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What is goal: Definition and 77 Discussions

  1. mspibb

    Ain't Life Funny!? - Missed My $1500 Goal by $300

    So I am not going to hit $1500 this month, missed it by less than $300; my 3rd show, a catalog show of over $800 became my new recruit's first show. will now have to take my laptop and move all the orders under her name. I am not really working much @ PC right now because of issues at my FT...
  2. Bren706

    Email Script When You Are Trying to Reach a Goal

    Ok, so I really need to FILL my calendar up to its maximum potential. My hubby had been on disability from December-February (this was his third time in a year!!!! First his broken ankle, six months later his knee, and then his hip!!!) and then in February he was laid off. Fortunately, they...
  3. B

    Fall Launch Attendance Goal Incentives

    Does anyone know what the registration totals are for Fall Launch locations? I'm wondering what locations are going to be in the running to win an iPad?
  4. D

    Director BTB Meeting Goal Worksheet | Find the Missing Planner Doc | TIA, Sandi

    I am looking for the goal worksheet that was used at the BTB meetings -- the one that is the same as in our planners. Did anyone happen to save that doc? It doesn't seem to be on CC any more. TIA, Sandi
  5. ShelbyMichalek

    Boosting Sales: Help Me Reach My Goal Now!

    I'm kind of in a tiny pity rut and I need y'all to just snap me out of it, k? I had a FANTASTIC booking blitz. My January is looking pretty great. (Um, ya can't complain about 5 cooking and 2 catalog shows for Triple Points Days) But I REALLY need the PC dollars for getting $1500 this...
  6. Sheila

    Director Beating the Goal: My First Online Show was a Success!

    I'm doing my first one ever, and so glad that I did. It's not super huge, but I was still $368 from making my $1,250 goal for the month & figured I'd give it a shot. It's 9:30 AM here in Tokyo on Friday and my show sales for the morning are at $388.12, so my HO Lead status is safe!!! :D That...
  7. H

    Struggling to Reach Career Sales Goal: My Story

    Well once again I'm going to lose career sales :( I'm only 72.00 away, if I had the extra money I would start buying Christmas gift, but I don't. I've done an email blast offering a special, I posted on FB asking for help to reach my goal but nothing! It's my own fault for not working my...
  8. M

    What Should I Do? My First 30 Day Goal is at Stake!

    My first 30 days is ending on the 27th -- I have 8 shows booked! Only.. one of my hosts wants to cancel her show that was supposed to be Saturday (not a lot of people can come). So, I offered her the 18th or the 25th (the 25th was originally one of the ones she asked if I could do)...only she...
  9. P

    Stay Focused: My Goal to Make 3 Live Calls a Day

    I came back from conference motivated and energized .. I need you wonderful folks to keep me accountable and to help me stay focused!!! My goal is to simply start at the beginning, once again, go through my entire contact list and start calling. I've set a goal to make 3 (live) calls a day...
  10. B

    My Goal for Conference Is......?????

    To make 3 or 4 connections which will enable me to take my business to an all new level. Post conference I want to be able to consistently book 6-8 shows a month and start on the recruiting train. By making 3-4 connections I hope to learn what makes their business successful and in turn how...
  11. M

    Teamleader Bound: My Journey to Reaching a New Goal!

    :)My only 2 recruits are actually turning in shows this month. So I might actually finally make teamleader!! YAY!! even if it only lasts for June I will be excited. I have been working really hard with the 2 of them, but they are just hobbiest consultants. But I can not wait to start getting HO...
  12. lockhartkitchen

    New Goal Set: Booking 8 Shows After Director Express with Amy Neal

    I'm pumped after attending Director Express today with Amy Neal, our speaker. I have my personal goal of booking 8 shows, as my last holding show for April just rebooked for May. uggh.
  13. wadesgirl

    Creating a DCB-Filled Kitchen: My NED Retreat Goal

    I went to an overnight retreat for my NED and her downline. Someone talked about making the DCB within your top 5 products. I never thought about it this way. So my newest goal is to work on that! I looked last night, #5 product has 82 sold and my DCB is around 25 so I have some work to do...
  14. chefkathy

    Consultant Misses $92 of Sales Goal - Oh No!

    one of my newest consultants had a 30 day date of 3/1. Since I joined the non-calling directors club, I hadn't really been in touch with her. I got an email from her at 10:30 last night and she had just turned in a show and you guessed it--was $92 short of $1250. SERIOUSLY?!?!!??! She...
  15. W

    Reached $1250 Sales Goal: How Long for Bridal Registry & Online Ordering?

    I just submitted my catalog show that gets me to $1250 sales goal within my 90 days. I have a PWS so now I'll be credited 3 free months, if I'm not mistaken. Anyone know how long it typically takes for the website to have access to the Bridal Registry as well as online ordering? I have a bride...
  16. Monty060609

    Overcoming Challenges: Achieving a $400/Month Passive Income Goal

    My husband's ex-wife took him back to court for more child support yesterday. And even though she makes more money than he does, his support went up $95 a week!! Its a long story but the short of it is that she is all about money, she has warped the kids views of him, he does everything he can...
  17. byrd1956

    Fundraiser Falls Short - $150 Goal Not Met

    if someone does a fund raiser and the show does not reach $150?
  18. Monty060609

    Struggling to Reach My 30-Day Goal

    Looks like I'm going to be one show short of 8 in my first 30 days. :( I have until the 18th but I don't even have anyone that has the info out there to be turning anything in
  19. tmseiling

    Goal Achieved: $1250 Celebrated!

    Well, I finally hit the first goal of $1250:D
  20. C

    Pampering for Profit: Achieving My Goal of 2 Shows this Month!

    I pampered a biz today and I got 1 order for $98.00 so I am only $52.25 from having a show (previous host cancelled and I want the 2 shows for this month) so I am not sure what to do I have a big party next weekend so I am not sure who I can call or what to do to try to get 52 in orders so I can...
  21. T

    I Made My Sat Goal by the Skin of My Teeth

    I finally just topped the $1500 level! I worked hard for this, last time I was over $3000 and wanted that again but I am grateful I atleast got to the 2nd. level! Hope many more of you get there too!
  22. etteluap70PC

    Stacey Reaches 30 Day Goal & Wins Rewards!

    For my newest team member Stacey, she hit her 30 day goal! 1/2 $ Kit rebate! 200 PC$ Free PWS for 90 days You go girl!!!
  23. P

    Nov Goal Nearly Met: $6000 in Sales - Just Shy of the Mark!

    I made a goal at the beginning of November that I wanted $6000 in sales. That would be a first for me (my top month is $5200). Getting ready to submit my last show for November and I am at $5685.00. I would have made it had one show not cancel. DARN!!!!! Well, maybe next time:cry:
  24. pampchef.angel

    Venting Over!Vent Session: Frustrated with Hosts & $200 Sales Goal!

    May I just vent for a moment? So, last month my DH and I went on a Vegas vacation with some friends and because of that and getting ready for the trip, I didn't do any shows in the the month of Oct. Now, if I don't get $200 in sales by EOM Nov, I am going to go inactive. Yes, I know, I...
  25. G

    Help Me Reach My 15K Career Sales Goal - Shop Online Now!

    Only 250.00 away from my 15,000 career sales mark! I am trying to push some online shopping til the 31 of October. I have 8 cooking shows and 7 catalog shows for November and it sure would be nice to have that extra commission in November! Wish me luck!:chef:
  26. M

    What Your Goal Till the End of the Year?

    My goal is to Reach 5000 and get the raise by the time my baby is due. also to have 12 shows in november. i curent ly have 2 and possible of having 10 still thinking about it. i will call them tomarrow or monday.
  27. P

    Help Me Reach My Sales Goal: 20% Off for All Orders Before Sunday!

    I had 6 shows scheduled this month and only 2 happened. One is still scheduled for Tuesday but there's no way it will close that night...my host is not organized enough to do that. I'm only $300 away from my minimum (in Canada it's $1500). I haven't been this close before - my sales are...
  28. C

    Director Help Me Reach My TPampered Chef Goal: Recruiting Tips Needed!

    Okay Directors...I made Director by the skin of my teeth! I barely have 3 active right now. They are not in contact with me (meaning I call or email and don't hear back from them). I have always struggled with recruiting. I've been in the business 5 years. On my high after promoting I set...
  29. L

    Yay!! Set a Goal and Reached It!!

    Wasn't sure where to post this--but just had to! I didn't get to go to conference, because my husband had an unexpected surgery on his arm, so I didn't get to walk as a new Director. My good friend on my team called me and kept me updated, and I was so excited about the recruiting incentive...
  30. Stef1023

    I Achieved My Goal: Excitement Abounds!

    I'm soo excited!! I just quailified during my 90 day period with my last show!! I don't think I've ever been so excited for acheving something. Hopefully it all get's better from here!! Thanks for listening( well reading ):D