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What is average: Definition and 32 Discussions

  1. Roadtripray

    Average Time Before Order Is Shipped?

    I searched the forums but couldn't find any threads about this recently. I submitted a show on Monday, October 5th. It's now Thursday, October 8th and the PC site doesn't show the order has shipped yet. This is my first order since reactivating, so I'm not sure what it has been, but this...
  2. S

    Ideas to Increase Sales Average Needed

    A couple gals on my team really want to step up their biz. Their sales average is pretty low and we want to work on that. What suggestions do you have? TIA, Sandi
  3. M

    Director How can I increase my show average and boost outside orders?

    Does anyone have any handouts, outlines, to do a training on increasing your show average? I've thought of a few things, but have a training i'm putting together for next week. A few ideas i ran across: ** when sending invitations, offer a : $1.00 off for every outside order or Bring a...
  4. K

    Has You Show Sale Average Gone Down in the Present Economy?

    Has your show sale average gone down in the present economy? My director told us that her show average has gone up because more people are cooking/eating at home. Also people like to go to home parties more now.:chef:
  5. Sheila

    Boost Your Pampered Chef Show Average with Host Coaching: Real Results and Tips

    I'm still doing Pampered Chef part time and several of my shows have been catalog shows. I have 23 Cooking Shows closed and 3 more still open. My first 17 cooking shows, I didn't do Host Coaching AT ALL! I finally did some online courses recently and man, has it made a difference. My first...
  6. D

    How Much Do You Sell at Your Average Show?

    I'm just curious to know how well you guys are doing. My biggest show was $800 - and I consider that really big! My "average" tends to be more in the $200-$300 range, which - quite frankly - doesn't really seem worth the trouble. So, how are you guys doing?
  7. A

    Average Guest Attendance: 8-10 at Recent Shows

    I'm just curious what everyone would say their average guest attendance is for their shows. For my last few I've had 8-10 at each.
  8. M

    Boost Show Average: Tips for Increasing Your Success Rate

    I use to have a document in my files on your increasing show average. I am not sure if I got it on here or not. I am unable to find it in my files, and I have "searched" on here as well, and can not find it. I really wish it was easier to find things in the files. Does any one have this? I...
  9. T

    Maximizing Your Kitchen Show Average: Tips & Strategies

    1) What is your kitchen show average? 2) What is your best tip for a "high" show average?
  10. susanr613

    How can I increase my customer sales average?

    I've been in the biz since November 07 and have noticed that my per person sales are right around $50 - big shows, small shows, even catalog shows. I am familiar with host coaching to encourage attendance and therefore increase show average, but how do i increase customer sales average...
  11. redsoxgirl

    Poll (I Guess): What's Your Average Show?

    I'm curious to see if it differs in different regions of the country. What is your average show and what pat of the country do you live in?
  12. cwinter474

    Maximize Your Fundraiser Profits: Learn the Average Sale Amount!"

    I'm trying to get a few fundraisers off and running, I'm running into a brick wall as soon as I say 10-15% profit. SO I am trying to come back and say something like :sing: "yes, I know it is only 15% but when your average sale is ____ then your real return is much higher than the $3.00 for a...
  13. wadesgirl

    Boost Your Show Average: Top Tip for Success in 2020

    This is one of my goals this year. What would your ONE biggest tip that has helped increase your show average?
  14. rennea

    Boost Your Sales with Big Average Orders: A Success Story at a Recent Show!

    I had posted a bit ago wondering what everyones average orders at a show, mine are not usually very high.But at this last show I did it was crazy high!!! There were 13 guests and sales were $1500.00:eek: And the host order was $400.00. Talk about BIG SPENDERS:D Wish all shows could be like...
  15. krzymomof4

    Finding Average Sales & Guests #s - Help Needed

    I was wanting to compare my averages for the years since I started PC. I can figure out how to do it by month, but I can't figure out how to get my average show sales or guests number, or guest purchase. Does anyone know where to find it?
  16. rennea

    Average Party Spend: What Does Everyone Spend?

    What would everyone say is there average amount that customers spend at there parties? Mines around $35.00, I wish it was higher:(
  17. dannyzmom

    Average Cost of Buying a House....

    Gail Collins - CancellationsGail, I saw your request in the shoutbox and today I stumbled upon this letter that I rec'd from another consultant - it's her cancellation policy. I have not used it but the consultant who passed it on to me uses it.
  18. angmillar

    What's Your Show Average? Tips for Improving Sales as a New Consultant

    One of my goals is to bump up my show average. I'm not sure what mine is right now, but I'd say around $400. I'm really starting to concentrate more on my knowledge of the products, since I know I don't mention enough about them (especially the cutlery, knives, etc.). Any other ideas out...
  19. JAE

    What Is Your Kitchen Show Average?

    Just wondering what your kitchen show average is. Right now, my kitchen show average is around $540, but I've only had four. I hope to keep it that way.
  20. Brandie

    Boosting Show Average: Tips for Encouraging Hosts to Increase Outside Orders

    I'm not sure if I'm in a slump or what, but my show average has slipped to around $325 :eek: in the last couple of months. A couple of years ago, my average was around $600. Yoikes! My shows are going really well in general, and I have had at least one or two people comment at nearly every...
  21. Deb Bixler

    How can careful planning and a simple system increase your show average?

    This is a system that will assist you to decide what to take to your shows. A system works for everyone! When we change seasons thought should be put into which products you want to show. Careful planning will increase your show average and also create more desire for future shows. How do you...
  22. S

    Average Price for a Home and Garden Show

    I am considering a Home And Garden Type show, but don't know what a good price can be. What have you all paid for these type of shows. (I contacted the show promoter and he asked me what I had budgeted for this type of event. I felt he was fishing for someone to fill an empty spot and I don't...
  23. amy07

    Average Sales for New Consultants: A Reality Check

    Does anyone know what the average sales is per month for new consultants. When I look on CC at the Super Starter recognition I noticed for Dec the high was $11k down to 2K, then for jan it looks like the high was $7k? down to low 2000's. Obviously there are extreme over-achievers (like to be...
  24. S

    What Are Your Average Sales for Cooking Shows and Catalog Shows in 2007?

    I have a call with my director tonight to discuss what my goals are for 2007 within my PC business. I was wondering what your average sales are for Cooking Shows and also for Catalog Shows? I'm having a hard time setting my goals really. I work full-time yet I do have the desire to build my...
  25. L

    How can I increase my direct sales average to reach $800 per show?

    :( I have had one show @ about $800, but so far this $350 is the amount...I dont know how to increase my sales. I talk about a lot of the products, some of the shows I have games, some I don't...depending on the crowd. I bring a lot of stuff, which helps me remember to talk about them, and...
  26. S

    Highest, Lowest, and Average Shows...

    I think i have wrong expectations about sales. I have been reading other posts where people are saying $500 shows are awesome. I have had 3 shows, 2 were right around there and the 3rd was almost $1,000. I thought that $500 was a decent show but those were only my first two shows. What are...
  27. mommyhugz1978

    How Can I Boost My Show Average?

    Alright I am trying to increase my show average, I would love any suggestions on what the best way to increase my shows average or how to introduce my higher priced items first!!! Any and all suggestions would be appreaciated!!! Thanks
  28. SallyChef

    How Many Shows Do You Average per Month?

    Just curious! :)
  29. S

    How Many Average Bookings Do You Get After a Show?

    I'm curious to know the average number of bookings you get off of a show. I'm referring to bookings, marked in your calendar when you leave the kitchen show...?
  30. K

    Can Labeling Invites Help Increase My Party Sales Average?

    Hello everyone! I am in need of some help and guidance. I would like to work on increasing my show sales average so I can work smarter not harder. My current show average is $448. (This includes a couple of catalog shows.) I know one of the main keys is host coaching...and I can...