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What is benefit: Definition and 107 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Ordering Flexibility Now Available - A Benefit for Us and Our Hosts

    Anyone else excited that customers can now order up to the time the party is submitted? No having to change the order deadline. I think this is a great benefit for us and our hosts.
  2. R

    Does a Host Receive Benefits if a Guest Joins as a Consultant?

    Hi, I’m new as a consultant. I sold about 15 years ago and still have so many products in GREAT condition because of the quality of P. Chef. Happy to be back. Question: Does a host get any benifit if one of her guests decides to not order product but signs up with a consultants kit instead...
  3. W

    Is the Past Host Booking Benefit 60% off for hosts who sell over $650?

    Is the Past Host Booking Benefit just one of the 60% off items even if the host sells over $650?
  4. C

    Fundraiser Host Benefit: Maximize Donations or Opt Out?

    Can a host of a fundraiser choose not to take the host benefit in exchange for more money being donated to the show? Or is it take or leave it kind of thing?
  5. B

    Unexpected Orders: A $100 Mistake to My Benefit?

    Last week I got 12 online orders from all over the country (3 of them were cancelled). I didn't know any of the names and all of them opted out of giving me their contact info, so I have only addresses. It ended up being over $500 in sales! I'm checking with a host on an open show I have...
  6. gailz2

    Additional Early Oct. Host Benefit

    Did anyone get an email from HO re the new offer for Oct. hosts (1-15) to earn the small ridged baker free? I received one from an upline mentioning it, and checked CC and see it is indeed talked about there.
  7. kam

    Another Host Benefit Flyer Ss2012

    Bobbi (esavvymom) suggested this one. Great idea! This is taken from pages 4-5 in the catty. PLEASE see that this is ONLY for the SS2012 season as the half price items are on this one - and those change every season (mostly). Later, when I have time, I can try to re-arrange it a bit and...
  8. kam

    Host Benefit Flyer Updated Ss2012

    I have been asked to update the Host Benefit Flyer. I removed the color dots items from the pictures along the top and bottom.
  9. K

    What benefits does a host receive for a fundraiser with Pampered Chef?

    So I know the host for a fundraiser does not receive the FREE product benefit...do they receive the host special for the month, the half price items, or the discount? Thanks for any information!
  10. A

    Past Host Benefit for Fundraiser Question

    Hi :) I have a host that has a show booked off of herself for this month. If she wants to change it to a fundraiser, will she still get the past host benefit? Thank you :)
  11. sailorsarah

    Past Host Benefit for Consultants?

    I hosted a party in November that I used to become a consultant and had two girls book parties off of my party. One of the girls is having her party sometime this month and I was wondering if I could take advantage of the 60% off stoneware reward from her party. If it makes any difference, I'm...
  12. A

    Booking Benefit for Fundraisers

    Does anyone know if a fundraiser is booked from a cooking show, does the cooking show host get a past host item on the fundraiser?
  13. kam

    New and Improved Host Benefit Flyer for SS2012 - Check it Out!

    ****************** Please note, the below attachment is outdated as far as the images along the top and bottom (the color dots are shown). I have removed those pictures and placed the revised flyer here: http://www.chefsuccess.com/f20/host-benefit-flyer-updated-ss2012-72496/...
  14. A

    What are the Host Rewards and Booking Benefits for Parties?

    I am totally confused about the Host Rewards/Booking benefit. If 3 people sign up at a Party then what is the benefit the Original host gets? Do they get to order the Host Special at each of their parties? Confused because I thought that the Host could take advantage of the Host Special...
  15. SonyaVerrillo

    Booking Benefit Avail for Grand Opening?

    I have a host who just had her show last weekend. She's seriously thinking about joining:D, but wants/needs to wait until she has her baby in February. I'm wondering if I list her potential Grand Opening in Feb/March as a "booking"--will she be able to get 2 host specials (as both the past...
  16. B

    Can a Pampered Chef Host Get Specials from Multiple Shows?

    I have only been a consultant for about a month and this question has recently come up and I don't want to give the host the wrong answer..... If 3 guests that attended the same show, each book a show; is the past host only entitled to the host special at one of those shows or can she get the...
  17. H

    What are the benefits of keeping old catalogs?

    I've seen people selling their old catalogs and I'm curious as to what the benefit would be of having old catalogs around? I'm still kind of new, so I'm not sure of all that reasoning on things like that.
  18. B

    Change in Past Host Booking Benefit Starting 9/10

    I didn't see this posted: The Special Edition CN states on page 24 that starting with September shows a show must hit $150 in sales before the past host can redeem her booking benefit. WAHOO! Now every show submitted will be at least $150 commissionable and therefore if someone submits a...
  19. etteluap70PC

    Help Out a Little Boy with Cancer: Pampered Chef Benefit

    I got this message this AM... Hi there, any way to get something from Pampered Chef and attach it to a Pamper Chef party in England that's for a little boy with cancer? A friend of mine in England's grandson is dying of cancer and they're having a Pampered Chef benefit for him... just thought...
  20. K

    Can a Host Purchase Multiple Booking Benefit Items at Different Parties?

    I have a host who had two friends book parties in June. (the 1st and 3rd) My past host purchased the cool & serve at 60% off at the June 1st show. Then she purchased the BBQ Tray at the June 3rd show. Is that not allowed? My understanding is that it is a booking benefit and I thought she was...
  21. KayPT

    Is a $1000 Show the Key to More Income and Quality Time at Home?

    Is there an benefit for a $1000 show? Just wondering. Thanks!
  22. Monty060609

    Maximize Your Benefits as a Past Host: 6 Months or 1 Year?

    I was just going through one of the booking slides I got off of here to personalize it and make sure it is updated. The past host benefit, is that good for 6 months or one year? TIA
  23. N

    Ok- Complicated Question W/ Past Host Benefit

    Go a question probably for the seasoned consultant. OK, lets say I have a show 12/1...and there is a booking for a catalog show in feb. The Feb host wants the knife block set. AND the DEC host wants the 7 pc S/S set we used to be able to do this... Can I have my past host order the SS...
  24. N

    Can Past Hosts Still Benefit from Booking Discounts and 60% Off Items?

    I had a host back in May...she booked a show for Oct off hers. I did enter it in, so does that mean she can get the past host booking benefit and then the host 60% off items ?? I think so...can anyone verify this? Nancy
  25. pamperedcheermom

    Booking Benefit Question......asap

    I have a show in the morning that was booked from a previous host. I looked to see what the previous host can order as the booking benefit and it says "any ONE item at 60% off". Does this mean ANY item in the book or just the stoneware or metal bakeware which is the host special this month? I...
  26. ChefJoyJ

    How Does Co-Hosting Work for Past Host Benefit?

    Recently, I had a show where 3 people booked. :thumbup: 2 of them want to co-host b/c one of the ladies kitchen is being remodeled and she really wants to host her show soon (last weekend of the month). My question is: how does that affect the past host's benefits? Can she take advantage of...
  27. beckyjsmith

    My Benefit Package & SAT Prep Arrived!

    My benefit package came today. The SAT stuff usually comes a few days later. whheeeeee
  28. Saturday Gourmet

    Booking Benefit Clarification Needed

    I had a show yesterday with 2 bookings. The host of yesterday's show called today and left a message that she might like to book again when we have stoneware as a hostess benefit. My question is if I go ahead and book a show for her under her show from yesterday and let's say September is 1...
  29. J

    Do cohost sales count towards FPV levels in Pampered Chef shows?

    I just had a show over the weekend where two people will share the May host benefits.. one is taking all the free product and the other is ordering some of the HWC items (plus more). I've entered all the regular guests and FPV comes to $90. I entered in the Host items which took exactly the...
  30. P

    Maximize Bookings with our Booking Benefit Postcard - Order Now!

    What do you all think of this? I want something I can send to the host before her show to remind her of the Booking Benefit. I don't want to make it month-specific because I'm going to order from VistaPrint. If I try to give them the month-specific DYLAB flyer, it won't happen. I need...