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What is promote: Definition and 46 Discussions

  1. J

    Facebook Charging to Promote Your Posts to Your Fans???

    VENTING... I don't post everyday, but try to at least a couple times a week on my FB page. I have 97 Fans and usually get 20+ views (that's when I ask friends to Like it) So anyhow I just checked, my last post only had 8 views and the past 3-4 only had 10. I then saw a spot to promote...
  2. slhalepc

    Creating My FB Biz Page: How I Used a Stamp to Promote It

    I just had a new stamp made and then started my facebook business page and didn't want to have to redo the stamp. I decided to make this label for the front of my catalog to promote the page. Tell me what you think
  3. B

    Why I Can't Promote the Hwc Products

    To begin, I have been personally touched by cancer in many ways, as we all have, I hope and pray for a cure during my lifetime. Unfortunately, though, I cannot support the American Cancer Society. They support Planned Parenthood and I don't want one dime of my money going to that...
  4. J

    Director Ideas to Promote Nc to Your Team?

    Any ideas to share???
  5. N

    Need Flyer for Consultant Incentive to Promote Directors

    I'm wanting to offer an incentive to my consultants to encourage them to promote to a Director level. I'm thinking about offering a $100 Spa Treatment to any one who becomes a Director in the next few months. Does anyone have a flyer for any consultant incentive that I might be able to tweak...
  6. babywings76

    Flyer to Promote Website Orders?

    I'm doing a booth tomorrow where there may be a lot of people from other states visiting. I'm thinking of doing a sign up for the HWC items (entering them in for them online later as the indiv. order they need to be) and so I'll get all their info on order forms for that. I plan on handing...
  7. AJPratt

    What Will I Be Able to See Once I Promote to Tl?

    I am having a hard time tracking my team's shows. I do have my calendar that I write them on, but I was wondering if I will be able to see the cluster calendar or other tracking tools?
  8. L

    Posting on Personal FB Page: Can I Promote Pampered Chef?

    I have read the FB policies and I'm still confused. I have a personal profile....with security setting so only my friends can see it. I have a ton of friends and family on it that I dont regularly talk with or see, so its great for keeping up with things. Is it ok for me to post something...
  9. K

    What are some summer recipes that can help promote the DCB?

    Hi all :) Does anyone have any recipes that they use to promote the DCB? I was thinking of making an *clears throat* "inexpensive" dish to take with me to my next party. Any ideas? Thoughts? All are welcomed. :D Thanks in advance! Kisha
  10. Sheila

    It Looks Like I'll Promote to Director on May 1St!

    :D And it only took 8 months! I had one SC who's recruit is now also a SC. I was very happy for both of them, but of course it didn't help my promotion. Well this week, 2 more of my Consultants recruited & it looks like both of those 2 lines will be active by the end of the month! I...
  11. C

    Missed the Boat? How to Promote Your Stoneware Sale

    I sent out a big email in February about the stoneware sale and price increase for spring, hoping to entice some customers. I did get alot of orders but then received an email today from a customer who "missed the boat" and asked when the next stoneware sale will be. I admitted i didnt know when...
  12. wadesgirl

    Promote Your Business with Custom Checks!

    I need to order some new checks. I found ones that I can add up to 5 lines at the top and 2 lines above the signature line. I figured that it would be one more way to promote my business. I thought about doing this at the top: Name Your Kitchen Consultant Address And then at the bottom...
  13. F

    Twitter - How to Use It to Promote Business

    Hey there, Any of you use Twitter? If so, can you explain from a very elementary beginning point how you use it. I really don't even know now it works. I know there are followers, etc. but what are the basics. Thanks!
  14. P

    Is it Time for Me to Become a Director in My Direct Sales Business?

    Should I promote to director....I have a person who wants to sign up if I have her sign up under one of my other recruits I become a director...I'm nervous about it, how will my role change? I've only been selling for 2 years, I don't feel like I know enough to be a director.:eek: Thanks
  15. baychef

    Who Went to Promote Leaders Pronto Lead by Kristi?

    The reason I am asking is that I attended one taught by Amy Neal. Amy is a fabulous presentor, however, I saw real excitement and compliments coming from those who attended Kristi's version. I must admit that I was extremely tired and was on the verge of total shut down when I took her...
  16. etteluap70PC

    July Patio Parties, How to Promote Cookware?

    OK so my brain is fried because I have Sooooo much going on in the next 3 weeks. GS overnight outing (I am the leader and more excited than the girls to sleep with the sharks!) :blushing: :D PC NC 5 Day County fair geting 2 kids ready to go to Grandmas for a week. 2 July shows so far...
  17. ChefMary412

    How Do You Promote Catalog Shows?

    I am hoping to start getting more catalog shows. How do you promote these to potential hosts? In Aug and Oct I have a lot going on with the new school year and would love to keep things going with these.. any ideas would be great!
  18. Melissa78

    Finding Fun Ways to Promote Your Product & Shows

    Wondering if anyone has any good catchy lines/jokes they use (in good taste) during their shows? Or even food tips / prep tricks used? From the first minute I thought of doing this I had it set in my mind that having fun was most important (even above sales) because I feel when people have...
  19. J

    Can Judy Lose Her Recruit if They Promote Before She Does?

    I am more confused than I was when I woke up this morning, so can someone help? I know I should call HO, but the hold time is horrible and I won't be available for a call back...If Judy becomes a Director and then her recruit Susie promotes to Advanced Director (or above) while Judy is still at...
  20. DebPC

    Director Promote Chillz Servers at May Mtg?

    There are several newer consultants at our meetings- not familiar with them. What do you think about us spending some time on them, so the newbies can get excited about promoting that part of the June Host Special. Or should we just serve food in each and talk about them while we while we eat...
  21. Intrepid_Chef

    Promote Your Business on a Budget: Tips for My 40th Birthday!

    I am hitting the big 4-0 next month. I am looking for some ways to promote my business without breaking the bank. To date, no promotion I've done has ever been too successful ... dismal responses to e-mails and phone calls ...please tell me ways to make this promotion fly!
  22. R

    ifYou Had One Pampered Chef Product to Promote...?

    I will be a vendor at a ladies' day in January. A local radiio station is supporting this venue. They have asked vendors to give a brief description (2-3 lines)of one product that they carry. The deejays will then contact the vendor and arrange a demonstration of the item or service and then...
  23. candiejayne

    Promote Your Business with Bill Mailers

    to send business cards or something promoting your business in bills that you mail? I was thinking of doing this.
  24. VeronicaW

    Ready to Take on the CC Finish 10 Online Course Challenge?

    Alright, I need to get my inactive -active, and encourage another to get to Leadership. Now I see the Challenge on CC -Finish 10 Online Courses . . . Anyone planning to take this on?
  25. jkinak

    Do They Notify You When You Promote?

    My second recruit signed in October so I should be a FD starting November 1, right? I haven't gotten any kind of email, letter, phone call from HO telling me that I have been promoted. Do they only do that for Directors? Thanks!
  26. P

    Nda Was Awesome! Promote and Go!!!!

    NDA was wonderful! Those of you who haven't been yet, GO GO GO!!!! If you aren't a director yet - get busy and promote so you can go! We learned so much great info. I am less overwhelmed and so excited to start putting all of this new knowledge into practice. We work for the BEST company...
  27. wadesgirl

    Is it Legal to Promote Two Direct Sales Businesses Together?

    Another consultant asked me if this would be a violation. She discovered that another consultant started another direct sales business but on her answering machine she lists both businesses. Is she allowed to do this? I thought we weren't allowed to promote PC and any other kind of business...
  28. S

    30 Minute Chicken - Ideas to Promote the Show

    I have NEVER done the 30 minute chicken at a show because of the reaction my customers give me: "I just imagine this live chicken walking out of the microwave when I open the door" "It would be SO pale - EWWWW" "I can't EVEN imagine!" ...... I think I would just have to do it for...
  29. dannyzmom

    Thank Your Customers & Promote Your Website - Neon Labels!

    I have a packet of neon labels - the ones that are 30 to a sheet. I would like to make a label to stick no each customer's receipt thanking them for their order and reminding them to check out my website... any wording/layout ideas? or has someone already made something like this?
  30. DebPC

    Do You Have a Flyer to Promote This Idea?Trishworking on Recruit

    NextWe just watched this movie on Netflix this weekend. It was good for TV. Its a thriller starring Nicholas Cage. He's a Las Vegas magician who can see 2 minutes into his future. He gets involved in a terrorist plot.