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What is $1000: Definition and 70 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Who Had a $1000 Show or More in January???

    Brag a bit! I still have a show at $835 to close that I hope will be one. Still orders coming in.
  2. Christ Follower

    $1000 Mystery Host Catalog Show Flyer?

    Sooo.... it's that time of year again~ Sell A Thon! Every year I do the Mystery Host Catalog Show in June (and in November) during the Sell-A-Thon since it's such a great way to boost sales! :thumbup: (You know... 10 people collect $100 in orders making a $1000 show?) I was wondering if...
  3. C

    Reaching the $1000 Show After 2.5 Years: My Journey and Success Story!

    I has taken me over 2.5 years to get there but I finally had my $1000 show!!!! Funny thing was this was the host who said she only had 6 people coming and was not too concerned because she only wanted a chopper!!!! I love now that hubby got me a laptop for Christmas that I can see the hosts...
  4. C

    $1000 Mystery Host - as Catalog or Cooking Show??

    I'm just getting ready to send out an email to get a $1000 Mystery Host Show (thanks to Chef BeckyD and all others for your great ideas on that super-long thread!!!). But I'm just trying to figure out the prizes, and am a little confused, as the free value of the prizes others have listed seems...
  5. KayPT

    Is a $1000 Show the Key to More Income and Quality Time at Home?

    Is there an benefit for a $1000 show? Just wondering. Thanks!
  6. R

    Say Thanks: Incentives & Recognition for $1000 Show Hosts

    Do any of you offer any extra incentives or recognition to your $1000 show hosts? I would love to come up with something to encourage them and to recognize them when they achieve it? I know that PC offers them quite a bit but I would just like to really come up with a way to acknowledge the...
  7. leslieprichett

    First $1000+ Show Closed: My Thrilling Success Story - $1349.14 Total!

    Whoo hoo! I just closed my first $1000 + show. Yeah! It was $1349.14 in total. I am so excited :)
  8. ChipLines

    Congratulations New Consultant $1000 First Show!

    I am so excited for Norma Lines :chef:(my sister and new recruit!). She just called to say that her first "real show" just went over $1000K (in triple points too) and they still have one day before closing -- will close Sunday evening. Held at local community center (which was free to host who...
  9. S

    Unlock Discounts with $1000 Mystery Host Show - FAQ and Tips | Stephanie

    Ok. I'm a newbie. Just got my start kit this past Wednesday. I've read several posts about the $1000 mystery host show. I have a few questions about how this works. I was thinking about offering this to friends and family that live out of the area. How are you able to offer 30% off each...
  10. chefkathy

    Is a $1000 Show Possible After Maternity Leave? My First Show Back Proves It!

    I haven't done a show in 2 months due to maternity leave. I had my first show back over the weekend. My sister was my host. :)We had 11 people there and sales are $1000!!!! We did the fajitas & fresh salsa (hands-on style) and we were done with EVERYTHING (except checkout) in 45 mins. It was...
  11. kcmckay

    Have you reached $1000 in guest sales yet? Learn how this consultant did it!

    So things have been slow and I'm really trying to get my business up and running and continuing this time. I had 2 shows last week. Monday and Thursday. Monday's show closed at $1142 in guest sales. $1197 with hosts order! WOO HOO!!!!!:) So excited. Praying for triple points!! Closed it last...
  12. C

    Are $1000 Mystery Host Flyers a Successful Marketing Strategy?

    I posted these on CS and thought that I would cross post them here. I know that several people have had good luck with this in the past...
  13. J

    Iso Gold $ Charms for $1000 Pin

    I have a consultant who has had 2 $1000 shows this last week, and another who had 1. Since this is new for me (have only had one or 2 consultants of mine in the past 3 years who have done this), I would like to give them recognition at the meeting with the $1000 pins. I have the pins, but...
  14. Christ Follower

    Director Recognize Your Team's Success: $1000 Show Certificates and Special Dinner

    Does anyone have a nice Certificate Flyer made up? As part of my team recognition, I want to give them a certificate for each $1k show they have. Then at the end of the year I will take them out to a special dinner. I am lousy at flyers so if anyone has something I can use I would...
  15. Bren706

    November Mystery $1000 Catalog Show - Participants and Results

    I have just sent out my first batch of e-mails looking for participants for my November Mystery Catty show. I am hoping to reach the $3k level for the SAT. Anybody else doing the Mystery $1000 Catalog show for November? There were some great threads for June and July. I thought I would...
  16. ChefMary412

    Exciting $1000 Show with Friends and Cookware Deals!

    So, my mom called me last week and said she wanted to have a few friends over before she went to Calif. for a week to visit my brother. She said that she had a few friends who wanted a few PC things, and she was due to book a show since she did off of my aunt and my aunt wanted cookware...
  17. C

    Word Version of the $1000 Mystery Host

    I forgot to post the Word versions for July and August!:eek: Here they are! Good luck!
  18. M

    $1000 Mystery Host (Becky's Version) Question

    I didn't want to thread-jack the other post so I created a new thread. But I've been totally lurking on that thread and decided that this is what I needed to do for the month of July to really get my business off the ground. I realize that most everyone else used the client base that they...
  19. C

    My Version of the $1000 Mystery Host Show....

    Okay, tell me what you think? I have mulled over this until it's almost too late - but if I can get it done, I am going to send it to some of my hosts tonight as an email, and then follow up with phone calls.....This Email is going to some of my hosts who have done very well with Catalog...
  20. C

    Trying to Figure Out the $1000 Mystery Host Deal

    Okay, so I've read all of the info, and think that the fliers posted are really nice looking - but I am having a hard time getting past the fact that some of the people may not get anything for their time other than a discount. I mean - what if someone collects $200 in orders, but they end...
  21. P

    Oops! $1000 Blunder - Need Advice

    Need some advice. We've never done this one before! What a blunder. Somehow, I typed a host's name as Butler rather than Baker submitted show. Host spotted it on the email saying that show has shipped. We sent an email to HO & they said they won't do anything. This is over a $1000 show and...
  22. K_Jurich

    Exciting First $1000 Show Experience: A Success Story

    I had my first $1000 show. I am so excited. :love:
  23. wadesgirl

    Crazy or Not? Hosting a $1000 HWC Fundraiser

    This is going to seem like a very weird question and you may be wondering my sanity. A little back story... I met this host at a couple's party. The husband was way more into PC and the products than the wife is. He agreed to host a party last March. One of the worst actual parties I have...
  24. momoftwins

    Celebrating My First $1000 Show and Record-Breaking Month in PC!

    I just submitted my first $1000 show on the 14th!!!!! I have been doing PC for 6 1/2 years now and it just finally happened! This particular host has been doing PC parties with me for like 3 years now (every March). I also just did a basic fundraiser to raise money for our medical deductibles...
  25. C

    Updated $1000 Mystery Host Flyers

    Thought I'd share these for March, April, May & June. Good luck!
  26. pregochef

    Exceeding Expectations: My $1000 Live Show Experience - $1324.09 and Counting!

    :sing: I finally did a $1000 show...$1324.09 and it's not closed yet! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to toot my own horn!
  27. ChefJoyJ

    Celebrating My First Show: Over $1000 In Sales Thanks To DH!

    I just crossed $1000! Right now my grand opening show is sitting at $1049. 50! :love: :D Before you go thinking that I'm an incredible sales person, I owe it all to my DH. :love: My show sales (from people attending) were around $450-500. The rest of these orders are from my DH's work...
  28. 96hockeymom

    Looking for a $1000 Show Flyer for Pampered Chef?

    Somebody had this here a few months ago. I had it in my computer, but then my computer died and I lost all my files. If someone has this, I would really appreciate it. I am really trying to step up my Pampered Chef for the new year! Thank you! Leslie
  29. kam

    What Counts Towards Calling It a $1000 Show?

    I have a host who is at $903.77 in amounts that count toward her show. So she has a $900 show. But since a past host ordered a trifle bowl, my commissionable is only at 888.27. (So I can't really say my best show is $903 - can I??) I am hoping she makes it to a $1000 show - but that might not...
  30. Gina M

    Krystal's $1000 Show: Hoping to Reach $3000 SAT Level!

    I have a show tonight that has around 22 people coming (could even be more) - she also has 8 outside orders already (4 are from me) - I so would love to have a $1000 show to also push me closer to the $3000 SAT level. I'm also going to ask everyone to host a show (I have yet to do this so...