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  1. L

    Intro - Linda Zamora

    Hi - I am a new consultant within past 60 days and I currently have a party where a customer is asking for Vegan recipes. Not just Vegetarian but Vegan. I also am looking to get more vegetables into my recipes as well and would like to be able to provide all types of recipes for my customers.
  2. Natashya Giardina

    Hi! New Here!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Natashya Giardina. I have been married to my husband since August 1996. We have two children who keep us super busy. I have been with Pampered Chef since May 2016. I getting ready to attend my first conference and am very excited. I am loving being a consultant and...
  3. sue


    I'm a Wife of 33.5 yrs, mom to 5 grown men, Nana to 8 beautiful people that has used Pampered Chef for over 25 years so trying to sell now that I've lost my corporate job.
  4. Nicolejeanne

    Pamperedchef Nic Here!

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be here. My name is Nicole, and I'm from Just north of Pittsburgh, PA in a town called Gibsonia. I'm about to be 34 come St. Pattys day and am a single mum of an amazing little 7 year old girl, (and Pampered Chef consultant junior!), Hannah. I am a new...
  5. P

    Intro Special

    I have a flyer that says that Host recieve free samples-coffee/spices during my introductory period. I do not have an order # for this. Does anyone have the item/order# for this??
  6. S

    Intro Sherrus

    Hi I've just re-started my PC career as of today. I was fully active about 2 1/2 years ago when I found out I was having my second child. Due to complications I had to give up PC. Even though I'm working full time as a designer I miss having a hobby other than my car club so I talked it over...
  7. K

    Intro: Kelly Mccausey

    Hi! I am a brand new Pampered Chef kitchen consultant. I just got my kit and I am pumped and ready to jump into my shows! I was tickled to find this forum and hope to learn a bunch! Do any of you use a website as a personal gateway to your PC site? :) Kelly