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  1. S

    Theme Show binder

    Help!! I'm putting together my theme show binder and am having a problem finding/thinking up recipes for my Desperate Housewives, Jimmy Buffett/Margaritaville and Hawaiin Luau theme shows. For Desperate Housewives, I've got Lawnboy Lemonade and Apricot-Almond Baked Brie. For my...
  2. N

    Putting together show binder

    Hi! I am working on my show binder, but being kinda new, I have NO IDEA what to put in it! Any suggestions? Also if you have any flyers, info sheets etc that you could post, I would be SO grateful! Y'all are awesome, thanks, Leesa
  3. C

    Recruiting Album Binder and Inserts...

    What is this? I am brand new and see that it is something that comes in the package that you can purchase as a new consultant...but I have no idea what it is or what it looks like...(curiosity killed the cat...and I am a cat!) :confused: Thanks
  4. J

    Booking Binder

    I was reading a file some one posted from the conference about getting bookings. And it talked about having a booking binder. I was wondering what some of you thought about it and if anyone had examples they might be able to share.
  5. S

    Theme Show Binder

    I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the Theme Show Binder that was offered by Kimberly Runkle. I contacted her directly but she is unable to download this information for me due to computer response time. If someone can please forward this file to me I would greatly appreciate it! You can...
  6. DebPC

    Recipe Cards and Binder

    I recently purchased all sets of our recipe cards and just finished putting them in to our Recipe Binder. I'm going to be taking this to my shows. I think it's a great way to show off 4 products at once!
  7. DebPC

    Theme Show Binder

    Pampered Chef Theme Show Binder Many consultants use thinner binders to hold Theme Show information which their show guests can look at during the party. Inside are details on different theme shows they are offering. Death by Chocolate, Italian or Mediteranean, Garnishing, Sip and Dip, Ugliest...
  8. DebPC

    Recipe Binder

    Pampered Chef Recipe Binder I use the recipe binder to showcase the recipes card, pies and tarts, salads and now soups and stews. They can flip thru and see what is in th packet. It also gives me time to talk about making up a recipe binder for kids when they leave the nest, for family...