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How Many Shows Do You Average Per Month?


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Sep 7, 2005
so far...

after my crazy SS months (6-8 average :eek: ) I am now down to about 4/ a month. Which is perfect for now! As soon as the baby gets a little older I can strive for 6-8 month maybe. :D


Jan 8, 2006
I have been averaging 2-3 shows a month. But in march I will have shows and April I al ready have 3!! I am trying to bring my average up to 6-8 shows a month.


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Oct 16, 2005
Gosh, 6-8 . . .how do you do it? I have 2-3 a month and two little girls. I feel like I have a full plate just with that. As soon as my little one is in school, I feel like I will be able to do more shows and put more into it. She's almost 2 and into everything. During the day I really cannot get too much done because she's constantly on the move. Way to go gals! I applaud you for your hard work and hope that one day I will have 6-8 shows a month.
Feb 19, 2006
HJPChef said:
She's almost 2 and into everything. During the day I really cannot get too much done because she's constantly on the move.

Ha ha, sounds like I could've written that. My daughter is 16 months and where she gets all her energy I'll never know... :eek:


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Oct 7, 2005
Try Megashows..

Try to have MegaShows. I have recommitted myself to work for the Level 3 trip this year, and I'm going to try to do at least one of these per month. $6600 in sales per month is not realistic for me (and my family), but if I have a mega-show with 4-6 hosts and they each get my avg in sales ($500 per show), then I'll have pulled in $2-3,000 just in one day! Now, THAT is a little more attainable to me! Plus, think of the greater odds you'd have at getting bookings (with the book to look) and recruiting leads.. If someone sees how much fun it is to host a megashow, then they might want to try PC themselves!

Bahamas here I come -- ain't nothin' gonna stand in my way!!


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Megashow Info

How far in advance do you plan your megashows? Do you rent a facility to hold them in? Do you do anything different to make them stand-out? I'm trying to increase my number of shows and this may help be do that without increasing the number of nights I'm away from home.

Any information you could give me would be great!

Michele C
Feb 4, 2006

Okay, do you have suggestions on a mega show of a little larger proportions? What if its someplace like a gym that doesn't have a kitchen?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!


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Oct 7, 2005
Well, I haven't had one yet. lol. I tried to plan one when I first joined, but it didn't work out. I would say that if you have it in a gym or place that doesn't have a kitchen, I'd do a recipe that is simple but yummy (cool gazpacho dip, for example) or one that just needs assembled (cool ranch pizza) where you'd bring the precooked crust. The major bonus is being able to have recipes made ahead of time. If you have 4 hosts, I would just double two different recipes, doing one ahead and one as the demo. You can also use the idea mentioned on here of purchasing a portable burner if you wanted to showcase the cookware with your demo recipe. Ii'm not sure what you meant by "larger proportions"?

I am thinking I will plan my mega-show for the end of the month. I'll invite every host to be a host at my mega-show. If they want to have their show at their house, then they could pick from the other available dates I have for the month. Since I haven't done a show before, I can't tell you if I'll rent a facility to do it, but if it is in my area, then I'll do it at my church, since my father-in-law is the senior pastor there, and I can use it for no cost. I'm still thinking about the whole thing, and trying to figure out how I'm going to make them stand out so that my hosts will want to do them. I think I might do a theme for them. For instance, I am working on setting up a megashow up in NY when I go to visit my father next month, and the theme I'm using is "Girls' Night Out" because there's a bunch of us that went to high school together, and we're married, have kids, and work way too much.. so a girl's night out is just what they're itching for. I'm going to do some games (havent' figured out what just yet, but probably things to pamper them). Any other ideas would be appreciated... this is a work in progress!