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What is attendance: Definition and 43 Discussions

  1. P

    Director I Really Can't Complain Too Much About Attendance at My Meetings, but

    I really can't complain too much about attendance at my meetings, but I have someone who is not coming because she has to close a show, and one person who can't come because her boss said she spent too much time last week on the phone doing PC stuff....which makes sense, but she works 8-4! What...
  2. B

    Fall Launch Attendance Goal Incentives

    Does anyone know what the registration totals are for Fall Launch locations? I'm wondering what locations are going to be in the running to win an iPad?
  3. frozenchef

    Spring Launch: Attendance Numbers

    Later tonight, I'll post the numbers/percentages of the attendance goals for the different Spring Launch cities.
  4. RoseAndrews

    How can I boost attendance at my low-attended show tonight?

    I have a show tonight with only 4 confirmed guests. As this is my 2nd show, I am going no matter what, at least for the practice if nothing else :p Does anyone have good sales/booking tips with low attendance? My director said some of her best bookings come from lower attended shows. I am...
  5. AJPratt

    What's Your Best Tip for Boosting Attendance?

    So, you've talked to your host and find out he or she has 3 people coming and hasn't really done any reminder calls. What is your best tip/trick to get her to do those calls and boost attendance? I tell her that I forgot to tell her we are doing the pot holder contest. What works for you?
  6. C

    Did the Dates of Nc Hurt Your Cluster Attendance?

    I am sending an email to HO about the dates of the conference. It seems so spread out. I hate that conference starts for consultants on Tues. I am driving up with my director so I have leave my house Sunday evening to drive to her house and then leave for Chicago early Monday. So Monday is...
  7. ShelbyMichalek

    Should I Offer Chair Massages at my Open House for Extra Attendance?

    I'm having my Spring Open House this weekend. I've sent invites to my whole customer base and LO100. I'm going to do a phone call to each of them that haven't already contacted me today and tomorrow. I was lying in bed last night, sleepless as I sometimes am, and thought of a great idea!! My...
  8. P

    Director How Do You Get Attendance or Even an Rsvp?

    So.... I'm having a bit of a letdown.:( I'm a new Director, and I'm sharing meetings with my Director for one simple reason - no one comes!:bugeye: I have 1 member on my team come and maybe she gets 3 - 4. :grumpy: How do you get attendance? How do you get people to even RSVP...
  9. C

    Investigating the Unexpected Increase in Attendance at Host Parties

    I'm trying to figure out the whys and reasons for this trend I'm seeing...so this will probably be a little rambling... Almost every show I've had in November and December - there have been MORE people there than the host was planning on, or had RSVP's for. I always have my hosts make...
  10. K

    How Can I Check Show Attendance on Pws?

    I just put in my first show on my new PWS. How can I check to see who can come and who RSVP'd? Thanks so much. Katie
  11. ButterflyVioletta

    Boost Bookings with Attendance Rewards: Tips from Cluster Meeting

    At my cluster meeting, the first, Patsy McGovern had a great suggestion to reward the hostess for ATTENDANCE because HO is just rewarding them for sales, but that we need attendance for bookings. What would be a good number? Should I say if you have 15 people I will give you the hot selling 29...
  12. B

    Boost Conference Attendance with Incentives: Unlock Exclusive Benefits Now!

    I'm spoiled, I know, but I want some incentives for attending conference. It's about time they start enticing us. I'm holding off on registering in the hopes that my one little registration will keep the numbers down and HO will feel the need to bribe us to go. I would LOVE the extra incentive...
  13. janetgia

    Has Online Ordering Affected Show Attendance?

    I am returning to PC after several years away (signing next week when my new director is back in town!) and am pleased to see the online ordering capability. I'm wondering if you all have found that it has reduced show attendance, increased outside orders, or had no impact on show sales...
  14. A

    Average Guest Attendance: 8-10 at Recent Shows

    I'm just curious what everyone would say their average guest attendance is for their shows. For my last few I've had 8-10 at each.
  15. PCMelissa

    Show Attendance Up: How is the Economy Affecting You?

    I am finding that show attendance is up more for me than in the last year. Per person order totals are lower, but it is not really making much difference in my show total since there are more guests. Also, I am getting more bookings than I was last year. (However, that could be because of...
  16. C

    When to Have the Best Show Attendance: Advice for Neighborhood Shows

    When are the best days for you to do your shows? I have been doing a lot on weekends, but then had a couple in the middle of the week, and had the best show attendance I've ever had!!! I am looking to do a neighborhood show at my house, and would like advice on which day to do it on. Which day...
  17. B

    Poker Night at the Show: A Unique Way to Increase Attendance!

    Has anyone done a poker themed show? I brainstormed this idea, and since I play a lot of poker, I think I found a fun way to incorporate it into a show. Every guest gets so much in monopoly money before the show and everyone is given 2 cards. At designated times on the presentation people can...
  18. Hathery

    Increasing Party Attendance in a Struggling Economy

    Okay, so as of late with the whole "economy" thing my attendance has been significantly decreased at parties. I like to think I am clear with my hosts about how to send out the invites, how to encourage outside/online orders, etc. but I just don't think I'm doing a good enough job. Anyone have...
  19. R

    Cookies & Cards Show - Need Help Increasing Attendance

    So a good friend and I are hosting our 2nd annual Cookies & Cards. She sells Stampin' Up. So I show fun ways to make impressive cookies and ideas to help people with their holiday meals and gift-giving. She promotes stamping holiday cards and does a make and take card with the guests. This...
  20. L

    How can I increase attendance at my cooking show during rainy weather?

    Hi All, I did a cooking show last night at 6pm. On the way to the host's house (35 miles from mine) it started to pour. I normally check the weather, but I forgot to check the weather at HER house. She had 15 people RSVP as definite "yes's", and 6 showed up:(. I hate driving in the rain, and...
  21. T

    Boost Event Attendance: Expert Tips for Consistent Show Success

    What do you do on a REGULAR basis to work towards getting high attendance at your shows?
  22. M

    Hostess Treasure Hunt: Improving Party Attendance

    I would like to improve the attendance of my parties. Has anyone ever tried the Treasure Hunt for the Hostess? if so was it successful?
  23. T

    Need Participants for 35,000 Attendance Fair

    Hi, Guys and Gals, I hope you are having a great day. I thought I would let you know about a great way to promote your PC business! Kellerfest, a three-day festival, will take place in Keller, TX town center (near Dallas/Fort Worth, TX) on May 30th, May 31st and June 1st. They anticipate...
  24. T

    Small-Town Life: Getting Show Bookings & Attendance

    Anyone else from a small town? We have approx 4,000, however there's about 8 PC consultants (that Im aware of) around here. It seems like everyone has been to a PC party in the last few months! My friend (I am so thankful she will be hosting a party for me) , well she will be coming to my...
  25. wadesgirl

    Low Show Attendance, Here's What I Do!

    I know some people on here lately have talked about hosts canceling parties because of low attendance. I have been doing something a little different when I have 3 or less people in attendance. The guests still seem to have fun, we talk about alot of products and it's not just me standing up...
  26. Jules711

    Hosts: How to Encourage Show Attendance

    For hosts? I heard of this idea to encourage the host to make reminder calls. They are supposed to find out who has a sticker or something on their invite. Is this right and what does she get and does the guest get something too? Trying to figure out ways to encourage follow up and such to...
  27. J.Corley

    Need a Boost to Get Higher Attendance...

    Hey guys! I have a cooking show/mystery host at my house this Thursday and I want to invite my neighbors. I have invited the two I know but I haven't invited others. I want to get the whole street invited. Would putting a flyer I made in their newspaper slot on their mailbox be a good idea...
  28. M

    Boost Your Event Attendance with These Proven Tips - Free Shipping Incentive!

    Hi, my host next week is having a tough time getting RSVP's...what are some great attendance boosting tips I can give her... 1) Tell everyone to bring a friend or 2 2) if they bring 2 friends they get free shipping 3)..... thanks guys
  29. Miss Cori

    Boost Event Attendance: Proven Tips for Effective Host Coaching - TIA

    I have a lady who wants to have a show, and it is my chance to get out of the friends and family. What does everyone do to increase attendance besides the regular host coaching stuff. Any tips can help. TIA
  30. DebbieJ

    Ideas for Increasing Attendance at Shows

    I have to do a training on this and thought I'd ask here to gather some initial ideas. What do you do to encourage attendance?