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What is organization: Definition and 44 Discussions

  1. Schylie

    Fundraiser for Mission Organization

    Hi, I am just wondering if I can host a fundraiser for a Mission Organization. They are based in El Salvador but they have an office in the US. PC doesn't ship to central america, right? So all the customers of the fundraiser would have to be in the US. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome. Thanks...
  2. K

    Creating a Business Binder: Organization for Working Women without Office Space

    Most of my girls work other jobs and don't have the luxury of an office at home. I remember a training I took once at Conference where the lady talked about a business binder. I'm sure I took notes but I have no idea where they would be (maybe organizing notes should be a new year's...
  3. T

    Help Whip Cancer Organization Name

    Hi! I am very excited! What started out as a possible cancelation, had turned into a Help Whip Cancer catalog fundraiser...Then my host will reschedule a party with the new products in the fall. I went to set it up on the website...then synch it with Pampered Plus...all went well, except it...
  4. L

    How Do You Motivate the Organization?

    I am frustrated.... My daughter's band boosters is doing a fundraiser.. As I am on the school board, I am donating my complete commission, as well as offering incentives to highest sellers over $300 in individual sales.. At the meeting where the catalogs were sent out, only 4 of 25 parents were...
  5. jcsmilez

    Growing Pampered Chef Business: Strategies for Time and Organization Management

    Hey Cheffer friends, I've re-evaluated my family's needs and concluded that my desire is to stick with Pampered Chef FULL time and that I really need to 1. increase my number of shows and 2. increase my show average. I already have 4-5 time slots per week and am working on being more...
  6. N

    Director Needed Today: Your Best Organization Tips

    Tonight I have my second 3D training that I am conducting with my team via SKYPE--can you please post your best organization tips? Office organization, time organization, etc. Thanks!
  7. S

    Effective Business Organization Tips for Managing Receipts and Documents

    Do anyone have any tips on organizing our business. I'm not sure how to go about it. It seems I have receipts and drawing slips EVERYWHERE!! LOL Any help would be SOOO appreciated! Thanks, Stephanie
  8. lockhartkitchen

    Organization Key to a Successful Show

    I have not had any "direct sales parties" of my own, since I was a host with PC 5 years ago. I decided to have a "home party" to earn free pictures for my new house. I contacted a rep that had done a party for one of my friends. I booked a November show with her in September, so I was sure to...
  9. J

    Organization Cooking Show: No-Cook and Microwave Recipe Ideas and Tips

    Hi...I am having a cooking show at my daughter's mommy and me school... Just looking for any ideas for a no cook/ microwave recipe that shows a lot of products (I was thinking of pasta in DCB)...I was also going to set up stations for guests to practice with the products...Does anyone have an...
  10. F

    Fill in the Organization Name Questions

    The fundraiser is for a local Relay for Life team. They want the $ to turn in themselves. The coordinator says the check should be made out to the American Cancer Society. What do I enter in to Pampered Partner and what blank do I put it in? This is my first fundraiser.
  11. P

    How do you organize your home office for direct sales success?

    I'm working babysteps on getting more organized, but I am looking for some pointers. I've read through most of the organization threads I could find on here to get ideas but there's still some things I need help with. My office is quite small. Part of it is taken up by a bed as it is partly...
  12. turtle15

    Can I Search for an Organization Before the Fundraiser Start Date?

    If I have a fundraiser starting date for May 1, would I be able to search for that organization on my website before May 1? I wanted to make sure the search feature worked before I sent out flyers.
  13. Koolotus

    Director A New Year of Organization: My Cute Calendar Arrives!

    HOORAY!!! I just got my new calendar! It is so cute :) I think it will stand out, keep your eyes on the mail:party:
  14. T

    What's Your Best Organization Tip?

    What's your best Organization tip?
  15. gilliandanielle

    Build a Million Dollar Organization (Belinda Cd's)

    THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD! Watch for more PC stuff from the depths of my office soon, LOL!I have been cleaning out my office and I found stuff that was never even touched!From the SIS website: How To Build a Million Dollar Organization picks up where Step into Success leaves off. This great...
  16. amy07

    How Can I Increase Participation in My Fundraiser for a New School?

    I have my very first fundraiser in the works and I'm really excited to help raise funds. :thumbup: Here's the situation: It is a new school to serve indigent youth who are at risk of dropping out of school. It's main purpose is to serve/educate the youth as well as the parents who may slip...
  17. J

    Organize a HWC Fundraiser: Pick an Organization!

    I want to do a HWC fund raiser and it is asking me for an organization name - what do i put there?
  18. ragschef

    I Just Scheduled a Fundraiser for May for an Organization Here in My

    I just scheduled a fundraiser for May for an organization here in my area. The host called to let me know that there will be about 25 people collecting orders, give or take. Still, that's a lot of packets to make and supplies to use. So to make this the most efficient service, what should I put...
  19. M

    How Do You Organize Your Customer Care?

    Just curious...how does everyone organize their Customer Care? Do you use a binder? Is there a way to print a specific report (including what customers ordered) on P3? What do YOU do? Since I'm new, I'm looking for ideas I can use to best care for my customers. Thanks! mrsb:o
  20. Chef Mary Rose

    Help! Looking for Show Agenda Organization Tips!

    Sigh... I try to remember to do EVERYTHING but find that if I have a "rowdie" group, it's tough to stay on track! :rolleyes: Last night's show was a prime example. The host had 12 guests (but two left early). They were highly talkative and obviously enjoying each other's company. But the...
  21. Chef Mary Rose

    Help! Looking for Show Agenda Organization Tips!

    Sigh... I try to remember to do EVERYTHING but find that if I have a "rowdie" group, it's tough to stay on track! :rolleyes: Last night's show was a prime example. The host had 12 guests (but two left early). They were highly talkative and obviously enjoying each other's company. But the...
  22. Christ Follower

    Can an Organization Book off of a Regular Show?

    Anyone know if an organization can book off of a cooking show so that the host can get the booking benefit when the organization has it's fundraiser? If so, how would I put that in? Under the organizations name or the person at the organization running the fundraiser's name?
  23. ginamkiely

    Efficiently Organize Your Contacts: Tips for Better Management

    Hi everyone, I have a list in MS word of all my contacts so far, but they're not organized. Any suggestions? Should I seperate them by show, or alphabetical? also, i have all my contacts on PWS to cross check and make sure I have them all in word, that way when i send e-mails to my customers...
  24. MissKris

    Hi Everyone!I'm Doing a Fundraiser for a Non-Profit Organization

    Hi everyone! I'm doing a fundraiser for a non-profit organization that has a tax id number. The chairwoman told me last night that when they had an Avon fundraiser a few years ago, no one who ordered was charged sales tax on their orders because of their non-profit status. Does this hold...
  25. etteluap70PC

    Anyone Take "Get It Together" Time Mgt. & Organization?

    with Kim Powell & Tammy Mayfield. I am trying to set up the binder system she talked about and need help...!!
  26. DanielleQ

    Time Management and Organization

    If anyone has any notes from the TM & O workshop at conference, I'd love to get my hands on them. TIA!
  27. K

    Struggling with Organization? Share Your Workshop Notes and Learn from Others!

    This is my biggest problem. Could those of you that go to the organization workshops please share your notes after conference when it is legal to reveal. I am sure each speaker is a little different and that we can learn from all This is the toughest part for me in the business and...
  28. K

    Pampered Chef Priorities and Organization

    I won't go into the details of why I have had a bad couple of weeks (it is all detailed in other posts) but now that things are going a little better I am overwhelmed by all the stuff I now need to do to catch up. Since I am home during the day (mostly work evening hours) I have so much...
  29. MissChef

    Mastering Sticker Organization: Tips and Tricks for Sticker Addicts

    I have looked through this board and I don't think this subject has been specifically addressed! I want to know how any of you that are as addicted to stickers as I am:) , organize them? I just got a whole bunch of stickers from Nancy's Artwork and I have one box of stickers that I work out of...
  30. K

    Help Me With Coaching & Organization

    I am needing help with organization and coaching with lots of long distance people. I need a good (modifiable) check list for host coaching regular and fundraisers I also need a good basic host and fundraiser letter that helps them understand things including filling out order forms...