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  1. B

    Can a consultant get the booking benefit?

    Does any know if a consultant can get the booking benefit?
  2. rachelpc

    Booking benefit

    I had a quick question. If 2 people book from the same host for the same month does that person ( the one they booked off of) get the sepcial at each show. That only seems right. It is not the first hosts fault that they both booked in the same month. Thnak for your input
  3. B

    Host Booking Benefit

    I had a host in June that didn't do as well as she wished to. She wants to try again in August. I put her down as a booking from herself. My question is can she then purchase two Host Specials - one as the person hosting an August show and one as the host that the show as booked from...
  4. B

    Make the new booking benefit work for you!

    Here is a great flyer that was passed onto me by Katie! It helps the host realize the benefit of helping us get bookings and keeping them!
  5. DebPC

    Another Host Benefit

    The Pampered Chef pays the sales tax on all the free products hosts earn for having a show. Many direct sales companies have their hosts pay taxes on the full retail value of free items received by the host. At the Pampered chef free means free! Just one more thing to emphasize when booking your...