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What is dollar: Definition and 27 Discussions

  1. California Girl

    Where Can I Find the $5 Dollar Mom Shipping Email?

    So I got the email and it says that the customer connection email is available. But where? how do I sent it out?
  2. gailz2

    Batter Bowl and Prep Cup on Dollar General Video??

    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook What do you think? I was amazed when looking at this video from Dollar General it appears they are using the PC Batter Bowl, and if you look closely towards the chef in the 2nd recipe, I think I see our Prep Cup. What do you think?
  3. B

    First 1000 Dollar Show Success: Lessons Learned As a Party Consultant

    So I went last night to my show and when I got there the host said I have 672 dollars in sales and I want 1000. Woo Hoo and Caching right.:D Well not so fast my friend........seems the consultant namely ME......:angel: Who sent out the invitations put the wrong date down.......... Now I...
  4. C

    What Bargains Did I Score at Dollar General?

    I went in to the store today and on their 90% off table they had ceramic plagues with a ribbon. It reads Follow your Dream and they have a rainbow. I got all they had to give out to my team at the next meeting. They were .35 each. They also had wedding boxes that you set up at the wedding for...
  5. N

    Find the Latest Dollar Days Flyer: Where to Look

    does anyone know where I can find an updated dollar days flyer?
  6. DessertDivaFL

    Stretch Your Food Dollar Without Sacrificing Nutrition

    Here is another flyer I put together. Hope this one is helpful too!
  7. gilliandanielle

    Build a Million Dollar Organization (Belinda Cd's)

    THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD! Watch for more PC stuff from the depths of my office soon, LOL!I have been cleaning out my office and I found stuff that was never even touched!From the SIS website: How To Build a Million Dollar Organization picks up where Step into Success leaves off. This great...
  8. brendaivette

    Save Big with Go Green Dollar Days - Eco-Friendly Deals for Your Budget

    This is an idea i am working on, not that flyer making savvy...........can you ladies/gents give me some input...............
  9. J

    Can Anyone Tell Me How the Dollar Days Work?

    I'm thinking of using the dollar days in June and/or July depending on how it goes for bookings. I'd only use item that are $20 or less. But I don't really know how it works though. Can anyone explain it in more detail? Do you tack it on to the hosts order so that you use their discount and...
  10. SillyChef

    What Is the Dollar Amount for 65% of Our Catalog?

    There was a flier that is on here that says: 65% of our catalog is under _________ dollars! Please let me know what that $ amount is! Thanks!
  11. Stampaholic1961

    Leona Helmsley's $12 Million Dog: The Shocking Inheritance Story

    Did you see the news that Leona Helmsley (aka The Queen of Mean) left her dog $12 million dollars but didn't leave 2 of her grandchildren anything!!! A lot of people might not remember Leona but my mother-in-law used to work in one of her hotels.
  12. amy07

    My Dollar Store Obsession: Organizing My Pampered Chef Business Supplies

    First, I will confess my addiction to the dollar store :p - I love taking my kids there and telling them they can pick out any one thing they want:D Anyways, my second obsession has become trying to find neat things to organize all the PC "business stuff". I just wanted to let those of you...
  13. L

    First Thousand Dollar Show!! at My First Shower~!

    Im so excited, I just got down entering the orders I have so far from my FIRST shower, and it's at $1021 I am so excited. I can't wait to get the pics downloaded to share w/ what i did for the wish list. It was a HUGE success. As soon as I have pics, i will post them. Tuxedo brownies are...
  14. amy07

    Another Pampered Chef Dollar Question

    Ok, so I have heard many of you talking that you get $50 PC dollars for each of your recruits upon them qualifying until you promote to director. I signed up under the New Consultant Program, where I could earn PC Dollars for each recruit upon them qualifying. SO my recruit qualified and I...
  15. pckrissy

    Update Your Flyer with June/July Dollar Days Deals - Easy & Quick!

    I got this flyer and I love it...I was just trying to change a few of the items and I am having a hard time. I wanted to delete the Classic Deep Dish Baker and add the Trifle Bowl.. delete the Deluxe Cheese Grater for the Salad Chopper Is anyone able to update this flyer for me? I am so...
  16. S

    Dollar Days Redone...for June/July

    Here are some flyers from last year redone for anyone who wants to use them. Schel :)
  17. lisa717

    Shop Family Dollar's Cancer Awareness Collection for Affordable Gifts

    ..Mine anyways has a line of cancer products right now for $5..great hostess gifts....a tote bag, a pair of slippers with a towel...a wallet/keyring....a couple other things..I can't recall right now....all with the pink symbol on it..I bought the tote for myself..I think I may go back and get a...
  18. GourmetGirl

    How Long Until Pampered Chef Dollar Are Sent Out?

    I was wondering how long after your recruit qualifies it takes for your PC dollars to be sent out? Also, how long do we have to order the mid-season products as samples? (Pretty much I wanna know if I have to shell out for those products or if my PC bucks will get here in time :D ) Thanks for...
  19. P

    What Is the Dollar Days I've Read so Much About??

    Hi Guys, I'm still pretty new and I'm not sure what the dollar days thing is you are talking about. Can you clue me in? How does it work?:confused:
  20. kat29

    Have a Question About Dollar Days Promotion??

    I've been reading about the Dollar Days stuff and it sound really interesting and promising for someone looking for bookings(like myself). But I'm not exactly sure how this all works. I understand if they book the show from like on 9th day of the month they get it for 9 dollars but what about...
  21. heat123

    Dollar Days Incentive Results??

    Hi, for those of you who use it, how do you present it (via announcement or putting in guest folders) and how well has it worked for you??:confused: Need bookings for July and August and wanted to maybe use this.:rolleyes: Just wanted feedback:)
  22. kcjodih

    Dollar a Day Catelog Show Question

    Okay, I've been offering the dollar a day for June bookings and on the bottom it stated for cooking, catelog, or bridal shows. Catelog shows must close within 2 weeks. I had changed it to read under the title in small print 'book for June 9th get your choice from this list for $9. After the...
  23. Cindycooks

    Discover Amazing $1 Wedding Decor at Target's Dollar Aisle!

    Check it out! I just happened to be in there yesterday and they have all sorts of cute wedding stuff that you can use at showers. I bought a wreath of white silk flowers that I can cut up and attach to my SA stands, make a corsage with the little wooden spoons etc. Frames, invitations...
  24. PampMomof3

    Where Can I Purchase the Thousand Dollar Charms??

    My director is seriously considering hanging up her apron after 10 years in the business. As much as I want her to stay, you have to face the facts. I have had 3 thousand dollar shows in the last 2 months and really want to add them to my charm holder. Does anyone know where I can purchase...
  25. B

    theDollar a Day Stoneware Is the Best Thing Ever!

    I saw people talking about this Dollar A Day Stoneware idea and thought it sounded pretty okay. I've now changed my vote and am the biggest fan ever! I'm trying to overbook my July and August, since I'm taking a 3 week vacation in September. Since I haven't had much luck in bookings at my...
  26. J

    Dollar Day$ at the Pampered Chef (Flyer)

    O.K. this is an attempt to boost my June Sales. What do you think? Jenn
  27. DebPC

    Can You Get a Rectangle Baking Stone for $10 with Our Dollar a Day Promotion?

    One Pampered Chef booking promotion which sometimes works to get them booking in the beginning of the month is if they book in the first 5 days of the month they get a certain product at a certain price. Example: Rectangle Baking Stone for $10. You could work this to suit anytime you wanted...