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What is catalogue: Definition and 24 Discussions

  1. A

    Where Did Pampered Chef Get the Ombré Cake Stand in Fall Catalogue?

    I've seen the post in here but can't find it! The cake stand that's used to display the ombré cake in the fall catalogue...does anyone know where Pampered Chef got that?!
  2. R

    Create Stunning Mini Catalogue Invites with CC's Avery Label Template

    Does CC have a template for avery labels to turn the mini catalogues into invites?
  3. S

    Discover the 2011 Spring Catalogue Cover & Free Product Offer!

    Anyone have any idea what's on the cover? What the free product is when you submit 2 shows in December?
  4. D

    Catalogue Bridal Show: Plan the Perfect Online Shower for an Out-of-Town Bride

    I have the MOB asking for a catalogue bridal shower; B&G live 6 hrs away but she thinks a catalogue show would work. I have lots of samples of invites for bridal showers from CS but haven't seen anything for a catalogue shower. Does anyone have anything they could share that is geared more...
  5. Veevahchef

    Where Can I Find a Picture of the Catalogue Tote Bag for My Presentation?

    Hello fellow cheffers! I am in Canada and our conference is starting this Friday. i have been asked to do something.... a presentation ... and I need a good picture of our catalogue Tote bag, with a catalogue inserted. Does anyone have a picture of it? or know where I can get one? I...
  6. A

    Help! - Steps to a Successful Catalogue Party?!?

    Hi, I just signed up to be a consultant a few days ago, and I am trying to figure it all out! The majority of my friends and family are from out of town, and I would like to offer them the opportunity to have a catalogue show. I found the consultants corner to be mostly geared toward cooking...
  7. J

    How can I make my catalogue shows successful and generate more business?

    I am new to PC and joined this site to get some helpful information. I posted a similar thread requesting help and did not get much input and so I will try this area. I find myself doing a lot of catalogue sales and think that this may be a great way to generate business and revenue if done...
  8. J

    Gaining Success from Catalogue Shows: Seeking Advice

    Hi there, I would like to ask for some advice. It seems that my bookings these days are catalogue shows and I would like to know how to make them a success. I have a website and people that are doing the catalogue shows like to use the computer to send out invites. I too like the...
  9. L

    The Pampered ChefWhat materials do I need for a successful catalogue show?

    I know that there is loads of stuff on this site to help me do up a package for a potential host of a catalogue show but can't seem to find any. My search in files brought up 0. And so could someone please direct me to some material, that could help. Ideas may include: How to have a...
  10. S

    Host Coaching for My First Catalogue Show: What Should I Do?

    I have my first catalogue show going on and I am having a hard time host coaching my host. She doesn't have voicemail so I have only been talking to her twice. I have sent emails but haven't received a response. She said she was excited and had some orders but hasn't spoken with me...
  11. S

    Increasing Sales of a Catalogue Show

    Does anyone have ANY suggestions how to increase Sales of a Catalogue Show? Mine are VERY low - so I would LOVE to hear ANY suggestions! My D says she BARELY does a catalogue Show - so she wasn't any help for advice/suggestions.....:(
  12. R

    Catalogue Order Form: Where to Get Your Copy

    Hi all, I have a question, where can I get a copy of catalogue order form?
  13. S

    Hosting a Catalogue Show: Eligibility for Host Specials

    I have a quick question. Do you have to close a catalogue show by the last day of that month in order for the host to be eligible for the host special in that particular month?
  14. chefmelody

    Single Mom Interested... Catalogue Only?

    I talked to my host for next Sunday tonight, and I'm glad I asked her if she'd be interested in the opportunity! She mentioned that she'd looked into it several years ago, but decided it wasn't for her at the time. Now she's gone through a divorce, and is a single mom of four kids ages...
  15. chefmelody

    Can Personalized Letters Boost Mini Catalogue Sales?

    I'm planning on mailing my holiday mini-catalogues in actual envelopes this year, since they fit. And they'll get less beat-up that way. But I also want to include a letter with each one... inviting people to look at the website, or book a show, or buy holiday gifts. Any ideas on how to word...
  16. M

    Catalogue Show Tips for a Successful Event | Guide for Beginners

    Hi, I am new at this and I wanted to do a Catalogue Show at my husbands work. Can someone tell me how to do this type of show and any tips? I looked in RFS but couldn't find information in there. Thanks Misty
  17. pamperedtiffani

    Can I start a catalogue show now and have June specials for my host and guests?

    I have a host who wants to start her catalogue show now and Close it June 2and she would like the Guest and Host specials to be for June. Can I do this or would her specials be for April if we started the show now???
  18. chefmelody

    Advice for a New "Catalogue" Recruit?

    I have a recruit who wants to sign this week when I close her show. I am a little worried because she said she wants to be a "catalogue consultant," which was one of the options on the "Apron Comes in 5 Sizes" flyer I gave her. She asked what would happen if she didn't qualify, and I told her...
  19. S

    Discover the Benefits of Hosting a Catalogue Preview Show with Consultants

    I've read about consultants hosting their own Catalogue Preview Shows, what exactly are these?
  20. P

    New Catalogue Release Date: Find Out Now!

    When does the new catalogue come out?
  21. D

    Boost Your Catalogue Show Success: Tips for Motivating and Coaching Hosts

    I have my first 2 catalogue shows going right now, and I'm not quite sure how to properly "coach" my hosts. I sense they are kind of uninspired about it (as if they're thinking "Oh, well, I'll sort of see if I can get any orders...") On the one hand, I have already explained how the shows work...
  22. cla519

    Mini Catalogue: All You Need to Know

    Could anyone tell me about how the mini catalogue is set up. It say's it's a mini version or the big one. Is there pictures of all the products or just the new ones? Cheryl Winnipeg MB
  23. C

    Anyone Use a Host Guide in Catalogue Show Packets?

    I'm still in my first Super Starter month and starting to do catalogue shows. I want to include a host guide to help my hosts understand how to fill out order forms, how their host points work when ordering, and how to make a successful show. I'm working on a rough outline now. Does anyone...
  24. S

    Recipe Page 14, New Spring/Summer 05 Catalogue

    Does anyone know what recipe is featured on page 14 or the new spring/summer '05 catalogue. The item on the Lift & Serve (D). One of my guests has asked what dish this is and I would like to be able to offer to make it for her at her show (try to get her to book a show). :p