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What is increasing: Definition and 41 Discussions

  1. M

    Booking Beads: Increasing Show Bookings - Experiences?

    Has anyone heard about Jill Lerner's Booking Beads tool for increasing your bookings at shows? Has anyone used it? If so, how successful was it?
  2. K

    Help Finding a Thread for Increasing Sales

    I came across a thread the other day and cannot find it now. It had a list of over 100 ways to get sales i did a search and couldnt find it either
  3. M

    Director How can I increase my show average and boost outside orders?

    Does anyone have any handouts, outlines, to do a training on increasing your show average? I've thought of a few things, but have a training i'm putting together for next week. A few ideas i ran across: ** when sending invitations, offer a : $1.00 off for every outside order or Bring a...
  4. cmdtrgd

    Director Unlock the Power of Spices, DCB Cakes and Increasing Guest Lists

    Just send this to my team and thought you might get some good results, too. I have tried a couple of new ideas that seem to be working for me and I wanted to share. 1. Spices - I love our spices and so do most of the people who experience them. I put together a bag of all the spices I...
  5. esavvymom

    Increasing Sales Tax & "Tax-Free" Weekends

    Many states have back-to-school incentives for "Tax Free weekends". The state of North Carolina's is this August 7-9th this year. But I also heard on the news last night, that our new budget is likely to be signed, and it will include a 1% sales tax increase- from 6.75% to 7.75%!!! :eek...
  6. G

    Increasing Sales by Going to Fairs - Advice Requested

    Okay I am looking to increase my sales by maybe going to fairs. Right now I sell around $3,200 a month just doing kitchen shows. I figured up what I need to go to disney and I should be selling $4,000 a month to make that happen. Anyway what do you do at a fair.... do you just get leads.... do...
  7. Deb Bixler

    Education Key to Increasing Sales

    Summer Direct Sales Training In The Park-Speaker's Series It is time for concerts in the park to start so why not take your phone out to the park and enjoy the weather while you invest in growing your business. Not The Run-Of-The-Mill Speakers Summer In The Park speaker's tele-seminar...
  8. M

    Boost Show Average: Tips for Increasing Your Success Rate

    I use to have a document in my files on your increasing show average. I am not sure if I got it on here or not. I am unable to find it in my files, and I have "searched" on here as well, and can not find it. I really wish it was easier to find things in the files. Does any one have this? I...
  9. dannyzmom

    I Am Leading a Conf Call 2Nite on Increasing Your Show Avg

    Email me at [email protected] for the call-in info if you want to join...9pm eastern time
  10. Hathery

    Increasing Party Attendance in a Struggling Economy

    Okay, so as of late with the whole "economy" thing my attendance has been significantly decreased at parties. I like to think I am clear with my hosts about how to send out the invites, how to encourage outside/online orders, etc. but I just don't think I'm doing a good enough job. Anyone have...
  11. R

    Cookies & Cards Show - Need Help Increasing Attendance

    So a good friend and I are hosting our 2nd annual Cookies & Cards. She sells Stampin' Up. So I show fun ways to make impressive cookies and ideas to help people with their holiday meals and gift-giving. She promotes stamping holiday cards and does a make and take card with the guests. This...
  12. AmieCream

    Increasing Sales With Stickers!

    I posted a few weeks ago asking what sticker companies you use. I decided to order just a few items from thebooster.com WOW!!! I love them! My question is, has anyone taken their challenge of putting 4 stickers on each invitation? Did it work??? Enquiring minds want to know! TIA
  13. susanr613

    How can I increase my customer sales average?

    I've been in the biz since November 07 and have noticed that my per person sales are right around $50 - big shows, small shows, even catalog shows. I am familiar with host coaching to encourage attendance and therefore increase show average, but how do i increase customer sales average...
  14. S

    Maximize Bookings with a Personalized Wish List at DS Parties

    I have been to other DS Parties where they give you a Wish List. Does anyone else do this?
  15. S

    Increasing Sales of a Catalogue Show

    Does anyone have ANY suggestions how to increase Sales of a Catalogue Show? Mine are VERY low - so I would LOVE to hear ANY suggestions! My D says she BARELY does a catalogue Show - so she wasn't any help for advice/suggestions.....:(
  16. S

    Sarah's Ideas for Increasing Bookings: Share Yours!

    I am leading part of my cluster meeting this month and we are talking about ways to get bookings. I have a bunch of ideas but am looking for more to share with my cluster. Any ideas you have to do to get bookings let me know. Sarah PS THanks
  17. redsoxgirl

    Postage Increasing May 12, 2008

    I saw someone mention this in another thread, but I thought it could use a thread of it's own. http://www.usps.com/prices/welcome.htm Make sure to go out and buy some...
  18. M

    Increasing Sales: Strategies for Breaking Through 350# Plateau

    How do you all get such a big # in sales? i have a hard time of getting past 350 this last month. it was supper in nov but it has slowed down. Please HELP ME. :(
  19. wadesgirl

    Boost Your Show Average: Top Tip for Success in 2020

    This is one of my goals this year. What would your ONE biggest tip that has helped increase your show average?
  20. S

    Effective Ways to Advertise and Increase Sales for New Consultants: Any Tips?

    I am still a relatively new consultant, and recently ran across a thread mentioning the realtor flyer, with gift ideas. I loved that idea, and have already hit about 10 realtors in the area, and plan on going to more. I love leaving my catalog and information so they can buy things if they want...
  21. cookingwithlove

    How can a card help me increase bookings at my shows?

    My director uses a card like this in the guest lapboards. It forces her to ask everyone about booking a show. I made this one myself. Please use it and let me know how it works for you. I am planning to start using these at my November shows. I am terrible about asking everyone if they want...
  22. C

    Index Cards Helping With Increasing Sales and Phone Calls.

    Last month I decide to put 12 cards on my bulletin board with the goal to have 12 working things. Well, I revised it yesterday: First, I change from large cards to small index cards. They fit in my planner better. Second, I made 31 cards-number of days in August. I numbered cards in...
  23. chefjwr

    Are All Our Costs Increasing at Once???

    There are so many price increases coming at once---website, catalogs, postage, door prizes and now Conferece for next year? Anything else? How much does all this increase the cost of doing business for this next year? Can someone do the math?
  24. J

    Is Shipping on the Rise for Fall? Learn More Here.

    haven't ran accross it yet.. but is shipping increasing for the fall? thanks!
  25. U

    Increasing Catalog Party Sales: Tips and Ideas

    So...I am trying to add business and since people are busy I dont try to talk people out of catalog parties, however, I am disappointed with the show totals lately. Last night I closed one at 150 even and another at only 260...in the past I have had $600-$700 catalog parties...I am not sure...
  26. Nicky

    Help Wanted: Increasing New Product Sales

    I so do not think I am going to get my New products...I am so sad:( ...I was wondering, I thought I had read somewhere that there is a show we can do where we ask a host to call 5 of her friends and ask then to come to their house tonight...I think there was something about cakes in the SA cups...
  27. P

    Need Help Increasing Catalog Show Sales

    Does anyone have any ideas on how a host can increase the amount of orders on her catalog show? She is very dissappointed because she has only been able to get 3 orders. She found out about a week or so after she started her book show another woman at her work started doing a Pampered Chef...
  28. DebbieJ

    Ideas for Increasing Attendance at Shows

    I have to do a training on this and thought I'd ask here to gather some initial ideas. What do you do to encourage attendance?
  29. SillyChef

    Increasing Publicity to Increase Sales

    Not sure if it this thread should be in here, but; What do all of you do to increase publicity of you and your business?!
  30. A

    Cluster Meetings, Increasing Attendance?

    :confused: Any suggestions on getting consultants to attend the cluster meetings? Usually there is only two in attendance and they are always the same two consultants.