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Questions on the new host rewards


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Mar 17, 2006
Forgive me, but I really thought I was done and would have no more shows! I read all the new things, but it all left my mind quickly since I didn't think I would have any more shows. So, I am not sure I have this all correct:

I have the new benefits flyer and do I have this right:

1. No difference in benefits between catalog and cooking shows. At $200, $20 free and 1 half priced no matter if it is cooking or catalog?
2. Past host (hosted November or December 2013) now does NOT get the current host special, but instead gets a "future party pick"?
3. The "future party pick" is essentially any one item (not including the host combos) in the catalog at 50% off???

The Future Party Pick is what I am having trouble locating info on. If it is NOT a choice of any one item in the catty at 50% off, where is the list of available items? I thought I read somewhere that it was anything in the catty, but now I can't find that spelled out.

Also, I realize that the host has to pay shipping now.

Thanks in advance!


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Apr 14, 2004
Yes- you're right on the new host rewards. The special numbers for the party pick ( basically a list of everything at 1/2 off) is on consultants corner by the monthly specials.