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Cluster meetings, increasing attendance?


Jan 15, 2006
:confused: Any suggestions on getting consultants to attend the cluster meetings? Usually there is only two in attendance and they are always the same two consultants.


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Offer incentives!!!

I love my cluster meetings because the information given is very helpful to my business. I love to spend some time away from the kids to socialize with grown women who have same interests as me, and I love the FREEBIES!!!

Our directors are so cool and they always give us incentives for our achievements the month before.

Take for instance right now we are doing a fun way to earn play money (which will be given as a gift card to PC, our new vendors, or for conference in July). In order to order our fake dollars we have to fall into these categories:
$1 for every thousand dollars in sales each month.
$1 for every thousand dollar show!
$1 for attendance!
$1 for every recruit!
$1 for participating in the booking blitz (* will explain down below)
$3 for winning booking blitz

Four cooking shows or more a month we get a FREE movie night pack! A $5 blockbuster card, pack of popcorn, and a candy!

Also I have won cool new products and other things for doing certain things or being highest in sales for the month!

Oh yes and highest in sales wears a sash and crown for the entire meeting!

* Booking blitz is getting all of us consultants on a conference call for about 15 minutes of training, encouragement and help before we get on the phone for about an hour and a half. We try to call all past customers, potential hosts, etc for bookings. We get back on the conference call and give our results. The winner gets the $3!
We usually have about 10 consultants at every meeting. Sometimes less rarely more, but I know those PC consultants that don't come never have high sales or the benefit of meeting with other excited PC consultants about our businesses. All the ideas and support is great!!
We share recipes and have become friends. It's fun!! I hope you have a better turn out!


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Jul 31, 2005
Sound like FUN meetings! I love going to our cluster meetings too - just fun and inspirational. We are currently earning a "stamp" on our cards - when filled they can be redeemed for fun stuff. :)

I just love how very supportive this business is and how we are not in competition with each other. :)


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Apr 12, 2006
I love going to our cluster meeting as well - and I drive over an hour to get there!!! Our director gives away a $10 gas card for people who enter the "Just Ask" contest. She asks us how many people we asked to join the business before the meeting and has our name on peices of paper for the number of people we asked. At our June meeting I will have my name in the pot at least 18 times because I have asked 18 people about the business so far. She draws a name and the winner gets the gas card.

Each attendee also brings 2 unstamped catalogs each month and we have a drawing for them. You can get 10 catalogs if 5 people show up.

I love the networking, the ideas and the tips our director gives us. I really love it when she does a demonstration on a product, to show us some great tips or ideas for use and selling.