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What is binder: Definition and 73 Discussions

  1. A

    Host/Guest Specials/Product Information Display Binder - Sold

    Host/Guest Specials/Product Information Display Binder C-Line 12-Pocket Presentation Book with built-in clear page protectors that I used to put the current and upcoming host and guest specials in, as well as product information sheets - will leave the sheets in there for you to use if you...
  2. J

    Booking Binder Themes: Simple and Effective Organization Tips

    Its not super fancy, but I just created this to put in my bookings binder. If you like it, go ahead and use it. http://www.chefsuccess.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23731&stc=1&d=1394247680
  3. C

    Looking for Replacement Recipe Cards for 2002/2003 Recipe Binder

    I have a customer that has the Recipe Binder from 2002/2003. She is looking for more of the recipe cards that came with the binder and I believe were sold on the replacement parts list during the same time. I have looked everywhere I can think of, the binder with the cards are for sale, but I...
  4. K

    Creating a Business Binder: Organization for Working Women without Office Space

    Most of my girls work other jobs and don't have the luxury of an office at home. I remember a training I took once at Conference where the lady talked about a business binder. I'm sure I took notes but I have no idea where they would be (maybe organizing notes should be a new year's...
  5. P

    Director Is anyone creating a binder for this year's National Conference?

    Has anyone started making a binder for this year's conference? I'm playing around a bit but thought I'd check if anyone else is doing the same...
  6. vhadley

    Always Getting Your Binder Back: Tips from a Hostess

    My director does a Folder/Binder full of stuff to give to hosts. It's the same one every single time, she just picks it up after the party and so on. If you do that too, my question is how many times do you not get your binder back? I think I will do that too, but I'm doing a decorated...
  7. J

    Wanted:Pampered Chef 3 Ring Binder

    to hold product information as I am new and would like to take it with me if someone has a questions, I have a reference. Please let me know the price and send a pic I am in MA thanks! :chef:
  8. J

    Director Anyone Have a Conference Binder?

    Can anyone help?? I am looking for a Conference Binder to give to my consultants. I have one I am trying to tweek, but with spending the last 2 weeks on the roof with my husband (roofing the house) I am running short of time -- help!
  9. thehaleykitchen

    Flyers About Product Lines for Binder?

    I was watching another consultant do a show the other night and she had these wonderful flyers about our knives, cookware, etc. in her binder to the guests to look at. I tried to find them on CC but couldn't. Where they retired? Anybody have a scanned copy or made their own? I'm still quite new...
  10. Kenzie09

    Iso Large Pampered Chef Banner & Binder

    Title says it all. The Binder I'm talking about is a leather one that says Pampered Chef on the outside. I know my recruiter has one and it looks very nice and professional looking. If you could message me if your interested in selling with a price, it'd be greatly appreciated :] :chef...
  11. C

    What Should I Include in My Information Binder for Promoting The Pampered Chef?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this but hopefully I'll get some responses and ideas. I've been given the opportunity to leave an information binder at my daughters preschool centre, dance studio and at my doctors office. I've left behind catalogs before but thats all. When i...
  12. H

    Find the Perfect Recipe Card Binder at Iso:Recipe - Contact Us Now!

    I am looking for one or two Recipe Card Binders. If you have one that you are willing to part with, please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you!
  13. AmyP

    Wondering if Any One Else Uses a Binder......

    I bought a binder and I figured it would be easy to go page by page while doing my intro at shows. Was wondering if anyone else uses one and if so what flyers do you use or anything else? Thanx
  14. chefHLM

    Bookings Binder: My Journey & What I Included

    I was wondering if anyone used a bookings binder? And what type of things you added to it. I started on a binder (been working on it for 3 days now) but it doesn't include just booking info. I added a few pics from conference, recruiting info, booking info, page about the budget friendly...
  15. susanr613

    Is This Business in a Binder the Solution for Your PC Business Needs?

    If you are short on space and/or want to run your PC business from a single point. I tried this but it did not work for me, and I'd rather sell it (cheap) to a good home than have it sit and collect dust in my closet: 2" binder white with front and spine clear cover pockets and inside pockets...
  16. F

    Lemon Bar Recipe from Better Homes & Gardens Binder Cookbook

    Here's my lemon bar recipe. Haven't made the PC one. This is from Better Homes & Gardens checked binder cookbook. 1/3 c butter 1 c sugar 1 c flour 2 eggs 2 tbs flour 2 tsp finely shredded lemon peel (1 lemon works for both of these) 3 tbs lemon juice 1/4 tsp baking powder powdered...
  17. wadesgirl

    Iso Dots Binder & Cranberry Striped Money Bag

    Anyone have either of the above two items they are looking to get rid of?
  18. babywings76

    Theme Show Binder on Supply Order Form?

    I can't find the theme show binder on the supply order form. Is it called something else? Did it get discontinued or something? My collection of theme show pages is growing and I don't have a place to keep them. I have too many loose generic binders lying around, so I thought it would be...
  19. wadesgirl

    Organize Your Life with a Pampered Chef-Look Dots Binder!

    I would like to purchase a dots binder that was earned last month. I know it's just a binder but I like the official PC look to it! I'm working on my "work" binder to help organize myself better.
  20. P

    Maximize Visibility with Flip Chart/Display Binders - Tips and Ideas

    Not sure if this in the right place, but need to ask! I use the PC flip chart and was just wondering what everyone puts in their's, if they use one? Or, if you don't what do you use to show the specials, fundraisers, bridal showers, business, etc.? Thanks for your help!
  21. A

    Get Your Dots Binder in Canada: Find Out If Others Have Received Theirs Yet!

    Does everyone have there dots binder yet? (in Canada). I haven't gotten mine yet and was wondering if others are still waiting or if I should phone HO. Thanks
  22. cookingwith_tara

    Does Anyone Have the Dots Binder Yet?

    Just wondering when the dots binder will ship? Has anyone recieved theirs?
  23. P

    Looking for a New Planner Binder?

    I'm wanting to buy the NEW PC Planner Binder that was for the January 1-8 promotion. I tried to get a show closed, but missed the date!! UGH :cry: I REALLY WANT ONE BAD!!! Please let me know if you are willing to sell! Thank you! Angel
  24. C

    Who Wants the Consultant Binder

    I would like to earn the consultant planner binder but I asked three people yesterday and I even offered to give the host the host special for free. Most people are saying that it would be hard to have a show even a caddy show when they don't go back to work till the 5th! Any suggestions
  25. G

    "Business in a Binder" for Sale

    I have been using this item for my "business in a binder." Basically, it was my portable office that I carried to my FT job with material in the file pocket and call logs, team info, show info and my planner in the binder. It has worked very well for this, but since I'm leaving my day job to...
  26. H

    Do you have inserts for the discontinued recipe binder?

    Does anyone have inserts for the discontinued recipe binder? I really need more and pc said they put them on the outlet but I never saw them. Please let me know.
  27. rbvernon

    Creating a Theme Show Binder: Seeking Advice

    I have set a goal for the month of August to make a theme show binder. Well I am not sure where to start, what to put in the binder. Would it even be worth it to make a theme show binder? :confused: I would grealty appreciate anyone help or input. Thanks so much, rbvernon
  28. E

    Pampered Chef Binder on Supply Form

    Does anyone know if anything comes with this or if it's just a binder? There aren't any pictures or descriptions on the form that I can find. I've noticed people selling them in marketplace with some tabs or dividers. I didn't know if it was worth getting it for informational purposes. It's...
  29. Bren706

    Streamline Your Business with the Future Business Binder System

    I use a binder system for my contacts, hosts, recruit leads, etc., but I am trying to find a way to best file them in the binder. I have heard of the "Future Business Binder". Are you familiar with it? Can you share the details? I have seen the "Binderize your business" document here in...