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Pampered Chef: Personal I think my Mom and Gram are going to put me in the nuthouse!

  1. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Legacy Member Gold Member

    I need to rant... My mother and grandmother (who have never had the best relationship) are now living together. Way too much back story to go into. I am trying to be supportive to them both (from 1000 miles away). I let them both gripe to me about the other and try to get them to see both sides of things. I usually talk to my Gram while mom is out of the house but 2 times she had come back while gram and I were on the phone. Well she catches some of the conversation (that she does not like). I then call mom to chat on her cell line. First words out of her mouth "So... I hear you just got an earfull" In a VERRY sarcastic tone. I have allready talked to mom about this once and tried to explain that she needs to chill out. Thought I got thru to her till just a bit ago when it happened again.

    I do not get how my mom is acting (well some of it I do) She is living in my grams house for free. Granted it is a mess and has no shower and had many issues right now. None of which she likes. She is living there to help my 90 yr old grandmother who is not in the best of health. She has ben told numerous times she is not allowed to smoke in the house. She continues to do so. This is also an insurance issue. She refuses to tell my gram when she is leaving the house. Gram does not care just want's to know when she is leaving. This is getting worse than dealing with my 7 & 4 yr old!

    I'm about ready to tell mom if she doesn't wise up I am not going to call. She needs to get a grip and make a life allready and stop blaming everyone else for her problems!

    Thanks for listening!
    May 31, 2009
  2. I feel your pain (have been there myself). I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
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