

    when i send the host the receipts to put with the orders, I include the mini catty insert (thank you thank you thank you, Kam!!) with this/next/recruit info on it, and a mini catty (unless ho is providing them, like they are right now ;) ) anyhoo, in the fillable areas I include info to...