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What is rewards: Definition and 99 Discussions

  1. A

    Iso the Flexible Cutting Mats Set for Sales Rewards This Month

    I am not going to meet my goal this month but really want the cutting mat set. If you have one and aren't going to use it,can I buy it from you? Please and thank you! 76036 is zip.
  2. kam

    Questions on the New Host Rewards

    Forgive me, but I really thought I was done and would have no more shows! I read all the new things, but it all left my mind quickly since I didn't think I would have any more shows. So, I am not sure I have this all correct: I have the new benefits flyer and do I have this right: 1. No...
  3. B

    Book a Party & Get FREE Rewards!

    I'm writing out a flyer and i wanted to add in some incetives for booking! I.e. If you host a party/ catalog show, you will receive_________________ FREE, ontop of your benefits. Or If someone books a show and mentions your name you receive__________ help...
  4. T

    FAQ: Host Rewards for Unpurchased Items - Can the Benefit Be Redeemed Later?

    Hi I know that a show cannot be changed once submitted and delivered, but I have a slightly different question. I have a host who did earn the 60% off cooking item at her March show, but could not afford to purchase it at the time of her show. There are no shows booked from her show. Can she...
  5. C

    Host Rewards for a $160 Catalog Party: What to Expect

    I'm a new consultant and have a question. My first catalog party was submitted and is $160 before s/h & tax. What does the host get? All I can find is what she gets if she sells more than $500. What if the sales are lower? I want to know what to tell her she gets....
  6. PamperedchefDaly

    Uncovering Consultant Rewards: July Incentive & More

    I've searched consultant's corner and can't seem to find the information. Besides the July incentive for new recruits, what rewards (i.e. Pampered Chef dollars) do they receive for 30 days, 90 days, etc. Thanks!
  7. K

    Unlock Your Staycation Rewards: Earned June Recruiting Promotion

    Has anyone else earned June recruiting promotion? My new girl that signed in June qualified (a week early-yay!), and she has had her dollars for quite a while, but I haven't heard anything from the company about choosing my reward. I went on CC and tried to pick from there but it also won't let me.
  8. P

    Host Rewards Flyer: Earn Product in 3 Ways for Your Show!

    I am looking for a document..wondering if it even exists but I figured I'd ask before I try making one. I really want one that tells the host that they can earn product at their show in 3 ways: 1. Sales 2. Attendance (free item with 10 buying guests) 3. Bookings I'd like to partner...
  9. P

    Director New Consultant Rewards Program Report?

    Anyone know where the New Consultant Rewards Program Report is for the ones who signed March 1st and later is? The one on the Reports tab is just for those who signed prior to 3/1/11.
  10. N

    What size cookware should I choose with my cooking rewards?

    I have qualified for the free piece of cookware, and I don't know what to get, 10 inch covered skillet or 12 inch covered skillit. I love my executive piece but would like to have a piece of stainless to show (and use) I know they have the skillet cake in the 12 inch, are there any recipes that...
  11. C

    Getting Creative with Referral Rewards for Shows

    I am wondering what others do with referrals for shows. Do you give an incentive and, if so, what? Thanks.
  12. C

    Discover the Latest Changes to the Super Starter Program for Consultants

    Did you guys see that the new Super starter program has changed. I am a little bummed. No rewards for # of shows. Do you know when they switch over to it? So, if they sign in February can they get the old/current rewards for the 90 days? I have a few gals on the fence, I have already given...
  13. babywings76

    New Consultant Rewards: Simplified and Enhanced for Spring Launch

    At Spring Launch, they said they redid the New Consultant Rewards in the brochure to simplify it. If someone were to sign by the end of Feb., are they going to go by the "old" program and March recruits would go by the new one? Before/Now: First 90 days: 50 PC$ for every 4 shows, 50 PC$ for...
  14. J

    Are There Enough Masculine Incentives in Pampered Chef?

    Hey all I'm a new consultant who also happens to be male. I have earned the Sling Bag and it is delayed, and unlike may of us, I couldn't possibly care less. I know that Pampered Chef is a female-dominated business. I am a stay at home dad, and do most of the cooking, and as such am the...
  15. thehaleykitchen

    Mystery Host Show, How to Handle Splitting Rewards?

    Ok, so I am looking at doing my first $1000 Mystery Host show and have some questions: Do you put each individual order into P3 under the ordering guest or under the host that collected the orders? When it comes to rewarding the host who collected the orders (looking to have 10 hosts, splitting...
  16. baychef

    Director Growing Your Downline: Tips, Rewards & Strategies for July

    Was just looking at our cluster calendars for my down line. I know that July is a tough month to not only get a host to book but to get them to hold the party. I just sent out a newsletter to my personal team and am rewarding them for trying get a winning bingo card. And they get extra $ if...
  17. chef131doreen

    PHILL Rewards: Triple Points on May 6th - Submit Shows Now!

    I just got a call from PHILL ( recording ) Triple points so far was Thursday May 6th Yuk I submited shows on May 1,4 ,5 so far
  18. Jen1409

    Earn Rewards Points: Shows & Dollars Converting to Points

    You earn them for every 4 shows and/or every $1250 right?
  19. A

    Achieve Rewards at National Con: Get a Pin, Ribbon or More!

    Because I wish I had this list last year for National Con. ...... RUFTH: Submit a total of $200 or more in total contributions to RUFTH. RUFTH contributions are comprised of the donation total from the sale of the RUFTH 2009 Trivet and total round-up donations. This is for the period of Sept...
  20. taterbug

    Tracking Online Sales for Prize Rewards

    I intend to award prizes for various level of sales, shows booked, etc. I will write each player's name on the order forms I give them, but how can you keep up with which sales come from which player when people order online?
  21. Tropicalburstqt2

    Missing Out on Host Rewards? Ask Here!

    When I started PC my first time (2 years ago) those that hosted within my first 30 days received the silicon trivet or the hand soap. This time around I didn't find any paperwork saying they would receive anything for hosting in that time frame. Am I missing something?
  22. P

    Director Unlock the Spring Product: Recruiting Rewards

    on what the spring product that we can only earn by recruiting is?
  23. C

    Who Should Get the Host Rewards

    ok, here is my dilema and I know I am being partly selfish however, Last week I pampered 2 businesses and no one wanted the host rewards they all just gave me their orders and ate the goodies totalling$ 382.oo in orders. So my hubby was going to act as host and we get the rewards. Actually 1...
  24. J

    Unlock Exciting Rewards: Submit 1250 by July 31 as a New Consultant!

    Hi did anyone find out what the new consultants that submit 1250 by July 31 would receive? They had said $100 in new products... thanks!
  25. S

    Director New Consultant Rewards Check List Please..

    Hi all, When I signed up almost 2 yrs ago I had a check list on the New Cons Rewards brochure. It was great because I could physically keep that handy and mark off when I had a show, and SEE how many more I had to do..etc. Do any of you have something like this? I found a couple of things on the...
  26. heat123

    Maximizing Your Wedding Registry Rewards: What You Need to Know

    To anyone who is familiar with the registry process. I had a wedding reg. open In June (wedding was on the 20th). I just received another order for it today, late obviously. So do the registries automatically get held open for 3 months ( I think I read) and then HO will notify the couple its...
  27. N

    Director Stamp/ Punch Cards for Earning Rewards

    I was looking for ideas for recognition this morning. I came across an idea to use stamp or punch cards to use at Cluster meetings. there was an attachment with a card ; it had PC hats around the edges. It was really cute. I cannot find it now. Can anyone help with this? Diane
  28. etteluap70PC

    Stacey Reaches 30 Day Goal & Wins Rewards!

    For my newest team member Stacey, she hit her 30 day goal! 1/2 $ Kit rebate! 200 PC$ Free PWS for 90 days You go girl!!!
  29. L

    Bridal Shower: Double Host Rewards for Bride & Host!

    I have a host that books a party from her own party everytime. she had a party in Nov. and planned to have one in May. Now she is doing a bridal shower (on May 15th) and wants to get her past hostess credit (booking from her party which I know she gets) plus this one as host, but she wants...
  30. L

    Referral Rewards: What Do You Get for Booking and Recruiting?

    I have some cards for referrals. I'm wondering what, if anything, you give for a referral?? Booking and Recruiting.